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Big Brother 17: Day 32 Recap


Clay Honeycutt from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

Today’s Live Feeds are going to be heavily focused on the planning for tomorrow’s POV ceremony. Though unlikely, there is still a chance that Shelli changes her mind about the Audrey plan, and ends up choosing a different target. If Audrey manages to find out that she’s being considered as a renominee, we’re going to be in for some Live Feeds gold.


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10:15 AM BBT: Wake up call.

10:50 AM BBT: John asks Clay if he knows what the plan is. Clay tells him that to his knowledge, Vanessa is going to use the POV on him. Clay adds that Shelli got more on board with the plan to backdoor Audrey last night, so that’s what the plan seems to be. Clay tells him that Audrey has been swearing on her life about things they know isn’t true, along with starting to play the same game the got her in trouble in the first place.

Clay tells John that the best thing about the two of them working together is that nobody realizes it. Clay tells him that Audrey didn’t know that either, because Audrey told him and Shelli yesterday that John told her that he was pissed off and might nominate Shelli if he were to win HOH. Clay tells him that he’s the one they trust the most and they never have to question anything he says. Clay promises John that they’d not just going to keep putting him up and that they’ll likely never put him up again.

Clay tells John and Austin that Da’Vonne got a really loud cheer even though she was against Audrey, so he tells them that it confirms that Audrey has been doing the evil things they have suspected she’s been doing, along with confirming that Audrey isn’t well liked.

12:55 PM BBT: Clay tells Audrey that this shouldn’t be a week where she is paranoid. Audrey says that she isn’t paranoid. Clay says that is bullshit and that she actually is paranoid. Clay tells her that when she doesn’t trust the people who trust her, it’s ruining her own game. Clay tells Audrey that he knows she is paranoid because she asked came up to him yesterday trying to get him to swear that Shelli wasn’t going to backdoor her. Audrey tells him that she never said that.  Clay tells her that she thinks that everyone is against her. Audrey tells her that she doesn’t think that and that Clay is trying to tell her how she thinks.

Audrey tells Clay that people are overlooking her giving them information  when she gets it. Clay tells her that people are overlooking it because the information she brings is never credible. Clay tells her that this isn’t him attacking her, that this is him telling her how the entire house is feeling. Clay tells her that he’s upset because after everything Shelli did for her, she didn’t reciprocate any of it. Audrey tells Clay that she’s been loyal to Shelli and that he’s just basing his perspective on things that aren’t empirical and what people are telling him. Audrey tells him that she can never do anything to please anyone, regardless of how much she tries.

Clay tells Audrey that he feels like the things that Shelli has done for her, she should do for Shelli. Audrey tells him that she is, that she has pulled Shelli multiple times to tell her how much everything she’s done has meant to her. Audrey tells him that nobody is trying to understand her side of the story. Clay tells her that if anyone is trying to understand, it’s him and Shelli. Audrey tells him that every time she tries to tell them something, they never want to hear it because they think she is just casting seeds out of doubt.

1:15 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Shelli that they just need to catch Audrey in an obvious lie so that they have justification as to why they’re putting her up. Shelli tells Vanessa that Audrey has thrown out her name multiple times. Vanessa tells Shelli that Audrey knows a lot about her game so she might expose their alliances if she goes on the block. Shelli tells her that everyone already knows who she is working with, so it wouldn’t matter. Vanessa tells Shelli that they can’t own up to everything when Audrey starts exposing them because the other side of the house will band together and go after them. Vanessa tells Shelli that Audrey is going to push for her to backdoor Liz. Shelli tells her that she won’t because she doesn’t think that Vanessa would use it. Shelli tells Vanessa that she is now 100% on board with their plan to get Audrey out because she’s pissed about everything Audrey has put her through.

1:45 PM BBT: Clay begins a short retell of his argument with Audrey to Shelli and Vanessa. Clay tells them that Audrey always tries playing the innocent victim and that’s what she’s doing right now.

