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Big Brother 17: Day 39 Recap

Vanessa and Liz from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Vanessa and Liz from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

We’re in for another crazy day in the Big Brother house, especially following the madness with Vanessa telling Austin that he was the backdoor target yesterday. The target has shifted more than 8 times, and it’ll only shift more today as the houseguests try to come decide on who would be the best person to be evicted this week is.


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8:45 AM BBT: Clay tells Shelli that he knows where Vanessa is coming from when she says she doesn’t want to send Becky home when she volunteered to go up. Shelli tells him that it isn’t fair to send Jackie home when she was also the HOH earlier this week. Clay tells her that they can’t and never were playing for fairness. Clay tells Shelli that Austin told a few insignificant lies that he’s paid for already by freaking out. Clay tells her that he knows that Austin would be loyal to them for at least another few weeks.

Shelli tells Clay that Vanessa can explain to the other side that Liz told her that she and her sister will not be playing HOH for her if Austin leaves this week, but if she saves him, she’ll have both the twins and Austin on her side. Clay and Shelli both discuss making a deal with Jason and Meg to insure their safety next week. Clay tells her that they just need to make sure that everyone is going after Jackie and James. Clay tells Shelli that Jackie needs to go this week since she’s the type that would be out for vengeance against the two of them if she found out they were in on a plan she wasn’t involved in. Clay says that Becky would go after Austin and the twins, so they need to let her know that they’re saving her so that hopefully she changes her mind.

Shelli tells Clay that the only people that Vanessa would be going against by getting Jackie out would be James and Jackie herself, who would be leaving anyway so it wouldn’t matter. Clays asks Shelli out of everyone, who would put them up. Shelli tells him that most people will pretty soon. Clay tells her that they need to run this all by John. Clay adds that John said he’d go after James, Jason, and Meg if he was the HOH next week. Clay tells Shelli that he spoke with Steve yesterday and he really wants to be in their group, along with saying they shouldn’t get rid of Austin because he’s a number for them, which means Steve is on board with their plan. Shelli tells Clay that they wouldn’t need to fill Jason and Meg in on their new plans because if they can get John, that’d be all the votes they’d need. Shelli tells him that it’s too dangerous at this point to fill everyone in on the plan because they might leak and that they wouldn’t be able to promise them all safety.

10:30 AM BBT: Austin tells Vanessa that Becky apparently spoke with Steve about working an alliance with her, Jackie, Meg, and Jason. Vanessa tells him that if Steve is willing to confirm that, they will have what they need to keep him (Austin) safe this week. Austin tells Vanessa that he overheard Jason saying that the twins are both going to be coming in, but one of them is going to be sent right back out the door, which is why Liz wants to target Jason now.

11:00 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Shelli about what Austin overheard involving Jason and the twins. Shelli tells her that Austin just happened to overhear something when she was HOH too, so they’re going to have to verify the information first.

11:10 AM BBT: Liz tells Austin that she’s making sure to distance herself from Austin because he makes her a target. Vanessa tells Liz that it’s better for Austin to be in love with her and everyone know that she doesn’t feel the same way because it makes Austin the huge target. Vanessa brings up justifications to keep Austin and says that if Austin was actually the vote to evict Day, it would be reason to send Jason home because that would mean that Jason was lying when he tried blaming it all on Audrey. Liz tells Vanessa that it worries her that Austin will just say anything to stay in the house. Vanessa asks Liz if she thinks that Austin will come after her. Liz tells her that there is no chance that he would, that he understands, and still likes her.

11:15 AM BBT: Steve tells Clay and Shelli that he thinks James, Jason, Meg, Becky and Jackie are working together in an alliance they don’t know about. Shelli asks him when Jackie got close with those 4. Steve tells her that Jeff brought them all together. Steve tells her that he wants either Jason, Meg, or Jackie to go up so that way they can have their choice later in the week of who goes home. Steve questions who would be best to go up on the block as someone that insures the person they want leaves. Clay tells him that Meg isn’t a threat to anyone, so it would be her.

Clay tells Steve that he wants to solidify an alliance with John, but that he’s too close with Becky. Steve tells him that they can get rid of Becky this week so that he can get closer with John in the following weeks. Steve tells them that they need to tell Vanessa to make the move that will get the least amount of blood on her hands. Clay tells him that Jackie is already coming for Vanessa because of her getting Jeff out. Clay and Steve agree that getting out Becky is the smarter game move because if they got out Jackie, Becky and John would still be on the other side of the house. Clay tells him that they can’t let John in on their plan to get rid of Becky this week. Clay tells Steve that they’ll have the numbers to control the vote next week as long as their side wins HOH and has someone willing to throw the BOB to keep them in power.

