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Big Brother 17: Day 41 Recap

John McGuire from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

John McGuire from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

It was a hectic day in the Big Brother house yesterday evening, which means that it’s likely some of that will spill over into today’s Live Feeds. Also, with Jason, Meg, Jackie, and James knowing Clay & Shelli lied, it’s possible that we might see them expose Clelli’s game even further to other houseguests. Either way, it’s going to be another great day of Live Feeds!


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10:40 AM BBT: Shelli tells Clay that Becky tried telling her that when she (Shelli) talks with people like Austin and Liz, she needs to talk about her (Becky) and John as individuals instead of clumping them together as a duo. Shelli tells him that she thinks Becky wants her to do that so that them two (Clay/Shelli) are the duo that is targeting instead of Becky and John. Clay says that Becky and John are sitting pretty and aren’t anyone’s target, so he doesn’t understand why she worries so much. Shelli says that she’s not going to let Becky and John use them as meat shields when people come after the duos. Shelli says that she’s not going to out Becky and John, but that she’s not going to go out of her way to protect her.

Clay tells Shelli that Becky said she’d put up Steve and Austin. Shelli tells him that they’re not going to let her take out Steve. Shelli reminds Clay that she said that because Becky doesn’t know how close they are with Steve, that she thinks it’s only them two, Vanessa, and her, that Becky doesn’t know about the main six (Clay, Shelli, Vanessa, Austin, Liz, and Julia).

Shelli tells Clay that they need to remind people when the double eviction is coming that they’re not the only duo. Shelli says that they can throw out Austin & Liz, Liz & Julia, and possibly John & Becky as the other duos for people to target instead of them. Clay tells her that he doesn’t think that anyone but Jackie would put them up, because he says Meg or James wouldn’t put them up. Shelli tells him that he shouldn’t be so sure about that.

3:15 PM BBT: Meg tells Jackie that she doesn’t think they were wrong about their theory of Clay and Shelli running everything. Jackie tells her that she talked with Vanessa for a long time last night and found out that Clay and Shelli were the ones in their group questioning everything. Meg asks Jackie what she thinks Vanessa is thinking. Jackie says that she feels that Clay and Shelli have convinced Vanessa that none of them are on their side. Meg tells her that if she wins the second double eviction HOH, she’s going to put Clay and Shelli up. Jackie agrees and says she’ll do the same.

3:25 PM BBT: Shelli tells Clay that she’s worried about Vanessa forming relationships that she’s going to keep from them. Clay asks Shelli if she thinks that Vanessa would throw them under the bus to save herself. Shelli tells her that she thinks everyone would do that, but says she doesn’t think Vanessa is going to do it to them until later in the game. Clay tells her that Jackie is likely going to put the two of them up together if she wins HOH because she’ll think that they influenced Vanessa into making the decision she did. Clay says that Vanessa, Austin, Liz, Julia and John would all use the POV instead of keeping the nominations the same. Shelli tells Clay that she doesn’t know about that one.

4:40 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Clay that she caught John and Meg whispering today. Clay tells her that they don’t have to worry about John flipping to their side. Clay asks Vanessa why Jackie has been up in the HOH room so much. Vanessa tells him it’s because all of her stuff is up there, but says that they never talk and she’s willing to promise to that. Vanessa tells Clay that Jackie is most likely going to go after the twins and not them so that she doesn’t piss off their side. Vanessa tells Clay about her theory that Jeff and Jackie were actually engaged. Clay tells her that the way he saw Jeff treating her behind closed doors isn’t the way you’d treat someone you were engaged to.

Clay tells Vanessa that it would be ideal for Steve and John to win HOH, so that way John could put up Austin and Jackie, then have Austin throw the competition so they can get Jackie out. Vanessa tells him that she’s not worried about James, that Meg is the one she’s worried about getting too far because she’ll be able to float to the end. Vanessa tells Clay they need to get Meg out before final 8. Vanessa tells Clay that if one of the twins gets taken out, it’ll be good for them to pull the other along. Clay agrees. Vanessa tells Clay that it’s extremely unlikely that either twin will make final 6 because of how big of a target they’ll be.

Vanessa tells Clay that there is a risk of John acting more clueless than he actually is. Clay tells Vanessa the he feels really good about John because John doesn’t tell anyone, not even Becky, about what they talk about.

5:00 PM BBT: Jason tells Meg that if she were to put up Shelli, people like Steve, John, and Becky would jump on board and she’d have the votes to get Shelli out. Meg tells Jason that if she gets the chance to take Shelli out, she’s going to take it. Jackie tells them that Shelli is going to need to watch out for her too. James says that he doesn’t want to make a big move with the next HOH. Meg says that she rather go home than play is safe at this point.

