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Big Brother 17: Day 25 Recap

Jeff Weldon from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Jeff Weldon from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

Today’s live feeds are going to be nothing but pure drama after last night’s huge fight between Vanessa and Jeff. With Jeff now knowing that he’s going to be the next target, his scheming and campaigning will begin, giving us great entertainment for days to come!


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7:25 AM BBT: Gronk’s fourth party is called. The location is in the hot tub.

11:20 AM BBT: Gronk’s fifth party is called. The location is in the backyard.

11:35 AM BBT: Jeff tells John that Audrey did what she did best last night and now he’s going to be the person who is put up as the replacement nominee and targeted. John is surprised and tells him that he was told Audrey was the one who was going to go up. John says that Audrey will just have to go during a double eviction when she doesn’t have time to work people over like she has been.

11:40 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Julia about her fight with Jeff last night. She tells her that as a lesbian, she wants the transgender woman to do good in the game so she can’t be the one to send Audrey home.

1:16 PM BBT: Gronk’s sixth party is called. The location is in the living room.

1:38 PM BBT: Clay tells James that he was caught off guard by last night’s confrontation and him and Shelli just got caught in the middle of it all. James tells him that he sees that and says that Audrey still might be the one who is put up because Vanessa told him that after they talked, she said Audrey could still go up. James tells him that he believe Vanessa was just looking for a reason to put anyone other than Audrey up.  James says that Audrey is likely the reason why Vanessa is going to put up someone other than her.

1:40 PM BBT: Jeff tells Jason and John that Audrey was looking at him with guilty eyes during the dance party so he knows that she is the one who is behind all of this. Jeff tells them that they have to find a way to get Vanessa to stick with their original plan. Jason tells Jeff that he was told it was James who was dragging his name through the mud, but says that he doesn’t think that James would do that to Jeff. Jeff tells them that he’s just so worried about everything that he couldn’t even sleep last night.

2:00 PM BBT: Jeff tells Jackie that it’s likely that she will be put up as a pawn to get James out because he accidentally told Austin that he’d vote for her over James if she was put up. Jackie says she doesn’t think she will be put up after what her and Vanessa talked about last night. Jackie tells Jeff that he needs to go and apologize to Vanessa because she is the HOH and he doesn’t want her to nominate him so he needs to just suck it up and go get it done. Jackie tells her that this is really bad because she knows that Vanessa is going to put him up and try to target him because she told her that last night.

Jackie tells Jeff that she is hearing that he has told people that she is expendable to him and that he doesn’t care if she leaves. Jeff confirms that he did say that at the beginning but that was just to deflect from the target they had on their backs coming into the house.

2:15 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Shelli that there is nothing that Jeff could do at this point to change her mind about him after she lied to her face and in front of all those people downstairs last night.

2:20 PM BBT: James tells Jeff that he thinks it is Audrey who was putting shit into Austin’s ear about not being able to trust Jeff. Jeff tells James that it isn’t going to be good if they’re both put up together because it won’t be cut and dry as to who will be leaving. Jeff tells James that it’s sickening that Vanessa doesn’t want to send Audrey home simply because she’s transgender. He says that they haven’t treated Audrey any different than they have any other houseguest, so he doesn’t see why that matters. James tells Jeff that Vanessa is convinced that Audrey is just the scape goat for everyone and that they’re all just lying about her to cover their own ass.

James tells Jeff that he doesn’t think Vanessa is the one who is making these moves, that Austin is the one who is behind the scenes pulling the strings.

2:20 PM BBT (hoh): Vanessa tells Clay & Shelli that Jeff admitted that he was lying last night in front of Jason, James, and Meg so the two of them can go ask them for confirmation that it’s true. Shelli tells Vanessa about their conversation with Jeff after she confronted him last night. Shelli says that Jeff just blames everything on Audrey without even looking into it, that he just assumes it’s her if anything sketchy happens.

2:35 PM BBT: Jeff tells Vanessa that he is truly sorry for everything that happened last night. Jeff tells her that before she confronted him, Austin was grilling him so his back was up against the wall which made him say things that might not have been accurate. Jeff says he’s sorry for making it seem like she was the person who approached him for an alliance when it was really him who approached her.

Jeff tells Vanessa that when she acted him, he was just confused as to what was going on. Vanessa tells him to never accuse her of attacking him or else he can just leave because he’s the one who attacked her and she is just defending herself. Jeff says she’s right, that she didn’t attack him and that he apologizes for his actions.

