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Big Brother 17: Day 38 Recap

Jackie and Vanessa from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Jackie and Vanessa from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

It’s going to be another crazy day in the Big Brother house as the POV competition is today, which means that depending on who wins it, they’ll find out if their plan to get Austin out will continue or not. We’ll also get to see if Vanessa and Shelli will tell Liz about Austin wanting her sister out after the POV is played, along with seeing how she reacts. She’ll either tell Austin or freak out. Regardless, it’s going to make for some good Live Feeds!


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9:35 AM BBT: Wake up call.

9:45 AM BBT: Steve and John discuss noticing how upset Vanessa was yesterday. They both agree that something didn’t go as she had planned it to go.

11:25 AM BBT: Vanessa, Becky, Clay, Liz, John, and Shelli are picked to play in the POV competition.

11:50 AM BBT: John asks Clay who the target is this week. Clay tells him that it’s Austin. John tells him that he’s going to use the POV on Becky if he wins it because that is what everyone expects him to do.

11:55 AM BBT: John and Steve agree that they cannot let Liz win the POV since they both want to go along with the plan to backdoor Austin this week.

11:55 AM BBT (bathroom): Austin tells Clay that if Liz wins the POV, she’s going to use it to take him off.

12:05 PM BBT: Jackie tells Vanessa that she doesn’t think they should tell Liz about the plan to backdoor Austin because she might tell him. Vanessa says if they don’t tell her and then they backdoor him, that’s going to create two enemies that will come after her next week. Shelli says that they just need to wait until after the POV competition, but even then she might tell him out of either anger or loyalty to him, though unlikely. Jackie tells Vanessa that if Liz is winning, she can’t let her win, but if Clay or Becky are winning, Vanessa should let the two of them win.

12:15 PM BBT: Becky tells Vanessa that She’s really scared of Shelli winning the POV and taking Clay off. Becky adds that Clay is at a huge advantage by having Shelli play for him. Jackie reminds her that she has John playing for her. Vanessa tells Becky that she has nothing to worry about because she won’t be going home even if she were to stay on the block.

12:15 PM BBT (storage room): Liz asks if she is to win the POV, does she needs to use it on Clay. Austin tells her that she does because they’re working with him.

12:55 PM BBT: Vanessa chooses Shelli, Clay, and Steve as have-nots.

1:00 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Meg and Jason that she had to choose Shelli with her houseguest choice for POV because if she would have chosen Jackie, Austin would have been tipped off that Becky wasn’t the target. Vanessa tells them that she’s scared of pissing off Liz by splitting up her showmance with Austin. Jason tells her that she shouldn’t be because Liz is going to hate Austin when she finds out what he’s been saying about her sister.

Jason tells them that Steve will throw the next HOH so that he can play in the double eviction, so they need to get him out next so that they don’t have to be in the jury house with him because he cannot stand Steve.

1:25 PM BBT: Austin tells Clay that Jackie has an alliance with Meg, James, Jason, Becky, and John and their goal was to get Liz out this week. Austin tells him that if he’s right, him, Clay, Liz, and Julia are going to be the targets on their hit list. Austin tells him that Vanessa might not realize that there is a fix in the works and that this would be the perfect week for Jackie to do it because she’d have the numbers.

1:40 PM BBT: Becky tells John that she knows that she’s the expendable one because Vanessa chose Shelli instead of Jackie, so now everyone except the two of them will use the POV on Clay. John tells Becky that he’s ticked off that he wasn’t told about the plan until Becky told him, so they’re keeping things from him too. Becky tells John that Clay and Shelli as a duo are so strong. John tells her not to worry because it will catch up with them soon. John warns her not to let any of them know that she’s onto them.

1:55 PM BBT: POV competition.

3:50 PM BBT: Clay wins the POV.