Meg tells Jason, James, and Jackie that after her conversations that she’s had, she knows that Clay and Shelli are the ones controlling the house. Jackie tells them that she doesn’t understand why Vanessa made all these deals with them, then just goes back on them all. Jason tells her it’s because deals don’t mean shit to her. James mentions that he thinks Vanessa is secretly waiting for someone to take a swing at Clay and Shelli. They all agree and Meg adds that she thinks the way to get Vanessa on their side is by putting the two of them up next. Jason tells them that Clay and Shelli would rather have Meg as their third wheel instead of Vanessa because Vanessa is better at competitions.

Meg asks if she should put up Shelli with Steve. Jason tells her that it wouldn’t be a bad idea, but says that if you don’t put Clay and Shelli up together, you’re risking one winning the POV and taking the other off. Jason tells her that if she can get Shelli up with Clay, they’ll for sure have the votes to get Shelli out. Jackie tells them that she’s ready to throw down and make big moves.

6:05 PM BBT: Meg joins Clay and Vanessa in the HOH room. Clay tells Meg that he saw her whispering with Jason, Jackie, and James, and they all stopped when he walked by. Meg puts on a smile and tells her that they were talking and were totally plotting his demise. Clay laughs it off. Clay tells her that this doesn’t mean that she’s lost his trust. Meg tells him that she better not off considering he was the one that lied to her.

7:40 PM BBT: Shelli tells Vanessa that she is concerned about everyone thinking that it was her decision to put Jason up. Vanessa tells her that she told everyone that it was the majority decision and even gave people reasons why it was best for her game to put Jason up. Shelli tells her that she’s been told by Becky that Jason thinks she’s the one who put his name in Vanessa’s head to nominate. Vanessa tells Shelli that Jason told her yesterday that them two are running shit, so that’s why he’d say that. Vanessa tells her that their only concern is Jackie, but even then they have tools to influence who she puts up. Vanessa asks Shelli if Jackie worries her. Shelli tells her yes because she can get feisty. Vanessa tells her that they don’t need to worry about her because it’s likely she won’t ever win and HOH, and if she does, they’ll deal with it at that time. Vanessa says they can offer James a 3 person deal if he wins HOH since he will only have Meg, that way they can get him to put up someone other than them.

Shelli tells Vanessa that she’s worried that the two of them will be put up during a double eviction with the intention of Clay being backdoored. Vanessa tells her that they don’t have to worry about that because after Jason goes home, the other side of the house will be dwindled down to two people. Shelli asks Vanessa about her thoughts on Becky. Vanessa tells her that Becky is in a great spot with everyone. Shelli tells her that she thinks that Becky is telling Jackie not to make big moves in the coming weeks so that Clay and her (Shelli) will be around for the double eviction as main targets. Vanessa asks her if she thinks it would be better to get out Becky or Jackie during a double eviction. Shelli tells her that it still needs to be Jackie who goes first.

8:50 PM BBT: Becky tells Jason that Steve is the perfect target because it doesn’t get blood on anyone’s hands and it takes a vote away from the other side. Jason tells her that Steve would need to be put up against someone like Austin. Becky temporarily goes inside to get a drink. Jason talks to himself and asks how he is a bigger threat to people’s game than the big fit girl (Becky). Becky rejoins and Jason tells her that he’s a little sour because he’s going home broke while the people who didn’t do anything are going to be going home with a jury check. Jason tells Becky that if there is a Team America this year, it’s going to be Steve, Clay, and Vanessa.

Jason tells Becky that Shelli is the reason that he put her up the first week. Jason tells her that his instincts were to not trust Shelli that first week but he ended up listening to Clay and not putting her up.

9:15 PM BBT: Jackie tells James that they have to do something and get more people on their side. Jackie tells him that even if they wanted to work with the other side of the house again they couldn’t because they took the shot at them and now they know they’re not going to trust them again. Jackie tells James that it doesn’t matter who wins because they’re still going to control the house and likely get John to throw it. James tells her that Jason told him that John has been throwing competitions this entire time for Clay and Shelli.

9:30 PM BBT: Jason tells Jackie that Austin has been in the DR the most this week, so maybe he’s the one who plotted his demise this week. Jason says that’s okay though because he was also plotting Austin’s demise. Jason tells her that he knows that he’s going home, but he’s still thinking of things that he can do to possibly sway two more people.

9:50 PM BBT: Becky tells Shelli that Jackie, James, and Meg all are saying they really want to win this next HOH to make a move, so she just needs to know that James isn’t going to be throwing it like he has been. Becky tells her that she doesn’t want to get close with that group, which is why she separates herself from them when they’re done talking with her.

10:00 PM BBT: Jason tells James that Becky said she’d go for Steve next week. Jason tells him that he should too because that would be taking out one of Shelli’s numbers. James says that if the same people remain in power next week, they’re likely going to take a swing at him or Jackie this week. Jason tells him that he can count on that.

10:30 PM BBT: Becky tells Jackie that it wouldn’t be smart to throw a big stone if they win this next HOH because it’s the week before the double eviction, which would make them sitting ducks the following week when the double eviction rolls around.