Vanessa tells him that nobody has shown her proof that Audrey has lied, but she does have proof that someone has thrown her under the bus using a lie, which calls into question everything they saw about Audrey being true or not. Vanessa tells Jeff about how diplomatic and great James was when he came to talk to her last night. Vanessa tells Jeff that he has severed their trust and that he has shown that he is willing to throw people who have been his best friends under the bus to save his own ass.

Jeff tells Vanessa that him and Clay have been working together from the start, so everything he has said about Clay was to deflect from their alliance. Vanessa asks if he was working with only Clay or Clay & Shelli. Jeff says he’s been working with the both of them since the start. Vanessa tells him that she doesn’t believe that he only said those things about clay to deflect from an alliance because he came upstairs to tell her those things for no reason other than to try and get Clay or Shelli nominated. Vanessa asks what kind of job is he doing protecting his alliance when he is trying to get one of them nominated. Vanessa tells Jeff that Jackie has been able to deflect things for her alliances without throwing people under the bus, so she doesn’t know why Jeff can’t do the same.

Vanessa tells Jeff that he has done the exact same thing that people are accusing Audrey of doing and as of now, he is her #1 target this week. She says it’s very clear to here what needs to happen at this point. Vanessa tells Jeff that Audrey has never once thrown his name under the bus to her, so she doesn’t understand why he dislikes her so much. She says that Audrey isn’t the one who caused the drama between them, that if anything it is her (Vanessa’s) fault or Jeff’s own fault because of his paranoia.

Vanessa tells Jeff that she just realized that he did create the alliance that he originally approached him about, but he didn’t think he could trust her so he just decided to tell her that he wasn’t going to make an alliance after all. Jeff confirms that is what happened, but says that it was a group decision not to include her. Jeff tells Vanessa that she just needs to think long term because he doesn’t know who would have her back if she doesn’t get Audrey out. Vanessa tells her that Audrey isn’t gunning for her, but he is. Vanessa tells him that the deal that they made said nothing about her not being allowed to backdoor him.

Jeff tells Vanessa that there is a good chance that he doesn’t go home because it isn’t cut and dry as to who would leave. He tells her that if he does stay, he isn’t going to take this personal and seek out revenge. He says that hopefully they’ll be able to eventually build back up their trust and try to start working together again. Vanessa says she doesn’t know if she’ll be able to fully trust him, but if he wins HOH next week and doesn’t target her, that ‘d be a great start to the two of them working together.

3:45 PM BBT: Jeff tells Jackie that he is now 99% sure that he is going on the block and that this might be his last week in the house. Jeff tells her that he should’ve created the alliance with Vanessa like she wanted because that is what is coming back to bite him. Jeff asks her if James could beat him in a campaign to stay. Jackie tells him that everyone is saying that it’s not looking good for him (Jeff), but says that he has her vote.

3:50 PM BBT: Jeff tells Jason, Meg, and Jackie everything that him and Vanessa just talked about. They all get upset that he’ll be the one going up and not Audrey, even after everything that she’s done.

3:54 PM BBT: Gronk’s seventh party is called. The location is in the pool.

5:20 PM BBT: Jeff tells Austin that before their podcast, he was against him, but not after. Austin tells Jeff that he’s sorry about coming after him in front of Clay and Shelli like that, it’s just he thought he was being completely lied to.

Jeff tells Austin that when people saw Audrey attach herself to Vanessa, that caused doubt in a lot of people’s heads. Austin tells him that it caused doubt in him too and says that he’s been trying to avoid being alone in the HOH with Audrey because of that. Jeff tells Austin that he wants to work with him and Vanessa, it’s just that people in his alliance didn’t want to solidify anything until after Audrey was gone. Jeff tells him that he’s positive that Vanessa is going to put him up now. Austin tells him that there is still time to change that.

Austin asks Jeff if he’d be able to beat James if they were on the block together. Jeff tells Austin that if he had his vote, he could. Jeff tells him that he needs to just stick with Clay because Clay is the one person that he really trusts in the game. Jeff tells Austin that Vanessa is so against doing what the house wants all because she thinks that everyone is using Audrey as a scape goat. Jeff tells him that him or James is going to be sent home because Vanessa was out-manipulated by Audrey. Jeff tells him that he has serious damage control to do because Vanessa wants him gone. He says he’s going to have to find a way to get Vanessa to go with what the house wants.