3:55 PM BBT: Becky begins crying in the have-not room to Jackie. Becky tells her that everyone is in the house for Clay and she’s all by herself. Jackie tells her that she has her back and that she’s going to be safe this week and doesn’t have anything to worry about. Becky says she’s just upset about being on the block on Thursday, that she knows that she isn’t the target, but it’s just the shock of it all.

4:00 PM BBT: Austin tells Clay that he was watching everyone’s face and it confirmed that Steve was just a decoy and that the actual target that everyone was going to vote out was him (Clay).

4:30 PM BBT: John tells Becky that she doesn’t need to worry because she has his vote. Becky tells him that Austin doesn’t have anyone other than the twins so she knows that she shouldn’t be worried. Becky tells her that she rather see Austin, the twins, and Steve leave before even thinking about going after Clay and Shelli.

4:35 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Liz that she has something very important and big to tell her, but she isn’t going to like it so she needs to prepare herself. Liz says that Austin will never let her be alone. Vanessa tells her that she won’t have to worry about that for much longer.

5:05 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Shelli that Liz talked about how Austin wouldn’t leave her alone, which is good news for them because it gives them an idea as to where her head is at when it comes to him. Vanessa tells Shelli that Austin and Liz came up to her and said that her and Clay are concerned about a 6 person alliance that was actually gunning for Clay. Shelli tells her that they were concerned about that for a little while. Shelli tells her that she had a feeling that Becky was throwing the BOB to keep Clay on there because Becky did horrible and usually she is really good at comps.

5:20 PM BBT: Austin tells Vanessa and Shelli that the 6 person alliance was only speculation based on the clues that he’s picked up on. Austin says he’s scared that Jeff turned a lot of people against them and Audrey just solidified that last week. Austin tells them that nobody was acting happy when Clay won the POV. Austin tells them they can take out Steve if they want, but they’d be taking out one of their numbers and make the house an even 6/6 split. Vanessa says if they want Becky out, they just need to put up Meg because James will never vote her out. Vanessa asks Austin to swear and give his word that he didn’t vote to keep Audrey. Austin promises her it wasn’t him and he gives his word. Shelli says that it’s weird that anyone would have loyalties to Becky and want her to win the POV when she’s been a floater this entire time.

5:35 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Shelli that Austin just lied to her face about not voting Audrey out. Shelli asks since there is possibly people gunning for Clay, are they making the wrong move sending Austin out. Vanessa says that they might be. Vanessa says that this might just be a genius ploy by the other side of the house to get them to take out one of their own.

5:40 PM BBT: Austin tells Liz that Vanessa knew he was lying when he told her that he didn’t know about who voted for Audrey. Liz tells Austin that Julia told her that it was him. Austin tells her that it’s no wonder that the DR has been asking him all the questions because Julia sold him out. Austin tells Liz that she needs to go upstairs and lie for him, saying it really wasn’t him who voted for Audrey. Liz agrees and says that Julia is a fucking idiot for telling her.

5:45 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Liz about Austin making a deal with Jason that they could get out Julia as long as they didn’t go after Liz because Liz would never choose him over her sister if it came down to it. Liz tells her that she knew about Operation Jason, but she didn’t know how anti-Julia Austin is. Vanessa tells Liz that everyone wants Austin out now before her and Julia both enter the game because they’re seen as a trio. Vanessa tells Liz that Austin is willing to split her and Julia up to be with her. Liz says that she knows and finds it disgusting. Liz tells Vanessa that Austin just asked her to lie to them about him not voting for Audrey. Vanessa tells Liz that Austin’s word is shit now. Liz tells her that she knows. Vanessa tells her that Austin’s only goal is to get to jury with her to get some ass. Liz tells her that she also knows this.

Liz says that Austin likes her a lot more than she likes him. Liz tells them that they have no idea just how much she’s not attracted to Austin. Liz tells them that she finds it gross when he’s trying to kiss her and his beard is rubbing on her face and it’s gross when he tries rubbing all on her. Liz tells them that Austin treats Julia like shit and that is when she knew that Austin was horrible. Liz says that Austin repulses her, that he isn’t even that cute with his beard and long hair. Vanessa tells her that Austin wants her alone in jury without Julia. Liz says she doesn’t want to be in jury with Austin because he might try to sneak into her room to have sex. Liz says she doesn’t want to sleep with Austin so she asks if she can stay up in the HOH room. Vanessa agrees.

