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Big Brother 17: Day 27 Recap

The Big Brother 17 Houseguests - Source: CBS

The Big Brother 17 Houseguests – Source: CBS

It’s started off as a slow day on the live feeds, but thinks picked up later on in the evening as houseguests got locked inside and started going into their private rooms to talk to one another. Today’s talks will mainly consist of Jeff’s campaigning, who everyone plans to vote for, and what the plan for next week is.


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10:00 AM BBT: Wake up call.

10:10 AM BBT: Shelli tells Clay that Jeff hasn’t even asked for her vote yet. Clay tells her that he wants Jeff to stay, but can’t get passed what he said about the two of them. Clay adds that he believes Jeff would be more loyal to them than James was, but he doesn’t think giving Jeff a second chance is such a good idea.

12:30 PM BBT: Vanessa gets her HOH camera.

2:10 PM BBT: Shelli tells Clay that she’s the only came up with Jeff being the male Audrey and that Steve had 3 different characters he was playing, and now that is circulating throughout the house because Clay couldn’t keep it to himself.

Shelli tells Clay that Vanessa said during her talks with the different people this week, she was told of different conspiracies about Audrey from Jeff, which just proves that he’s blaming anything and everything on her without really looking into the claim.

Clay asks Shelli who she’d put up. Shelli tells him that she’d probably put up Jason and James, Jason being the original target, and James being the backup. Clay tells her that if they’re not going to put up Steve, they need to make a deal with him since they’re keeping him safe. Clay says that they could get John to throw another BOB for them so that she’d stay HOH and they could gun after one of their targets.

2:40 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Liz that they only have to last 2 more weeks until Julia joins them in the house. Liz tells her that if the other side wins HOH, she might have to confirm that she’s a twin and just tell them that Julia won’t be coming in until top 10, so that way they think they have time to target her. Vanessa tells Liz that she should hold off on doing that until they get an idea as to who they’re going to target her. Vanessa adds that Liz needs to develop a relationship with Audrey because she’s alone in the game.

3:45 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin that they need to start thinking about who they’re going to bring to the end with them. Austin suggests they take Jackie. Austin tells her that right now they need to worry about getting Julia officially in the house because it’ll be extra protection and that they’d be under the radar because of the heavy focus on the twins.

Vanessa tells Austin that Audrey likes Liz. Austin says that Audrey really needs to win the next HOH because she can go after people like Jason. Austin tells her that Jason is going to start saying that Vanessa and Audrey are working together, so Vanessa needs to tell Audrey to sleep downstairs the rest of the week.

4:05 PM BBT: John tells Vanessa that if Audrey were to win HOH, he has no idea who she’d gun for. Vanessa tells him that it wouldn’t be him, that it would be Jason because that’s who she can’t stand. Vanessa asks him if he thinks that Jackie might come after him for getting Jeff out. John tells her that is a risky one because he doesn’t know where her head is at.

Vanessa asks John if he’s going to campaign for Jeff. John tells him that he isn’t, but that Jeff has tried getting him to. John says that giving Jeff his vote is enough, that he’s not going to turn into one of Jeff’s little minions. Vanessa asks John who he’d put up if he won HOH. John tells her that he would likely put up Audrey and someone that he doesn’t talk much game with. John adds that he’d have a reason to nominate Jason because Jason put him up the first week.

5:10 PM BBT: Clay joins the room with Vanessa and John. Clay tells Vanessa that he’s going to vote out whoever she wants him to. Vanessa tells him that she wants Jeff out. John says that Jeff isn’t going to stay even if he (John) gives him 1 sympathy vote.

5:20 PM BBT: Austin tells Liz that he worries that Clay and Shelli will want to flip the script and vote James out. He says that they should be voting Jeff out, if they stick to the plan.

5:40 PM BBT: Liz asks Audrey if she thinks that Jason will vote to keep James over Jeff. Audrey says she thinks he’ll keep James because they’ve been working together since the beginning. Audrey tells Liz that both Jeff and James have done wrong by her, but James actually came clean about it.

5:45 PM BBT: Clay tells Liz that Jason told him that they’re just going to let her sister join the game because they don’t care anymore. Clay asks Liz if she’s going to vote out Jeff or James. Liz tells her that it’s up in the air, but she knows for a fact that Jeff has done her dirty while James hasn’t. She says that both of them need to come talk to her about it. Liz tells him that Jeff is more fun in the house than James. Clay tells her that they’re not here to have fun, they’re here to win $500,000. Clay tells her that he’s leaning towards keeping James. Liz tells Clay that Jeff came to her saying that she owes him a favor, so she needs to vote to keep him.