Jeff tells Clay and Austin that he doesn’t want to have to go against James, but he has too much information not to. Clay tells him that James said that he (Jeff) wanted to backdoor either him or Shelli. Jeff says that isn’t true and that him saying that makes him want to go blow James’ game up. Jeff says if he’s going on Thursday, he’s going to blow people’s games up on the way out.

5:30 PM BBT: Clay tells Austin that he believes James when he said that Jeff wanted to backdoor him or Shelli.

5:30 PM BBT (bedroom): Jeff tells Audrey that he now knows what it feels like to be in her position and that it sucks. He tells her that people have been saying that he is the male version of her. Audrey says that is kinda an insult and that they could come up with better.

Audrey asks Jeff if him and Jason staged the fight. Jeff said they absolutely didn’t. Audrey tells Jeff that the same opportunists that took advantage of her annihilation are the same people who are taking advantage of his. Audrey tells Jeff that if he does get nominated, he needs to think about laying low because he’s the center of attention right now. Jeff agrees.

Audrey tells Jeff that John told her a conversation that him and Jeff had and that is what got Vanessa all fired up. Jeff tells her that it doesn’t make sense that he would talk with John about anything important, that it’s like saying he would go to Steve about something important. Audrey asks him if he thinks he will be able to get the votes. Jeff tells her that not if what she is saying is true. Audrey tells him that even if she wants to vote for him, if the house wants to keep James, she’s going to have vote to keep James too.

5:35 PM BBT: Jason and Meg tell Clay that James deserves to be in the house so if it’s him nominated with Jeff, Jeff will be the one who is sent home on Thursday. Clay asks Meg who she trusts. Meg says she hopes she can trust him, Jason, and James.

5:45 PM BBT: Austin tells Audrey that he’s going to move out of the HOH room so that he can distance himself from her and Audrey because Jeff is trying to start a rumor that the three of them are a trio.

6:15 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Julia that Shelli knows that Steve knows about them being twins. Julia realizes that she slipped up and can’t believe that she could be so careless. Vanessa tells Austin and Julia that they will tell Shelli and Clay that the two of them decided to tell Steve this morning but she (Vanessa) is just now finding out about it.

6:20 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Clay and Shelli that Julia told Steve that she is a twin and that he’s the only one other than them that know. She says that Steve was asking a bunch of questions and she really had no choice. Clay tells her that it’s not really a big deal because everyone knows, now it’s just a matter of hearing it from her mouth. Clay says that Becky knows so maybe they should tell her about Julia/Liz actually being twins to get her on their side. Vanessa tells him that she doesn’t want to tell anyone else. Clay adds that he doesn’t think it’s important for Steve to know that him and Shelli know. Vanessa says that Steve is going to end up finding out that they know and he’ll assume that the three of them work together.

6:30 PM BBT: Vanessa and Clay agree that Jason is the one who needs to go next because it’s only a matter of time before he tries to start something that could really blow back on them. Clay tells her that they’re going to have to be careful as to when they cut Audrey loose. He says that the longer that Audrey is in the house, the more control that she will get over people. Clay adds that if Audrey makes it to the end, there is no way that anyone other than her would win.

6:45 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Audrey that she doesn’t want more than 2 people from their group in the same room as each other because people have named everyone in their alliance just based on who is talking with who. Vanessa tells her that she can’t be trying to clean up Audrey’ image at the same time they’re being seen together all the time because she has to seem unbiased when pleading her case.

Vanessa tells Audrey that they need Jeff to go because James will tell them the truth while Jeff wouldn’t. Vanessa tells Audrey that she should ostracize Jeff just like he did to her so that he knows what it feels like.

7:00 PM BBT: Vanessa begins explaining everything that happened last night to John. She needs him to know why and how the target switched from Audrey to Jeff.

7:15 PM BBT: Clay tells Shelli that he doesn’t want her getting emotionally attached to Audrey because evicting her double a double eviction night would be the ideal time to finally cut her loose form their group. Shelli asks what if Audrey really is someone who is loyal and that will take the two of them far. Clay simply tells her that Audrey isn’t going to be loyal or take them far.

7:35 PM BBT: Gronk’s eighth party is called. The location is in the kitchen.

7:45 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Becky everything she just told John. After catching her up, Becky tells Vanessa that it sounds like Jeff does nothing but shoot himself in the feet. Vanessa says that she doesn’t think he is capable of loyalty because he threw his best friend under the bus. She says that Jeff is all about self preservation and there is no lines he won’t cross.