Liz tells Vanessa and Shelli that nobody was happy when Clay won the POV. Shelli says that they might need to let Austin stay since the other side is against them and just sent Austin out the following week. Shelli tells them that she’s getting a lot of questions about her being worried about Clay in the DR, so maybe there is an alliance in the works trying to get him out. Liz says that if they keep Austin, the information they give him has to be very little. Shelli says that she knows and that she already hardly gives him anything. Vanessa tells them that the only way they don’t make huge amounts of enemies is by getting James, Meg, and Jason on board. Vanessa says that they want to get Becky out this week and Austin out the next, and depending on how they react, they’ll know if there is an alliance there or not. Vanesa says that they’re going to give Austin another chance, but if he screws them again, he’s gone.

6:35 PM BBT: Austin tells Vanessa that he was going to tell her about the secret, that it was only between him and the twins until he could find the right time to tell her that he was the vote for Audrey so that he could pin it on Steve if they were ever in trouble. Austin tells her that he was scared and that’s why he lied. Vanessa asks if this was the only time he lied. Austin says yes, that it is the only time. Vanessa tells him that he has no idea just how much his back is up against the wall. Austin asks if she is going to put him up. Vanessa tells him that it’s a real possibility. Austin begins begging for mercy, pleading with Vanessa to not put him up.

Vanessa asks Austin what his tattoo means. He lies to her again and Vanessa begins freaking out on him, asking if he thinks she’s stupid. Austin confesses that it’s the initials of his wrestling name. Vanessa asks Austin why he’d ever sell Liz’s sister out to Jason. Austin said that he didn’t, that he was doing it to protect Liz and her sister. Vanessa says that she really thought she could trust him. Austin says that she can, but Vanessa tells him that he lied to her face twice already. Vanessa tells Austin that he was the backdoor target, that Liz and Julia never were and it was him all along. Vanessa tells him that everyone wants him to be backdoored this week. Austin begs her not to do because he needs to be here, he can’t be sent home.

Austin tells Vanessa that he’s willing to sacrifice himself later in the game if she keeps him until jury. Vanessa tells him that she doesn’t believe him. Austin continues begging her, saying let them take him out next week so that he can at least be in jury with Liz. Austin tells her that he’s fallen in love with Liz and needs to be in jury with her so he begs her not to send him out this week.

Vanessa tells Austin that the only way he doesn’t leave this week is if he can get Jason, James, and Meg on board with getting Becky out. Vanessa tells him that she may already be too deep into the plan to backdoor him so she might have to just do that instead. Austin asks if Clay and Shelli knew he was going up. Vanessa confirms and says that everyone knew. Vanessa tells him that Clay and Becky volunteered to go up to insure that he was sent home. Austin tells her that he doesn’t want to win the game, that he just wants to make it to jury and then he’ll sacrifice himself for her if she becomes the target. Austin tells her that he doesn’t care about the money, that he only cares about the relationships that he’s made. Austin tells her that he was slowly dying before coming into the house and now that he’s found Liz, he needs to be with her in jury. Vanessa tells him that he’s going to have to think of a way to get Clay, Shelli, Jason, James, and Meg on board.

7:30 PM BBT: Shelli asks Clay why everyone didn’t look happy when he won POV. Clay tells her that if they were jumping with Joy, it would’ve given away their plan to backdoor Austin, so it’s good they didn’t look happy.