1:50 PM BBT: Audrey comes up to the HOH room but Clay doesn’t let her in because he says he wants to talk with Shelli alone first. Audrey says she’d like to talk to Shelli with him. Clay says she can wait until after he’s done to talk with her. Audrey waits outside while Clay tells Shelli that Audrey swore she never asked him if she (Shelli) was going to backdoor her (Audrey).


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1:55 PM BBT: Audrey joins the HOH room with Shelli, Clay, and Vanessa. Audrey tells Shelli that Clay is trying to tell her that she’s paranoid and all kinds of other things when she’s really not, that Clay is trying to tell her how she thinks and feels. Audrey tells Clay that this stems from something deeper than what it seems and that Clay is just trying to make this about himself. Audrey tells Clay that he cornered her outside and started this entire argument. Clay tells her that he didn’t corner her, that she cornered him and Austin. Vanessa says they can ask Austin to confirm since he was there.

Clay tells Audrey that all the rumors stem from her, so when she brings them information, they can’t believe it because it’s tainted, that if they do want to believe it, they have to validate it with others first. Clay turns to Shelli and tells her that Audrey is blatantly lying to their faces right now.

Vanessa questions why Audrey doesn’t trust them when they have put their full trust in her. Audrey tells them that she’s trying to defend a not true image that’s been projected on her. She says that she knows what she has and hasn’t done. Audrey tries bringing up their distrust with Austin, but Clay interjects and begins yelling at her that they never said they don’t trust Austin, that they only said that he gets a little too emotional, which has nothing to do with being disloyal.

Audrey tells Vanessa that the only time she questioned her was about her possibly working with Steve. Vanessa says she can’t recall a private conversation that she’s had with Steve. Clay asks Audrey about the final 2 deal that she said Vanessa approached her about. Audrey tells Clay and Vanessa that Vanessa said that she knew that at a certain point that Shelli would choose Clay over her. Vanessa brings screaming and tells her that it was her (Audrey) who said that, not herself. Vanessa tells Audrey that she has no loyalty to her and tells Clay that Audrey has been throwing his name under the bus to him every morning. Audrey tells Clay that she swears on her life that Vanessa said that about Shelli and that he made a mistake by bringing it up to her. Clay tells her that she shouldn’t ever try to tell him that bringing information to his alliance members is a mistake. Audrey tells Vanessa that she knows what actually happened and that Vanessa is an amazing manipulator because she knows that she set up the entire confrontation with Jeff last week.

Vanessa tells Audrey that she (Audrey) has no loyalty to everyone, that she’s trying to convince Shelli that she has her loyalty when that actually isn’t true. Audrey tells her that there is no way that she would ever turn on Shelli. Vanessa tells her that she can try to spin it however she wants but it doesn’t change the fact that she did. Vanessa tells her that she wishes her well in life, but says that she believes Audrey has a sorely misguided strategy. Vanessa adds that Audrey does nothing but try to plant seeds of doubt in other people’s heads so that they’ll trust her the most. Vanessa tells her that she had her back until she saw that after she was no longer HOH, she went back to manipulating. Vanessa tells Clay and Shelli that Audreys said that the two of them being a couple would end up being a problem. Audrey tells them that she never said that. Clay tells Audrey that she might not of said it directly, but hinted at it subtly so that it was obvious as to what she was actually insinuating.

2:35 PM BBT: Audrey asks Clay if he can prove anything as to what he’s accusing her of. He says some yes, but that he values his word that he’s given to people, so he won’t tell her what evidence he does have. Audrey tells him than that just means that it’s their word against hers and their word has higher value. Clay beings yelling and says that is clearly the case and that her word doesn’t mean shit anymore. Clay tells her that she’s acting like she’s playing a clean game and is loyal to him and Shelli when that actually isn’t true. Audrey tells him that she’s sticking with what she said and that once the game is over, he’s going to feel stupid. Clay says he’s willing to take that chance.