7:50 PM BBT: Julia asks Austin if they’re still going to tell Jeff that he has their vote. Austin tells her to tell him that she’s not sure who she’ll vote for. Austin tells her that hopefully he will find out who Jeff is really aligned with before he leaves. Julia tells Austin that the house will be very different when Jeff is gone because is like the ringleader for the girls like Meg and Jackie.

8:10 PM BBT: Jeff tells James that people are already starting to ignore him. Jeff tells him that Audrey is trying to make it seem like Jason is going behind his back and telling Vanessa and embellished version of the fight that him and Jason had.

James tells Jeff that he told Jackie to vote for him (Jeff) because that’s who she’s been with. Jeff tells James that he already told her to vote for whoever is in her best interest.

8:35 PM BBT: Jeff tells John that he doesn’t even know if he has a chance against James. John tells him that the worst thing he can do is flip out like Jace. Jeff asks him what Vanessa is saying. John tells him that it isn’t looking good and it seems like she is telling the same story to everyone. Jeff tells him that it seems like Vanessa is just trying to nitpick and find any reason she can come up with to put him up.

Jeff tells John that he doesn’t want to campaign against James, that he feels like it’s not something he should have to do because the people he has been loyal to should vote to keep him. He says that Audrey and Liz owe him their  vote, but he isn’t sure that they’d follow through. Jeff says that hopefully John, Clay, Shelli, and Jackie vote for him. He says that he needs to talk with Becky and try and convince her to keep him. John says that he is going to make people aware that he’ll be voting to keep Jeff if he goes up. Jeff tells him that the thing that makes him made is that if someone wants to get him out, they should put him up and let him fight, not just backdoor him.

9:30 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin and Julia that Becky is going to vote out Jeff because he has dragged her name through the mud as well said that he wanted to backdoor her. Austin tells them that he thinks that Clay has his hands in to many places, more than he realizes, and probably more than even Shelli realizes.

9:40 PM BBT: Julia tells Austin that she is concerned about Clay now because this morning he was talking to James and Jeff about stuff. Julia says that everything will be so much different with Jeff gone because he is the puppet master and ring leader of the girl’s on the opposite side of the house.

10:35 PM BBT: Jeff tells Clay, Shelli, Austin, and Jackie that Audrey was kicking him while he was down, saying that this was poetic and ironic that him and James are going to be on the block because those are the two that talked about her the most.

10:40 PM BBT: Meg tells Audrey that she doesn’t want things to be weird between them. She tells her that she knows that she tried to save her last week. Audrey and Meg agree to not be hostile towards one another and they both hug it out.

10:55 PM BBT: Houseguest begin playing Truth or Dare

11:55 PM BBT: Shelli tells Clay that Jeff looked very sad during Truth or Dare. Clay tells her that he did it to himself, so he doesn’t sympathize with that. Shelli tells Clay that Jeff has told him a while ago that he wanted to target her, so he doesn’t know why he’s suddenly so on board with getting Jeff out.

12:15 AM BBT: Gronk’s ninth party is called. The location is in the backyard.

12:20 AM BBT: Jeff tells Clay and Shelli that if he leaves this week, they should think about bringing Austin into their group. Jeff tells them that he was put in a shitty situation. He adds that he wouldn’t even care if he was up against anyone but James. Jeff tells them that he wants to have a talk with Vanessa and tell her that where does she think she’ll stand in the house after she doesn’t nominate Audrey. Jeff asks Clay when he should talk to Vanessa. Clay tells him that he should try to be the last one in her ear before the POV ceremony.

Jeff tells Clay and Shelli that he had a talk with Audrey and that in attempt to earn her vote, he told her that he was there when nobody else was, trying to help her stay in the house. Shelli asks him how he had anything to do with keeping Audrey. Jeff tells her that he was apart of the group that saved her. He says that he was a vote to keep her. Shelli tells him that he didn’t really have a choice because Audrey wasn’t even on the block. She tells him that if she was on the block, he would have voted her out, so that’s not a valid argument.

12:40 AM BBT: Jeff tells Austin that if Vanessa is willing to look past a couple mistakes that he made, he’s willing to think about bringing her into his alliance.

12:45 AM BBT: Austin tells Vanessa that Jeff told him that John said he’s going to vote for him. He adds that Jeff is already talking about bringing her into an alliance if she chooses to keep him instead of putting him up at the POV ceremony. Vanessa tells him that Jeff is nuts if he thinks that he has a shot at changing her mind. She says that Jeff is 120% going to put him up and is never going to change her mind.