7:35 PM BBT: Austin tells Clay and Shelli that he needs to talk with them and that Vanessa told him everything. Austin tells them that he’s very upset with Jason right now because the whole reason everyone wants to backdoor him is because of what Jason has been saying to people. Austin tells them that the decisions he made were emotional ones because he’s falling in love with Liz. Austin tells them that he did vote to keep Audrey and that was so he could protect all of them if they were to ever become targets. Austin tells them that he’s a number for them. Clay tells him that he’s never been a target for them. Clay tells him that his only fear is that he can be emotional. Austin tells him that he has just learned his lesson about playing too emotional so he wouldn’t have to worry about that. Shelli tells him that there is a chance he could stay,  but they need to let it be known that Liz knows that he talked with Jason. Shelli also says that he needs to get on board with keeping Julia. Austin says that he is and has no problem with keeping Julia.

Liz joins them in the lounge and Austin tells her that this is all just one big misunderstanding. Shelli tells them that John is a number for Becky and not them, so she’s concerned that Jackie is close with Becky and James. Shelli says that they need to put up Meg to insure that Becky is the one that is sent out. Shelli tells Austin that Jason is the front runner with everything involving the twins, so when he confirmed to Jason that she is a twin, he told everyone. Shelli tells him that he really needs to talk with Jason but cannot get in a fight with him because it’ll be two weeks in a row that Vanessa has staged fights. Clay tells him that they need to get Jason and Meg on board to have the numbers.

8:10 PM BBT: Austin tells Jason that when he came to him with information about the twins, it wasn’t to stratagize, it was because he was genuinely upset about only getting to spend only a couple days with the one twin he likes. Austin tells him that he knows that he’s become the backdoor target because of Jason telling people about that conversation. Austin tells Jason that he’s falling in love with Liz so he needs to at least make it to jury, so they can take him out first once they get there, and that he’ll even throw the HOH when they get to jury. Jason tells him that he already promised Becky his vote, so he won’t vote to keep him but won’t have a vendetta against him if he ends up staying. Jason tells Austin that if he can convince Vanessa to put Steve up, he’d be fine with Austin staying.

8:20 PM BBT: Shelli tells Clay and Vanessa that they need Austin to stay in the house now because they’ll be screwed if he leaves this week, the house splits, and then they’re in the minority. Vanessa mentions that James was upset about POV players, so he’s likely on their side too. Clay tells them that they can’t just base their speculation on facial expressions. Clay tells them that if this goes down like they’re planning, it’s going to divide the house in two. Liz tells them that Julia is tight with John, and John is tight with Steve, which means that they’d be able to get the two of them on their side. Liz asks who the replacement should be. Vanessa says that it might need to be Jackie since she’s already going to be livid about going back on their deal to get Austin out.

Shelli mentions that she heard James mention Sleeper Cell, which means that he’s trying to plant seeds into people’s heads that they’re all working together, so that’s another reason why they have to keep Austin. Liz tells them that in the long run, if they keep Liz, they’re going to be able to last longer. Liz tells them that the only person they can put up to get Becky out is Meg. Vanessa asks why they just don’t get out Jackie instead of Becky because they’d actually be able to properly work with Becky.

8:35 PM BBT: Meg tells Austin that it’s not about what it’s done, it’s about what it looks like between him and the twins working together. Meg tells him that the twins haven’t joined yet, and that’s why people thinks it’s a good idea to get him out now just to fix a potential problem. Meg tells him that he already promised Becky her vote, so she’s not going to be able to vote for him either, though if they can convince Vanessa to put up someone else, she wouldn’t be opposed to it.

8:45 PM BBT: Shelli tells Jason and Meg that people looked super pissed when Clay won POV. Jason tells him that they weren’t at all, that they were rooting for Clay to win and even were trying to call things out to help him win it. Shelli asks them what they think about James. Jason tells him that James latches onto the guys. Meg says that they can only tell James so much and expect it not to get out.

8:45 PM BBT (hoh): Austin tells Vanessa and Liz that neither Jason or Meg are going to vote against Becky. Austin tells them that they both said that they want Steve out more than they want him out though. Vanessa asks if she were to put him up, would he be able to get the votes. Austin tells her that he’d be dead in the water if she tried that. Vanessa tells him that she’s going to have to protect herself and that involves possibly just sending him home.