2:45 PM BBT: Shelli tells Audrey that her saying that she doesn’t have anyone and that nobody is putting themselves in her shoes offends her because that’s exactly what she’s been doing. Shelli tells Audrey that she finds herself more confused than when they started talking, so she finds that very concerning. Audrey tells Shelli that if she feels like it’s better for her game not to have someone like her in the house, she can’t control that. Audrey adds that she know in her heart that she has not gone out of her way to betray her. Vanessa tells Audrey that she wishes her the best in life, but that she’ll never be able to trust her again.

2:50 PM BBT: Shelli and Audrey are alone in the HOH room. Audrey tells her that she knows what she has and haven’t done, but it’s clear that no matter what she says, it doesn’t mean shit to anyone. Audrey tells Shelli that Clay is emotionally charged and telling her that she can’t let go of something that she already has let go of. Audrey tells her that he’s so sensitive which is why she trusts her more than she trusts Clay. Shelli tells her that she hasn’t let any of Clay’s emotions or feelings control or lead what decisions she makes.

Audrey tells Shelli that she’s sorry that she can’t be trusted and that she’s expecting only one outcome from this. Audrey tells Shelli that Jason was one of the people who were opportunistic when it came to dragging her name through the mud because he had Da’Vonne to validate everything he was saying. Audrey tells her that she just has to much integrity to admit to things that aren’t true. Audrey tells Shelli that she hopes they do well, but says that she wants Shelli to know that she was someone who was willing to get her hands bloody for them, go to bat for them, and always be a bigger target than them.

Audrey tells Shelli that it was a mistake to bring up what she said about Vansesa to Vanessa herself. Audrey tells her that now Vanessa is going to begin questioning Shelli while she is working together with Clay because she’ll know that neither of them will take her to the end. Audrey tells her that Vanessa does not have her long term best interest, that she’s been with Austin since the beginning, so that’s who she’s going to trust the most. Audrey tells her that she’s not just working with Austin, that she’s working on Jason and working with Steve. Audrey tells her that  Vanessa has all her bases covered. Audrey adds that’s why people want her out, because she knows too much. Shelli asks if they can just continue the conversation later. Audrey tells her that they don’t need to bring it up again because she’s not dumb and knows what’s going to happen (backdoor).

2:55 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Clay that Audrey is bullying and emotionally manipulating Shelli. Vanessa tells Meg that she should go up into the HOH room so that Audrey can’t continue bullying Shelli.

3:45 PM BBT: Vanessa retells their argument with Audrey to Jackie. Vanessa brings up that she’s going to make a deal with one of the people on the block and she’d like to include her in it too. Vanessa says that she’ll over to use the POV on Jason if he promises to keep the two of them safe. Jackie tells her that it’s sweet she wanted to include her in the deal, but says that she doesn’t think that John or Jason would put her up in the first place if either won HOH.

Vanessa tells Jackie that she was shocked with who Shelli and Liz put up. Vanessa tells her that John volunteered to go up last week during her HOH so that they could get Audrey out, but that didn’t end up happening. Jackie tells her that she’s heard John has been throwing competitions for people. Vanessa tells her that if he has, she hasn’t heard anything about it.

4:10 PM BBT: Audrey tells James that Vanessa staged the fight with Jeff to get a reason to backdoor him, so that’s why she’s in the lounging trying to cover her tracks with Jackie. Audrey tells James that Austin, Vanessa, Liz, Clay and Shelli are in an alliance that she was once in. James tells her that explains why he’s gone up so many times. Audrey tells James that they could get John out, keep Jason and work with her, James, Meg, Jason, Jackie, and Becky, which will give them enough numbers to go against the main alliance that has been controlling everything. James tells her that he’s just surprised that Clay and Shelli are aligned with Austin and Liz. James tells her that Clay had him fooled. Audrey tells him that he needs to hide it.