11:50 AM BBT: Liz tells Vanessa that Jason, Becky, and Meg were trying to get Steve on their side last night while in the backyard. Vanessa tells her that this will be a good opportunity to see if Steve tells her. Vanessa tells Liz that Jason probably told her that they were talking to Steve about how to not be a creep in order to throw her off as to what they were actually speaking to him about. Liz tells her that Jason is the mastermind behind the other side of the house. Vanessa agrees and says that Becky, Jackie, Meg and James would be lost if they sent Jason home.

Vanessa tells Liz that she knows that Jackie got the Last Laugh power from week 2 and canceled her own vote to hide it. Vanessa tells Liz that her read after everyone came out of the phone booth was that either Jeff or Jackie got it. Vanessa says they can bluff with Becky and tell her that she’s not going to put Austin up unless she tells her the truth about who got the Last Laugh power. Vanessa says that if Becky doesn’t tell her anything about it, it means that she’s guilty and they should target her. Liz asks Vanessa who would go up next to Becky. Vanessa says Jackie, but Liz tells her that if Jackie goes up, she’s going to be super pissed so they can’t put Jackie up unless they plan to send her out.

Vanessa tells Liz that she’ll be able to flip this all on Jason, Meg, or Becky because one of them will squeal about who had the Last Laugh power. Vanessa tells her that she’s onto something big here and says that she has it all set up.

1:20 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Steve that during her first HOH, Jason came up to her and said that Day was the one with the Last Laugh power, but says she doesn’t believe that for a second. Vanessa tells him that he watched people as they came out of the phone booth and based on her read, either Jeff or Jackie had the power. Vanessa tells Steve that Jackie was the glue holding Jeff and Jackie together, so it had to be her making the deals with everyone while she had the power. Vanessa tells Steve that she’s going to give Becky and Jason a chance to admit that either of them had the Last Laugh power, whichever admits to it first will be safe while the other isn’t.

Vanessa tells Steve that another possibility is that John had the Last Laugh power because it would explain the loyalty he had for Jeff, even when it was obvious that Jeff was just using him. Vanessa tells him that the only other person that benefited from all the deals being made was John. Vanessa says that if John thinks that someone snitched on him about having the Last Laugh power, he’ll admit to it, so that means she can bluff to him to gauge his reaction. Vanessa tells Steve that it now makes sense why she was left out of Jeff’s alliance because Jeff brought in John instead of her because he had the Last Laugh power.

2:30 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Clay and Shelli that there is no way that Da’Vonne or Jason had the Last Laugh power, that it had to either be John, Jeff, or Jackie. Shelli tells her that it couldn’t of been John because he was included in the alliance before the phone booth even came in the house. Vanessa tells them that Jeff’s mystery votes were Jason and Meg because they had deals with him. Shelli tells Vanessa that Jeff admitted he had an alliance with James, Jason, and Meg. Vanessa tells her that’s perfect because it makes even more sense now. Vanessa tells them that she thinks Jason needs to be the one to go now and that she’s going to backdoor him because she doesn’t have any deals with him that says she can’t. Clay tells them that they no longer need to work with Jason and Meg because they can work with John and Steve instead.

Vanessa tells them that if she was to put up Jackie and break her word to her, Jackie would have to go home. Vanessa says that Becky will be more forgiving than Jackie, which is why they’d save her. Clay and Shelli both agree. Clay says if they put up Jackie instead of Jason, then Jason wins the HOH, they could probably steer him in the direction they want. Shelli tells Vanessa that Jason would target the twins, Austin, and Steve before he’d target her.

3:10 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin that there is a plan in the works, but it’s better for all of them that he doesn’t know about it so he still seems bummed out and defeated. Austin agrees with her and says he appreciates what they’re doing for him. Austin warns Shelli that Jason is going to gun for her because he’s still upset over her sending Da’Vonne home. Austin tells them it was the biggest mistake of his life to trust Jason since he’s here for the money.

3:35 PM BBT: Austin tells Liz that he heard Jackie saying that Clay, Shelli, Austin, and Vanessa are together again, so then she (Jackie) was told to go back up to the HOH room. Austin says that Jackie mentioned that the alliance Audrey exposed is true. Austin tells Liz that Jackie is throwing Vanessa under the bus and that they need to tell Vanessa about it.

3:38 PM BBT: Austin tells Clay and Shelli that he overheard Jackie talking in the other room with someone and mentioned that Austin, Clay, Shelli, and Vanessa were all upstairs so she was going to go up there and take a shower to break it up.