8:50 PM BBT: Shelli says that they need to find out who people are willing to vote out that isn’t Becky. Austin tells her that everyone is just going to say Steve.

8:50 PM BBT (hoh): Vanessa confirms to Steve that the rumors about Austin possibly giong up are true. Vanessa explains to Steve everything that Austin has done to her and the twins and why he is the new target. Vanessa tells him that he was Jackie’s target, which is why it’s good that she ended up getting dethroned. Vanessa tells Steve that Liz lied to him when she said that she has to make it to top 10 before her twin joins because it’s actually only after this next eviction. Vanessa tells him that Shelli and Clay also know about the twins, along with knowing that Steve knows. Steve tells her that just because Clay and Shelli are willing to keep Austin, doesn’t mean that it has to be Becky who they send home. Steve tells her that they’d be shooting themselves in the food by sending Austin home. Vanessa suggests they just send Austin out to keep the house happy. Steve tells her that the other side of the house will laugh at them for sending one of their own out. Steve tells her to make the move that will keep her safe because that will keep him in return.

9:05 PM BBT: Austin tells Liz that he’s just pissed because this is all just a misunderstanding. Austin asks her why Vanessa is talking with Steve. Liz tells him that Vanessa is only worried about herself and that’s the problem. Austin tells her that Vanessa might have no choice but to save him because Vanessa could lose the twins, Clay, and Shelli if she doesn’t do what they all want.

9:30 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Jackie that Austin tried pleading his case to her about why he did what he did, but at the end of the day he’s just an idiot. Vanessa asks if people were made when Clay won the POV. Jackie tells her that nobody was, that they were actually happy. Vanessa asks Jackie if she were to win HOH next week, who would she put up. Jackie tells her that she’d put up the twins and a pawn. Jackie tells her that they need to get rid of the twins as soon as possible because they pose a big threat to them.

Jackie tells Vanessa that for the first time in the game, she doesn’t feel safe. Vanessa tells her that she should feel safe because Austin will be the one going home this week.

10:15 PM BBT: Austin tells Jackie that he’s willing to do anything they want as long as they get him to jury. He tells her that if they can get him to jury, he’s willing to be the first one out. Austin tells her that if he somehow makes it to final 3, he’ll volunteer to go home and if he makes it to final 2, he’ll be fine with letting the jury all vote against him.

10:30 PM BBT: Shelli asks Liz how much she trusts Austin. Liz tells her that she trusts Austin more than she trusts anyone else on the other side. Clay tells her that they trust him too, it’s just that he’s too emotional and not a very good game player. Austin tells them that he knows that he made a mistake, but there is no more secrets and that they know everything. Shelli says that the other side of the house isn’t loyal at all and will jump on whoever the backdoor target is that week, which is why they should keep Austin because he’ll actually be loyal. Shelli tells Austin that they need him in the game because he’s a strong player. Clay tells him that it sounds like everyone is going to go with the house, so they could be the house.

10:40 PM BBT: Jason, Jackie, and Meg are in the backyard and agree that Vanessa is trying to cause dissension among each other because she already has them questioning one another by being wishy-washy on the Austin plan.

10:45 PM BBT: Liz tells Austin that if he goes home, their alliance is done, so she doesn’t even know why they thinks it’s an option for him to go home. Austin tells Liz that Vanessa is making promises with everyone, including the people that she’s going to have to end up sending home. Austin tells Liz that he doesn’t understand how Julia misunderstood his intentions with his talk with Jason. Liz tells him she didn’t do it maliciously. Austin tells her that he doesn’t know about that. Austin tells Liz that Vanessa promised Steve safety this week, the one person that they could put up to save him. Austin tells Liz that she was going to be the backup target this week if he managed to save himself. Austin tells her that they currently have 6 while the other side of the house has 4, but if they send him home, it’s going to be 5-5.