Audrey tells him that if for some reason Shelli doesn’t put her up and can make Shelli believe that she isn’t going to come after her they need to get John out. James agrees with her. Audrey says then their new group will just need to get in power and they can gun after Shelli and Clay’s big alliance. Audrey tells him that they can save Jason, tell him everything, get John out, and flip the house on it’s head next week. Audrey tells him that they can’t tell Jason about this until after he’s taken off the block because he’d use it to get her nominated. James tells Audrey that Jackie is going to be pissed to find out that Jeff was set up.

4:45 PM BBT: James tells Becky that Audrey has a lot of good information, that even though it’s from Audrey, they can’t just assume that it’s all 100% false.

4:58 PM BBT: Audrey tells Jackie about the six person alliance between Clay, Shelli, Austin, Liz, Vanessa, and her. Audrey tells her that the fight between Vanessa and Jeff was completely set up so that Vanessa would have a reason to backdoor Jeff. Audrey tells her that she has been completely loyal to Clay and Shelli and now they’re trying to flip on her so that’s why she’s exposing them now. Audrey tells her that John has been throwing competitions for them. Jackie tells her that she doesn’t think the alliance she is talking about is really solidified.

Audrey tells Jackie that Vanessa’s plan was to nominate 4 people this week that they wouldn’t care if they were sent home, which is why she would put up. James tells Jackie that if what Audrey is saying is true, they’re in deep shit. Audrey tells Jackie that Shelli and Clay aren’t going to warn her that she’s (Audrey) going up because they know that she’ll expose them like she’s doing now. James tells Jackie that it’s only a matter of time before they get chopped by the big group that’s working together. Audrey tells Jackie that Clay and Shelli had already flipped on Jeff before he was set up by Vanessa.

Jackie asks her if she’s just telling her this to cover her own ass. Audrey says she’s telling her this because she (Audrey) might be able to avoid being put up. Audrey tells them that if they can exploit the things that Vanessa has said about Austin, they might be able to get him put up. James tells Jackie that if one of them win HOH next week, they have to make a game changing move.

5:25 PM BBT: Meg tells James that people are saying it’s really shady that he’s talking in private with Audrey. James tells her that he feels like Audrey is actually trying to watch his back this time. Meg tells him that he’s being crazy right now. Meg adds that it’s frustrating that he’d even listen to Audrey in the first place. James tells her that there is a 6 person alliance in the house that they didn’t know about. Meg tells him that Audrey is going up on the block tomorrow so she’s going to say anything and everything to try and save herself. Meg tells James that he needs to be careful because people aren’t taking it well that he’s talking with Audrey alone.

5:30 PM BBT: James tells Clay that Audrey is telling him there is a 6 person alliance in the house that him and Shelli are apart of. James adds that Audrey said he needs to watch his back because he was the intended second target this week. Clay tells him that he knew Audrey would do this and that he had no idea as to what Liz was going to do with her nominations. James tells Clay that Audrey said before the nominations, Shelli said that they’re going to put up 4 people that they don’t care if they’d go home. Clay tells him that it was brought up, but his name was only thrown out there as a pawn, not a target. Meg tells James that Liz probably didn’t care if he was sent home, but she wasn’t gunning for him, so there is a difference.

James tells Clay that the alliance that Audrey is exposing consists of him, Shelli, Austin, Vanessa, and Liz. Meg tells James that even if that is an alliance, it doesn’t sound threatening. Clay tells James that he will get him a lot further in this game than Audrey would be able to. James agrees. James tells Clay that Audrey wanted him to throw Jason under the bus to Shelli so that nominations would stay the same, then they could make a big alliance to flip the house. James asks if they should just call a house meeting to clear the air. Clay tells him that they might have to.

Clay tells James that Audrey tried pinning the 4 person alliance that Jeff had on him (James), saying that he was the person who came up with the idea to split Clay and Shelli up, and that he was the leader of that alliance.

5:40 PM BBT: Jason joins Audrey and Jackie in the have-not room. Jason tells them that everyone is running around like a chicken with their head cut off because they know that Audrey is talking with people in private.