4:50 PM BBT: Vanessa asks John who he thinks won the Last Laugh power. John tells her that for him, he thinks it was either Audrey or Da’Vonne. Vanessa says it doesn’t make sense that Day would let James and Clay vote. Vanessa says she bets that they could figure it out if they wanted to because she’s really onto something here. John tries suggesting Jeff, Steve, and Austin, but Vanessa just keeps saying “Could be”.

5:30 PM BBT: Clay tells John that they want him and Becky on their side, it’s just that Jackie is that bridge linking people together. John tells him that they’re on the same page. John tells Clay that if he wins, he’s not going after them, he’s going after The Goblins (Jason/Meg/James) because those are the people who would go after him. Clay tells John that Vanessa told Steve that the other side of the house is gunning for him, which is true, so he needs to start trying to win the competitions. John agrees and says he thinks Steve realizes that. Clay tells John about Vanessa thinking that Jeff’s votes were Jason and Meg, so her plan is to see if they lie to her about it. Clay tells him that they’re in a position because Clay works with people John doesn’t, and John works with people Clay doesn’t, so they have ears on both sides of the house.

Clay tells John that he doesn’t have to worry about Becky leaving because Vanessa wants to keep her safe. Clay tells him that Vanessa might not put up Austin, that if she catches Jason in a lie, she is going to put him up. Clay tells him that it’s best for them if Austin stays because he’s connected to the twins and that’ll be 3 votes right away that they can control to get James and Meg out. John agrees.

6:00 PM BBT: Vanessa, Liz, James, Austin, Clay, and Becky get the Outback Steakhouse dinner.

9:00 PM BBT: Austin tells Vanessa about Jackie seeing them all upstairs and immediately going downstairs to tell everyone about it. Vanessa tells Austin not to worry because she has a plan to prove Jason lied to her about Da’Vonne having the Last Laugh power. Austin tells Vanessa that if she puts up Jackie this week, he’ll call out Jason next week and tell him that he’s coming for him so that Jason guns for him and not her. Austin adds that if they get Jason out, they’ll be able to control James. Vanessa tells him that Jason is the ring leader and if they take him out this week, his group with James, Meg, Becky, and Jackie will splinter.

9:30 PM BBT: Liz tells Vanessa that if they’re going to keep Austin this week, they need to let him know that he needs to be very vocal about going against the other side of the house next week. Vanessa tells Liz that Austin is fired up again to stay. Liz tells her that he told him to get fired up because he was already acting like he lost, which would be an easy reason to actually send him home.

9:55 PM BBT: Austin tells Liz that whoever Vanessa puts up tomorrow, he’s going to go up to their face and tell them that he’s coming for them so that he takes the heat off of Vanessa. Liz tells Austin that they were being refereed to as the 3 headed monster by Jason, so she says that’s who she’s going to target if she wins HOH. Austin tells her that is who Vanessa is likely putting up. Austin tells Liz that he’s going to smile at Jason the entire time during the POV ceremony.

10:25 PM BBT: Vanessa asks Becky if she knows who the additional votes for Jeff were. Becky tells her that it wasn’t her, but if she had to guess, it would be John and Jackie. Becky tells Vanessa that she believes that Jeff genuinely had a crush on one of the twins, so it would make sense that one of them would vote for him sense she’d know that he likes her and wouldn’t go after her.

Vanessa asks if she knows who had the Last Laugh power. Becky tells her that she thinks it was Day and that she nullified the people she did so that it wouldn’t be obvious. Vanessa tells her that she knows for a fact that it wasn’t Day so she’s trying to figure out why Jason lied to her about it being her. Becky tells her that the only people she trusts to talk game with in the game is her, Clay, Shelli, Jackie, and John. Vanessa tells Becky that Austin was an idiot for lying to her, but she says that he’s loyal and didn’t backstab her or anything like that. Becky agrees and just says that he’s a bad game player.

Vanessa asks her if she has any doubts about their 8 person alliance. Becky tells her that the only person she’d question is James and that’s because they don’t really talk game. Vanessa asks her if her gut tells her that she can trust everyone in their 8 person alliance. Becky tells her no, that they should work together with them short term only because of the numbers. Becky tells her that you have your army (the bulk of the group), and you have your Generals (your close allies), you don’t need to tell your army what only your Generals need to know.

12:40 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Steve that she feels like it’s a terrible move to not backdoor Austin this week because it’ll blow up her game with the rest of the house. Steve tells her that there is five of them, those being Jackie, Becky, Jason, Meg, James, while there is 6 of them, those being them two, Shelli, Clay, Liz, and Julia. Steve tells her that she’d have the numbers regardless. Steve tells her that John isn’t going to come on their side with Becky on the other side so it’s going to be 6 on 6.