10:55 PM BBT: Jason and Meg agree that Austin has already put them up before, so they’re not about to give him another chance. They also agree that they need to make a deal with Shelli and Clay to insure their safety. Jason and Meg’s alliance name “The Goblins”.

11:40 PM BBT: Austin updates Vanessa on his conversation that he had with Jackie. Austin tells her that Jackie said she promised Steve 100% safety. Vanessa confirms that she did. Austin tells her that he would feel really shitty if he left while Vanessa was in power. Vanessa tells him that he took that risk when he lied to her face. Austin tells her that his intentions when talking to Jason weren’t bad. Vanessa tells him that she knows his intentions weren’t bad, but that she isn’t stupid and knows that he was running game with Jason to try and get him in his pocket. Austin says that isn’t true and not what he was doing. Austin tells her that if she doesn’t put him up, he can take the blame and just say that he pulled heart strings. Vanessa says none of that would matter because she already made a deal with everyone that she’d put him up. Austin says that everyone wants Steve out. Vanessa tells him that would accomplish nothing.

Vanessa tells Austin that his only hope is to find someone who has talked shit about her or Clay and Shelli that would be enough to justify putting them up over him. Austin tells her that Jason told him flat out that he would put up Clay and Shelli. Vanessa tells him that she doesn’t believe that, she says he might have said it before they saved him last week, but not after. Vanessa says she can’t just sell out the entire house and create 4 enemies just to save him. Austin tells her that they’re already enemies. Vanessa tells Austin that on a personal level, she forgives him, but on a game level, decisions have already been made and that he made a critical mistake at a critical moment in the game. Vanessa tells him that he has 24 hours to try and pull something out of his ass to save himself. Vanessa tells him that he fucked up and is going to suffer the consequences for it.

12:10 AM BBT: Liz tells Vanessa that if she puts up Austin, she will vote the way that Vanessa wants her to and will respect her game move. Vanessa tells Liz that she trusts her and her sister more than anyone else in the game. Vanessa tells Liz that she needs to let Austin think there is a chance in the real world so that he doesn’t blow up their games on the way out.

12:30 AM BBT: Vanessa asks Jason if Austin could be the saboteur. Jason says that he could, and that it would make sense as to why he’s so adamant about making it just one more week. Jason says that the way that Austin came to him with the information about the twins is something that a saboteur would do. Jason says there probably isn’t a saboteur though. Vanessa says that she really thinks there isn’t one.

12:50 AM BBT: Liz tells Clay and Shelli that she thinks Austin is a lost cause. Shelli agrees and says that he is. Liz tells them that Vanessa is making deals with the other side of the house as they speak. Liz tells them that Vanessa doesn’t have to worry next week, but them three and Julia do if the other side wins because Vanessa will be protected but they won’t.

1:00 AM BBT: Austin tells Liz that Vanessa is insuring their alliance’s demise by sending him home. Liz says that Vanessa is doing exactly what the other side of the house wants, which is sending one of their numbers home. Austin says that Vanessa is choosing gut over strategy and that it’s crazy what people will do for the money. Austin tells Liz that she’s going to be the next to go, then Clay and Shelli will follow because of what Vanessa is doing. Austin tells her that his only hope is for Clay and Shelli to convince Vanessa otherwise. Austin begins planting the seed in Liz’s head that Vanessa might do this to her too.

1:30 AM BBT: Austin tells Clay that he knows he’s trying to talk to and work with Jason, but he needs to be careful because Jason is two faced. Clay tells Austin that just because he might go up, that doesn’t mean that he’s going home because they could still vote out Becky. Austin tells him that it likely is because Jason, James, Jackie, Becky and Meg are working together and that’s enough to send him home.

1:40 AM BBT: Becky tells John that she doesn’t mind the twins coming in the game, she rather see Steve go home over either of them. John tells Becky that he’s going to put up James and Meg if he wins the HOH during the double eviction.