12:50 AM BBT: Jeff asks Jackie if she thinks he should go try and talk to Vanessa again. She tells him that it couldn’t hurt. She asks him if he wants her to come up to talk with Vanessa with him. Jeff tells her that he doesn’t know if that would do him any good or just more bad.

Jeff tells Jackie that he doesn’t want to blow up her game on his way out, that he doesn’t want her to have any fallout reach her after he leaves. Jeff tells her that he wants to put Audrey in the hot seat like he was and call a house meeting. Meg joins the conversation and Jackie tells her that they need to find something that Audrey has said to Vanessa and tell her about it. Meg tells her that Vanessa just won’t believe it. Meg tells Jeff that he needs to play the victim and blame everything on Audrey. Jeff tells her that he’s already tried that and it didn’t work. Jeff tells them that he hasn’t done to Vanessa, what Audrey has done to her.

1:00 AM BBT: Clay tells James that both Meg and Jason are for sure going to be voting for him.

1:10 AM BBT: Meg tells Jackie that Jeff isn’t going to have the votes. Meg adds that he thinks that he has Clay and Shelli’s vote when he really doesn’t. Meg asks how Audrey even knows all this stuff. Jackie says it’s because Jeff talks to loud when having a conversation with people and Audrey is always right there when he is saying it.

1:15 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin that Jeff needs to start campaigning because there is no way that he isn’t going to be going up tomorrow. Vanessa tells him that Jeff can stay and win HOH and then evict Audrey and she’ll be fine with that, but she won this HOH fair and square so she’s going to do what she wants, not what the house wants.

1:20 AM BBT: Julia asks Vanessa if she really trusts Shelli. Vanessa says that she trusts Shelli and Clay both, but her gut says to trust Shelli the most. Vanessa asks Julia what she thinks about Jackie. Julia says she reminds her of a bimbo. Julia adds that Jackie is boring and that she doesn’t see anything compelling about her.

1:35 AM BBT: Jeff tells Vanessa that there is someone (Audrey) that has dragged her name through the mud way more than he has. Jeff adds that he knows that Vanessa doesn’t want to send anyone home innocent, and he’s not saying that he’s innocent, but that he is less innocent than Audrey is. Jeff tells Vanessa that Audrey tried blaming all the drama that happened the first week on her and tried saying that Vanessa was America’s Player. Vanessa tells him that she already knows this, that Audrey came to talk to her about it and explained why she thought the things that she did. Vanessa tells Jeff that she doesn’t fully trust Audrey, but she also doesn’t have the same evidence against Audrey that she has against him. Vanessa tells him that she is the HOH, so she’s going to put up who she wants. Vanessa tells him that he can do the same if he stays and wins HOH next week.

Jeff tells her that he did nothing to hurt her long term game. Vanessa tells him that he did, that everything he was accusing Audrey of, he did the same, and on top of all of that, he tried to publicly slander her and try to frame her for something that he did. Vanessa tells him that she can’t even remember the last time she felt so sure that she was doing the right thing when it comes to putting him up tomorrow. Jeff tells Vanessa that he believes that Audrey did more damage to her game than his small lie did. Vanessa tells him that he’s allowed to have his opinion and that she’s allowed to not believe it. Jeff says that his lie wouldn’t of affected her game. Vanessa says it would have if he didn’t admit that it was a lie last night in front of everyone.

Jeff asks her if she thinks getting him or James out is going to help her game more than getting someone that everyone wants out like Audrey. She tells him that he is brilliant and great game player, which is why she believes that going after him is going to help her game and that he should look at that as a compliment. Vanessa tells Jeff that he should start campaigning and that she’s not going to campaign against him, that she’ll just let the house decide. Vanessa warns Jeff that if he tries bringing a big group up to her to try and strong arm her into putting up Audrey, that isn’t going to stop her from putting him up.

2:15 AM BBT: Gronk’s tenth party is called. The location is in the living room.

2:35 AM BBT: James warns Jeff, Jason, and Meg that Audrey, Austin, and Vanessa may have a deal with the twins to keep them safe until they both come into the game, then they’ll take them to the end.

3:20 AM BBT: Austin and Vanessa are both worried that Clay and Shelli are possibly actually playing with the other side and might be the inside men leaking everything they talk about to Jeff’s side of the house.


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