10:40 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Jason that he’s being very mature about how he’s handling being up on the block. Jason tells her that this is his shit and he knows how the game goes.

11:15 PM BBT: Booze delivery.

11:55 PM BBT: Clay asks Steve what he thinks about Becky. Steve tells her that he likes her and thinks that she’s a good competitor. Clay asks Steve if John were to pick between him and Becky right now, who does he think John would pick. Steve tells him that he doesn’t know. Clay tells Steve that John and Becky could be considered a couple. Steve asks if he’s implying that they’d be a double eviction target. Clay tells him that they wouldn’t be for them, but possibly for others.

12:10 AM BBT: Clay asks Shelli who she rather have leave first between John and Steve. Shelli says she’d prefer John to leave first. Shelli tells him that John is just like Becky in the sense of sitting pretty with everyone, along with being both mentally and physically strong. Clay tells her that John and Becky might be the strongest couple in the house.

1:10 AM BBT: Houseguests learn that they’ll be locked inside starting at 6AM tomorrow.

1:15 AM BBT: Jason tells Meg and Jackie that he’s going to convince people that since they’re being locked down so early, that means it’s an endurance. Jason says if they can convince them that, he can say they need to keep him because he’ll win and keep them safe. Meg tells Jason that he needs to make Shelli freak out. Jason tells her that he can’t do it now, he’s going to do it tomorrow night. Jackie tells Jason that Clay has a thing for Meg. Jason tells her that Clay is better suited for Meg, and Shelli knows that so she’s close to imploding, they just need to push the button.

Jason says they need to scare the shit out of John and Steve into thinking that Clay and Shelli are coming after them so that they flip their vote. Meg says she doesn’t trust Steve enough to do that. Jason says that they can scare Clay and Shelli into thinking that Austin and Liz are going to come after them, along with telling them that Becky said she’d come after them during a double eviction. Jackie tells Jason that it’s better for her game is he stays, so he if can get the votes, she’ll vote for him. Jason says that they can tell Clay and Shelli that they’re everyone’s targets and the only way they’ll be safe is by keeping him because the next HOH competition is going to be endurance. Jason tells Meg that she can tell Shelli and Clay that he’s her puppet and that he’ll be as loyal to them as he is to her (Meg). Jason says to tell Clay and Shelli that all is forgiven and that they’ll have four people protecting them. Jason tells her that she needs to do this late tomorrow so that it gives them last time to talk with Vanessa.

2:00 AM BBT: Clay tells Shelli that he saw Meg scheming earlier. Shelli tells him that it’s probably about them. Clay tells her that he doesn’t want to protect her than. Shelli tells him that Meg wasn’t scheming until this move was made, so it is understandable.

2:10 AM BBT: Jackie tells James that Vanessa’s side flipped on them, so it’s time for them to flip on her side. Jackie tells him that they’re stronger than they are so they should be able to do this. Jackie tells James that she doesn’t want to ruin her game to save one person, but she’s willing to do this if they come up with a smart plan.

2:40 AM BBT: Meg goes over last minute changes as to what she should say to Clay and Shelli with Jackie. Meg asks Jackie why they’d save Becky over Jason. Jackie tells her because Becky is less of a threat and not gunning after them. Meg tells her that Jason is going to be more loyal to Clay and Shelli than Becky is going to be. Jackie tells her that if Clay and Shelli are telling the truth about coming in at the last second, they should be able to flip them.

3:05 AM BBT: James asks if they should do something or just let it  go. Meg tells her that she really wants Jason to stay. James tells her that the thing he’s concerned about is that if they swing and miss, they’re putting Jackie in a very bad spot. Meg tells him that she thinks they’re screwed if they don’t save Jason.

4:00 AM BBT: Meg begins working on Clay as to all the of the reasons why it would be better to keep Jason in the house over Becky.

4:30 AM BBT: Clay wakes up Shelli to discuss what Meg and him just talked about. Meg takes over the conversation and begins telling her all the reasons why it’d be better for her game if Jason stayed instead of Becky. Meg tells Shelli that it would be perfect for her, Jason, Shelli, Clay, and Vanessa to all work together.

5:00 AM BBT: Shelli asks Clay what he thinks about all this. Clay tells her that he likes Meg and Jason, he doesn’t like Jackie and James. Shelli tells him that Jackie, James, Meg, and Jason are all getting close this week but they’re trying to keep that hidden. Shelli says that if Becky stays it might make Becky strong, but then again, if Jackie could pull away from Becky, than it might be okay. Shelli tells Clay that she’s concerned about Becky coming after them if she were to stay next week. Shelli tells Clay that John is with them, John isn’t targeting them, and they could lose that if they were to vote out Becky. Shelli tells Clay that they can just lie to Meg about voting to keep Jason, fill Becky in on this plan, then vote to keep Becky and have Becky know about this attempt by the other side to get her out. Shelli tells her that they’ll convince Jackie that they’re voting to keep Becky, Jackie votes against her, then they can leverage that with Becky and Becky will get closer with them.

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