1:45 AM BBT: Houseguests get the hula hoop the live feeders voted on.

1:55 AM BBT: Liz tells Vanessa that the reason them two, Clay and Shelli need to talk is because they need to choose who they’re going to bring into their alliance since they’re sending Austin home. Vanessa says they can bring Steve in. Liz tells her that Steve throws everything. Vanessa assures her that he won’t be anymore.

2:00 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin that she’s rooting for him to do something that can secure his safety because she would love not to have to put him up. Vanessa tells him that she doesn’t trust the other side and didn’t want the alliance with them but she didn’t really have a choice after Austin lied to her. Austin tells Vanessa that only she is going to be safe with the other side of the house while they all target her alliance members. Austin tells her that the other side of the house aren’t honest with her. Vanessa tells him to prove it, hide under the bed to overhear a conversation if he has to. Vanessa tells him that if he can prove that one of them is being disloyal to him, it’s a done deal that he doesn’t go up.

2:15 AM BBT: Vanessa asks Liz if she’s sure that she doesn’t like Austin and is okay if he goes. Liz tells her that she only likes him as a friend and is going to be fine if he leaves. Liz tells her that she’s already comes to terms with Austin leaving, so if he has to go, he just has to go. Vanessa tells Liz that the two of them can make a backup side deal with James, Jason, and Meg. Liz tells her that Clay and Shelli will always have each other’s back over theirs. Vanessa asks Liz what her loyalty to Clay and Shelli is. Liz tells her that her loyalty is to Vanessa and her only. Liz says that Clay is going to go as far as Cody did in the game. Vanessa agrees and tells Liz that the reason she likes Liz and her sister so much is because they don’t try to spread themselves so thin like Clay and Shelli do.

Liz tells Vanessa that maybe she should backdoor Jackie. Vanessa tells her if they could find a valid reason for her to do that, it’d be a dream come true.

2:45 AM BBT: Clay tells Shelli that he’s getting irritated with Vanessa for being unstable and constantly changing the plan after they’ve discussed it.

2:50 AM BBT: Shelli tells Vanessa that the more she talks with Austin, the more she realizes that they fucked up. Vanessa agrees and says that they fucked up. Vanessa tells her that Austin fucked up by lying, but they fucked up by jumping to the conclusion that his lie meant disloyalty. Vanessa tells them that they had a trustworthy person in a trustworthy alliance and they screwed that up. Vanessa tells them that the only problem now is that she gave that 8 person alliance that she’d get Austin out.

Clay tells Vanessa and Shelli that if they get Austin to stay, he’d be indebted to them and would stay true to them only. Liz says that they can make a deal with Austin to save him but he has to be the only to volunteer to go up on the block as a pawn next week. Vanessa says if they send Austin home now, they only get two or three weeks of safety and then they’re back to being in the minority. Vanessa says that she can just put up John and she’d be staying true to her word. Clay says that Jackie makes him uneasy. Shelli says that’s another reason why Becky needs to go because her and Jackie are a strong duo. Clay suggests they put up Austin so that if Jason and Meg vote him out and Austin leaves, they’ll know that Jason and Meg aren’t loyal. Vanessa tells him that they shouldn’t give them a chance like that and should just put up someone from their side.

Vanessa says whoever she is going to put up is going to gun for her, along with Jackie. Clay tells her that they can take Jackie out next week. Vanessa says that Jackie is already gunning for her so she might as well put her up as the replacement nominee. Vanessa, Clay, and Shelli discuss targeting Jackie instead of Becky. Clay tells Vanessa that they can spin it so that they’re saving Becky and she will trust them. Shelli says they’ll have to tell Becky about the plan and get her on board with it. Vanessa says that they can make a fake alliance with Jason and Meg to make them feel secure about this move. Vanessa asks Clay and Shelli what is the benefit of keeping Austin in the game when he’s going to have the twins to work with. Clay tells her that the other side is too wishy washy. Clay and Shelli tell her that they’ll both be at the bottom of the alliance if they join the other side of the house so they need to stick to their own side.