5:45 PM BBT: Vanessa begins doing damage control with Jackie, telling her everything that Audrey has done to them, how she’s untrustworthy, and how she will save anything to save herself because she has no integrity. Vanessa tells Jackie that she just needs to stay out of it.

5:50 PM BBT: Jackie tells Jason that she wants Austin to go home because she’s getting a weird feeling from him.

6:00 PM BBT: Jason tells Vanessa that he will be indebted to her if she uses the POV on him. Jason tells her that he won’t nominate her, backdoor her, or put her up as a pawn.

6:05 PM BBT: Meg tells Jason that Audrey is telling people that there is a 6 person alliance between Clay, Shelli, Austin, Liz, Vanessa, and formerly her. Meg tells her that it doesn’t matter if there really is an alliance between them because they’ll get her farther in the game than Audrey will. Jason agrees. Meg tells him that Audrey was trying to get James to throw him (Jason) under the bus to Shelli to keep the nominations the same so that they could then get John out and create an alliance to flip the house afterwards. Jason tells her that if there really was a 6 person alliance, Shelli and Clay wouldn’t want to save him.

6:10 PM BBT: Clay asks if he should call a house meeting with everyone but Audrey. Jason tells him that he’d be down for it. James, Vanessa, and Becky all say they’re on board with the house meeting idea too.

6:15 PM BBT: James tells Vanessa that Audrey is trying to rallying people up to go against her and Austin. James tells her that Audrey is saying there is a 6 person alliance between her, Clay, Shelli, Austin, and Liz. Vanessa tells him that Audrey tried creating a big alliance early on, but that there hasn’t been an alliance created with those people since. James brings up Audrey saying the 4 people nominated were expendable. Vanessa tells James that she swears on her mother that she went to bat for him to Liz to try and talk her out of nominating him. Vanessa tells James that he’s not a target for her and that she actually would like to work with him.

6:40 PM BBT: Audrey tells Jackie that if she’s on the block with John, there is no way should could save herself because that would be like campaigning against Jesus.

6:50 PM BBT: Photo booth time.

6:50 PM BBT (hoh): Clay tells Shelli that Audrey is already going to work on campaigning. Shelli says that Audrey is such a bitch for not giving her a chance to explain why she’s going up. Clay tells her that she tried talking with James and Jackie but neither believed what she said to them. Clay tells her that she’s exposing their alliances, but that nobody is believing it. Clay tells her that Audrey knows she is dead in the water and that’s why she’s tucked herself away in the have-not room.

7:15 PM BBT: Audrey tells Vanessa that she does respect her as a person and outside of the house, things will be totally different. Vanessa tells her that when she watches the footage, she’ll realize how misguided her strategy was. Vanessa tells Audrey that she’s not one to take things personally, that she’s dropped things before and she’ll drop things with Audrey once they get out of the house.

7:20 PM BBT: Shelli tells Vanessa that Audrey was trying to tell her that she (Vanessa) is the mastermind and everything Vanessa told her earlier was just acting. Vanessa tells her that Audrey is the one that is an actress and trying to flip it all on her. Vanessa tells Shelli that Audrey tried manipulating her being gay to pull on her emotional strings. (Audrey never did this, Vanessa is the one who brought this up). Shelli tells Clay that she’s likely going to use the POV on Jason, but going to see where everyone else stands first.

7:55 PM BBT: Steve tells John that any drama that doesn’t include this is what they need. Steve thells John that he might be the Spencer of this year. Always getting put up, but never sent home.

8:05 PM BBT: Shelli, Clay, James, Jason and Meg gather in the HOH room to discuss show they think that Shelli should use the POV on and who they think should go up as the replacement. James tells Shelli about everything that Audrey told him earlier today. Shelli tells them all that Shelli has thrown each of them under the bus to her at some point. Shelli tells James that for Audrey to say that they were involved in any way of him going up is a huge lie. Shelli tells the group that the 6 person alliance that Audrey exposed wasn’t a real alliance, that Audrey formed it in less than a minute, not giving anyone the chance to decline. Shelli tells them that it’s going to be a big deal when she puts Audrey up, so it can’t be just her that’s doing it, it has to be all of them.