6:20 PM BBT: Steve tells Clay that he feels like an outsider and that people are skeptical of him. Clay tells Steve that people are skeptical of him because he’s so smart, knows the game inside & out, and that people think that he’s following a master plan.

6:30 PM BBT: Liz tells Jeff that she can’t trust him because he has a big mouth. Liz tells him that he told a whole group of people that she’s shady, can’t be trusted, and that she turns on the people she works with. Jeff tells her that it’s going around that she’s a twin. Liz asks him if he actually thinks that. Jeff tells her that he knows for a fact that she’s a twin. Liz tells him that it sounds like a great rumor made up by America’s Player for $5000. Jeff tries getting to admit that she’s a twin, says he won’t tell anyone and that it won’t change anything. Liz continues to tell him that it isn’t true. Jeff tells Liz that he doesn’t care if she’s a twin or not, he just doesn’t want it coming back to him that he was the one who told her about people knowing.

Jeff tells Liz that it’s annoying that they can’t hangout or talk more because people get jealous. Liz says that she agrees and that it’s annoying because she doesn’t feel the same way about Austin that Austin does her.

6:45 PM BBT: Austin walks in on Jeff and Liz in bed with each other. He walks in, asks them what they’re doing, and then walks out. Austin tells Audrey that Jeff is attacking Liz right now, making her all uncomfortable. He tells her that he is livid about it.

6:50 PM BBT: Austin tells James that Jeff is telling people that he has a secret alliance that is going to vote to keep him and go after anyone who doesn’t. Austin tells James that if he can promise him safety, he’ll 100% vote for to keep him. James tells him that he has no attention of targeting Austin, Vanessa, or Liz.

6:53 PM BBT: James tells Meg about Jeff saying that he has a secret alliance that is going to vote for him and target people who don’t. James adds that Jeff told Austin that if he doesn’t stay, he’s going to expose who’s working in that alliance. James tells Meg that Jeff is campaigning like crazy, throwing him under the bus all the while he has been saying he wasn’t going to campaign at all.

7:05 PM BBT: James tells Jason about Jeff throwing him under the bus for votes when Jeff said he wouldn’t do that. Jason says that he (James) might want to start campaigning because Jeff is such a good salesman. James says that he agrees and will do something about Jeff throwing him under the bus before people get the idea that he doesn’t care about what happens because he isn’t campaigning. Jason tells James to talk to Clay and Shelli because they are likely going to be the swing votes.

7:10 PM BBT: Austin asks what that was with her being in bed with Liz. Liz tells him that Jeff was just trying to talk with him because people were in the other room. Liz tells Austin that Jeff asked her if she was a twin and that she denied it. Liz tells Austin that he can’t get mad about her being in bed with Jeff when he was in bed with Jackie last night. Austin tells her that was just strategy and that she knows where his heart really is. Austin tells Liz that Jeff is done, that now that James is onto him, there is nothing he can do to save himself.

7:35 PM BBT: Austin tells Meg that they were separated by circumstance and had that not happened, he thinks they’d be pretty close.  Meg tells him that she agrees and that she is happy that they’re starting to talk again. Austin tells Meg about Jeff threatening him about a secret alliance coming after him if he didn’t give Jeff his vote. Meg tells Austin that her and everyone she talks to is on board with sending Jeff home this week.

7:45 PM BBT: Jeff asks Clay if Vanessa is campaigning against him. Clay tells him that Vanessa hasn’t said anything about him. Jeff tells Clay that it isn’t true if he’s heard that he’s going to blow up anyone’s game if he gets evicted. Jeff tells Clay that he wasn’t trying to be malicious but he sees where Clay and Shelli are coming from because he (Jeff) did put their names out there.

8:05 PM BBT: Austin tells Vanessa that if John sticks with his plan to vote to keep Jeff, he’s going to threaten him with being a pawn against next week. Austin says that John is the perfect pawn. Vanessa says yeah, as long as he didn’t mind breaking his word since they made a deal with him this week that they wouldn’t do that.