12:25 AM BBT: Shelli tells Austin that he needs to try and keep calm until after the POV ceremony.

12:40 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Steve that it would blow up her game at this point not to backdoor Austin, but says that she doesn’t want to because she feels like that’s a horrible game move. Steve tells Vanessa that there is 5 of the other side, Jackie, Becky, Jason, Meg, and James, while 6 of them, him, Vanessa,  Shelli, Clay, Liz, and Julia. Steve tells her that Becky isn’t going to come to their side with Becky still in the game.

12:50 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Clay that she can’t put all the blood on her hands and that Austin may need to go up after all. Vanessa tells him that if they can get Becky and John on their side, then she’ll agree to move forward with their plan. Vanessa tells Shelli that she realizes that everyone wants her to do this, but she realizes that she’s going to blow up her own game by saving Austin. Vanessa tells them that she needs to know that John and Becky are on board with targeting Jason before she puts him up tomorrow.

Shelli tells Vanessa that Austin offered to go up next week, which leaves him and 2 other competitors are strong targets in the house before they would get to Becky. Shelli says they could also say that Austin could campaign against her if he’s up there and she’d possibly be the one to go. Shelli says they just need to offer Becky a four person deal. Vanessa tells her that if they go through with backdooring Austin, they aren’t a target for anyone. Clay tells her that it’ll cause a power shift in the house if they get rid of Austin, while if they keep him, they are nearly guaranteed final 8. Vanessa says that it would have to be Jason than because he’s the only strategic player they have on their side of the house. Vanessa tells them that they have to be prepared to draw a line in the sand if Austin stays. Clay tells her that she needs to do what feels right.

Shelli tells Vanessa that the 8 person alliance is going to get rid of Liz, Julia, Steve, which are all people they’re connected with. Once they’re done with those 3, they’re going to come for them. Clay tells Vanessa that if they stick to their 8 person deal, they’re not going to have a single person to nominate.

1:45 AM BBT: Shelli tells Becky that she really wants to protect her and doesn’t want anything to go wrong with the vote. Becky asks them who the target this week is. Shelli and Vanessa tell her that Austin and the twins are offering to be their numbers along with playing in the HOHs for them. Becky tells Clay, Shelli, and Vanessa that she thinks of them three as a trio and she thinks of the twins and Austin as a trio. Becky tells them that the twins might take a shot at them. Vanessa, Clay, and Shelli disagree because the twins hate the other side for exposing that she’s a twin. Shelli tells her that Jason, Meg, and James are playing both sides of the house and are only working with them when they have HOH. Vanessa tells Becky that they’re concerned that within their 8 person alliance, they’re the lowest people on the totem pole.

Vanessa tells Becky that there was an alliance between Jeff, James, Meg, Jason, and after Jeff leaved, Jackie took his spot. Becky tells her that she didn’t know that. Vanessa tells Becky that if she trusts their judgement, Austin and Liz are going to be targets before the two of them so it’s better to keep Austin in the game. Vanessa tells her that if she wins HOH, Austin will be her pawn and will be willing to do whatever she wants. Shelli tells her that Austin is also a vote in jury for her if she makes it to the end. Vanessa asks who she’d want to pull in with her to this side. Becky tells her that she’d bring John in on it.

Vanessa tells Becky that it’s either going to be Jason or Meg going up next to her, and that Meg is too risky while Jason is the head of the snake and this is their opportunity. Becky tells her that she’d have the votes against Jason, but that going up against Austin would be safer for her. Becky tells them that if they’re going to do this, Jason needs to be the person to go first.

2:25 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin that Becky is on board with switching targets from him to Jason as long as he (Austin) is willing to go up as a pawn and do whatever they want when they need him to. Austin says he can do that. Austin says that he’ll call people out tomorrow to take the heat away from them, along with telling the people they’re working with that he’s not playing to win to their alliance members so that way they feel safer.


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