8:15 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Jackie that Audrey was the #1 person who wanted her to backdoor Jeff.

8:40 PM BBT: Every single houseguest except Audrey join the group up in the HOH room. Shelli tells them all that they’re basically all in a alliance right now while they try to get Audrey out this week. Shelli tells them all that if they vote Audrey out, she’ll be loyal to every single one of them. James uses the opportunity to tell everyone that he isn’t working with Audrey, that he was getting used as tool by her without realizing it until afterwards.

Clay tells them that they’re supposed to have a good time on Big Brother and they’re unable to do that with Audrey in here, so that’s another reason to send her out. Everyone agrees with him. Shelli tells Vanessa that she needs to use the POV so that she can put up Audrey and they all vote her out.

9:35 PM BBT: Wackstreet Boys performance in the backyard.

12:20 AM BBT: Feeds return after being down for 20 minutes. Shelli tells Clay that he can’t be making jokes at Audrey’s expense in front of the girls because they’ll take it as insensitive. Shelli adds that it was obvious that Vanessa didn’t find his joke funny. Clay tells her that he shouldn’t of said anything.

12:25 AM BBT: James asks what Audrey was doing in the DR for nearly 2 hours. Becky says production was probably performing an exorcism on her. Jackie and Jason say that they don’t owe Audrey anything, so Jackie says she should just tell Audrey that she’s going home and there is nothing she can do about it. James tells them that he hopes America doesn’t think they’re just ganging up on Audrey. Jackie tells her that they weren’t ganging up on her, that they never have ganged up on her, and that Audrey has done far worse to them. Jackie adds that nobody has ever been deliberately mean to Audrey.

Jackie tells James that Audrey went to the wrong people with her information she was trying to expose. She says that they instantly went and told Clay and Shelli about it, so hopefully they’ll respect that and not go after them. James tells her that all the stuff Audrey was saying couldn’t of all been a lie. Jackie agrees and says that now Shelli’s alliance will be afraid to make a move against them because they know about that alliance.

12:40 AM BBT: Austin tells Julia that the only person they need to worry about winning HOH next week is Jackie because they have deals with everyone else. Steve joins their conversation. Julia tells him that there is only two more weeks after this Thursday until her twin enters the game so he really needs to try and win this next HOH to help keep her safe.

Austin tells Julia that they should bring one more person into their trust circle that they can admit that she’s a twin to. Julia agrees and suggests John because he basically already knows because of the fake tooth. Austin agrees and says that John is a trustworthy guy. Austin tells her that she needs to tell him that she wasn’t allowed to say anything until after the 4th eviction and that the only people who she’s confirmed it to is him and Austin so that way John has a sense of trust with the two of them.

12:40 AM BBT (backyard): Jackie tells James that if she wins HOH, she’s going to put up Liz with Vanessa or Austin.

1:10 AM BBT: James and Jason agree that if they were to win the next HOH, they’d put Austin up because he can’t be trusted.

2:05 AM BBT: Audrey has a breakdown. She tells Vanessa that she just wants to leave. Vanessa tells her that she doesn’t want to be the first person. Vanessa talks to Audrey for a long time, trying to calm her down and tell her that everything is going to be okay. Vanessa tells her that she’s inspired people already by just being here.

2:55 AM BBT: An audrey bash session between Jason, Jackie, and Becky. They all say that Audrey is going crying to Vanessa because she has the POV and Audrey dosen’t want her to use it. Jason tells them that her anxiety attack was fake and that Audrey has no compassion for anyone else. Jackie says they need to talk to Vanessa tomorrow to make sure that Vanessa isn’t buying what Audrey is trying to sell. Jason says that Audrey has been caught and now she’s just going to wine and cry, hoping to get out of it. They go on about how Audrey is a manipulator and fake crying for another 2 hours.


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