Vanessa tells Austin that she has been able to confirm that Jeff is behind a lot of the things that has turned people against Audrey. She tells him that they need to help clean up Audrey’s image.

8:15 PM BBT: Jackie tells James that Jeff hasn’t been really campaigning against him. James tells her, Clay, and Shelli that he has heard different. He tells them that Austin says Jeff approached him and told Austin that he has a secret alliance that is going to vote for him and that Austin is going to be the swing vote. James adds that Jeff told Austin that if Austin didn’t vote to keep him, he’ll need to worry about that secret alliance coming to target him.

8:35 PM BBT: Jeff tells Austin that Clay told him that he (Austin) was saying that he (Jeff) was going to expose an alliance if he gets voted out on Thursday. Jeff tells him that he isn’t going to expose any alliance and that he was just trying to help Austin out. Austin tells him that he never said anything like that to Clay. Jeff tells him that he wasn’t going to expose an alliance, he was going to tell Austin some people that he could trust.

Jeff tells Austin that Liz is the one who approached him and that’s why he was talking to her in the bed. Jeff tells him that he can confirm with Liz that he (Jeff) was nothing but 100% Pro-Austin that entire conversation. Jeff tells him that the vote is going to be a close one. Either 6-5 or 7-4.

9:30 PM BBT: Austin tells Liz that he’s pissed that John is still going to vote for Jeff. Austin tells her that he’s going to talk with John and tell him that if he votes for Jeff to stay, the deal that they made with him to keep him safe until top 10 is off.

10:00 PM BBT: Jackie tells Jeff that James is getting worried that he (Jeff) is campaigning even after they promised each other they wouldn’t. Jackie tells him that James is worried because Austin told him that he (Jeff) told him that he already has 5 votes and is looking for a swing vote. Jeff tells her that he never once went up to people and said that. He tells her that the only thing he has told people is to vote for whoever they think is going to best help their long term game.

Jeff tells Jackie that Austin is the biggest shady sketchball in the house. Jackie agrees and says that’s why she doesn’t trust him. Jeff tells her that Austin is the one who has been running his mouth behind his back, dragging his name through the mud. Jeff tells her that he thinks that Austin had more to do with him being put up than he originally thought.

12:40 AM BBT: Becky tells James that he has her vote, but wants him to keep that to himself and not let anyone know.

12:55 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Steve that Austin and Liz are showmancing hardcore and it is hurting their game. Vanessa tells them that they can’t stop love. Steve says they have to if it’s hurting their game. Vanessa tells him that if they try, they’ll become their enemy.

1:00 AM BBT: Jeff tells Jackie that if he leaves, she needs to be careful because that means that a lot of fakeness is going on in the house. Jackie asks if he’s talking about Clay and Shelli being fake. Jeff tells her yes, that he’s been getting a very bad vibe from them recently and that he’s caught Clay talking secretly with Liz and Steve, and that Clay will get mad when he questions him as to what they were talking about. Jackie tells him that he doesn’t need to convince Clay to vote for him, all he needs to do is convince Shelli because she is the one who makes the decisions for him.

Jeff tells Jackie that Jace hit the nail on the head when he said this cast was very untrustworthy and disloyal. He says that alliances don’t mean shit to these people. Jeff tells her that most of the distrust and paranoia is all stemming from Audrey. Jeff tells Jackie that Audrey is catty, insecure, crazy, and just a all around terrible person. Jeff tells her that the only people that are worth trusting are John, Becky, and Meg.

Jeff tells Jackie that Austin has been dragging his name through the mud and now Jeff is starting to regret ever giving Austin the second chance that he did. Jackie tells him that it’s weird that Austin flirts with all these girls when he has a girlfriend. Jackie tells him that she’s not going to flirt with Austin because he’s taken, but she’s going to use him and lead him on because keeping her safe when he wins HOH is the only thing that Austin is good for.

2:15 AM BBT: James tells Jeff that he was hurt when he heard that Jeff was throwing him under the bus when campaigning. James tells him that Austin said that Jeff threatened him for votes. Jeff tells him that Austin would be the last person who he would go to for something like that, so he never did threaten anyone for votes. Jeff tells James that when his game got blown up the other night, James’ name was also thrown under the bus. James tells him that he didn’t know about that. Jeff tells him that it was a few people who were throwing James under the bus to him only. James tells him that he just wants either of them to go out with class on Thursday without making everything turn ugly.


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