12:50 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Clay that she can’t get all the blood on her hands, so maybe it’s best that she sticks with their original plan to get Austin out. Vanessa tells him that if they can get Becky and John on their side, than she’ll go with the other plan to backdoor Jason. Vanessa tells Shelli and Clay that everyone wants her to do this, but that she’s going to be blowing up her own game by saving Austin. Steve tells her that if Austin stays, she’s going to have more people protecting her than she’d have if she were to send him. Vanessa tells Clay and Shelli that Becky will be their number 4, while she’s all the way at the bottom of the alliance that she’s currently in. Shelli says that they can tell Becky that Austin offered to go up next week and leaving him in the game is a good idea because he’ll always be a bigger target than them. Shelli says they can tell Becky that if they put Austin up, there is a chance that Austin could campaign and get the votes to stay.  Shelli says they don’t need to offer her a four person deal, only tell her the things she just thought of.

Vanessa tells them that if they go through with backdooring Austin, they’re not going to be a target for everyone. Clay tells her that getting rid of Austin creates the opportunity for a power shift in the house, which could results in them going home. Vanessa asks him if he’s okay with drawing a line in the sand. Clay tells her that he’s been ready. Clay tells her that he understands that she’s worried about being a target, but there is bigger targets than her left in the house. Shelli tells her that the 8 person alliance will go after Steve and the twins, once they have gotten them out, they’re going to come for them. Shelli says they need to bring only Becky and Jackie up to explain their new plans because that way the only people who will be mad are Jason, Becky, and James.

1:45 AM BBT: Shelli tells Becky that she really wants to protect her and make sure that anything doesn’t go wrong with the vote. Becky asks them who the new target is. Shelli tells her that Austin and the twins are offering to  be numbers for them and play in the HOH competitions for them. Becky tells them that the twins could take a shot at the 3 of them. They all tell her that they wouldn’t because they hate the other side of the house for exposing their secret. Shelli tells Becky that Jason, James, and Meg play the middle of the house and only come to work with them when they are HOH. Vanessa tells Becky that there is an alliance with Jeff, James, Meg, Jason, of which Jackie has since taken Jeff’s spot. Becky tells her that she didn’t know that.

Vanessa tells Becky that if she’s willing to trust their judgement, Austin and the twins will always be targets before any of them will be. Vanessa tells her that if she wins HOH, Austin will volunteer to go up as a pawn and do whatever she wants him to do. Shelli adds that Austin will also be a vote in jury for her if she makes it to the end. Vanessa asks who Becky would want to pull in as an addition to their numbers. Becky tells them that she’d like to bring in John. Vanessa tells Becky that either Meg or Jason will be going up next to her, but Jason is the better option because he is the head of the snake. Becky tells them that she knows she’ll have the numbers against Jason, but that she’d be safer on the block against Austin. Clay tells her that she can’t tell Jackie about this. Becky tells her that she only got tight with Jackie because she didn’t have anyone else in the house. Becky tells them that Jason will be a great person to take out from their side because of how proactive he is.

2:25 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin that Becky is willing to be on board with saving him as long as he’s willing to volunteer to go up and do whatever she wants him to do if she wins HOH. Austin agrees. Austin tells her that he’ll call people out tomorrow to take the heat off of her and he will tell their alliance members that he doesn’t want first place so that way they feel a little safer about keeping him.

3:25 AM BBT: Clay and Shelli agree that they don’t want Jason gone because of how awesome he is, that they rather have Jackie gone, but that they know that this is Vanessa’s choice so they’re going to back her play. Clay says that Vanessa will have their back way more than Jason would anyway. Steve joins their conversation and Clay asks him what he thinks about the new target. Steve tells him that if Jason is the easiest route, he’s on board with it.

4:00 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Steve that Jason is going up and it’s going to be the biggest blindside of the season. Vanessa tells him that they got Becky on board, which means that everyone but James, Jackie, and Meg are on board with their new plan. Vanessa tells him that she’d be stupid not to take Jason out when she’s given this perfect opportunity because Austin is wiling to be a pawn, not win the game, and do as they say. Steve tells her that he’s proud of her for doing the game move that is best for her game.


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    vanessa need to get head out of her ass.bigbrother need to kick Austin out because he say he want to kill Jason last night. this tell me that bigbrother is work with them and this games is fix.and bigbrother just sat on the ass and did ;t do a think. so I belive this games is fix..

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