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Big Brother 17: Day 24 Recap

Julia Nolan from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Julia Nolan from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

Today’s live feeds will center around the POV competition that is going to be played this evening because the results of it will completely determine who the target is and who will be sent out the door on Thursday. Not only that, but depending on who wins the POV, it could divide the house even more!

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9:30 AM BBT: Wake up call.

9:40 AM BBT: Austin tells Vanessa that he might of been wasting his time with trying to protect Liz. He says that she showed her true colors last night when she went downstairs to lay in bed with James instead of him. He tells her that Liz made him feel like an idiot. Vanessa explains to Austin that the reaction that Christine and Cody got for flirting, so Liz doesn’t want to have that happen with her because she flirts with someone in a relationship. Austin tells her that it’s not about showmancing her, it’s that she went downstairs against their advice to stay upstairs and away from everyone else. Austin tells her that he almost cried over her sleeping with James last night. Austin tells her that Liz is putting a wall up between their chemistry. Vanessa says the wall is that he’s in a relationship and she doesn’t want to be with someone who is already taken.

10:30 AM BBT: Austin asks Liz why she didn’t sleep with him and why she slept with their enemy. Liz tells him that it was her bed that she was sleeping in, and that was trying to protect him and Vanessa by not making it obvious that they’re all working together. Liz asks him why he’s freaking out over this. Austin says it just made him really upset last night.

Liz tells Austin and Vanessa that the fight between Jason and Jeff was real. Austin tells her that she is hearing this from James, so it doesn’t mean shit.

10:45 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin that she is concerned about this Liz situation interfering with his game. Austin tells her that he’ll be fine if he could just get Liz to tell him if she likes him or not. Vanessa tells him that they can’t afford to screw up their game because of his thing with Liz because they’re in like 10 alliances and if he’s distracted, he might slip up and screw the both of them.Vanessa tells Austin to look at it as if they’re gambling partners playing the longest game of poker ever. She says that he needs to keep his head in the game.

11:00 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Audrey that she needs to find a reason to go after James or Jeff because everyone is going to expect her to backdoor Audrey this week. Vanessa tells her that the worst case scenario would be for Audrey to have to call a house meeting for a fake apology and/or meltdown. Austin and Vanessa tell her that best case scenario would be Audrey to be picked and win the veto.

Audrey tells Vanessa that she thinks it was James who voted to keep Day. Vanessa tells her that Jason said it was her. Audrey tells her that she will confront Meg and Jason about them saying she tried flipping the votes because she would never do that. Audrey tells them that Meg isn’t a good liar so when she confronts her, they’re going to be able to tell that Meg has been lying.

11:10 AM BBT: Julia switches out with Liz.

11:35 AM BBT: Austin tells Julia about Liz sleeping with James and how it really made him upset. Julia tells him that she’ll sleep with him tonight.

11:45 AM BBT: Pick Players for Veto

12:05 PM BBT: Vanessa, James, John, Audrey, Austin, and Shelli are picked for POV Players.

12:05 PM BBT (hoh): Austin and Vanessa discuss throwing the POV to Audrey because it will keep their hands clean since they wouldn’t have to not nominate her in front of everyone. Vanessa tells him that her first choice would be to keep the nominations the same and go after James, but if someone takes John off, she’ll nominate Jeff in his spot. Vanessa tells Austin that everyone knows he is a physical threat and there is no hiding it so he needs to try and win this POV.

Vanessa tells Austin that John expects them to use the POV on him if they win it. Austin says that maybe they should and just put up Jeff. Austin tells her that he can act like he thought Audrey was going to go up and they can stage a falling out between the two of them so that he is still in good graces with Jeff and could be their inside man into his alliance. Austin tells Vanessa that he’s going to try and beat everyone but Audrey during the POV competition.

12:55 PM BBT: Austin tells Vanessa that he has an excuse to keep James on the block if he were to win the POV. He can tell James that this is payback for getting Jace out the very first week. Austin tells Vanessa that he still wants Jeff out more than James. Vanessa tells him that wouldn’t be optimal, and that he needs to think about the long game.

1:00 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Audrey that if John is taken off the block, it will be Jeff to go up and not her. Audrey tells her that if she wins the POV, she wants to give John the opportunity to try and convince her to use it on him. Vanessa tells her that would be betrayal and asks her not to do that so they could get James out. Audrey says if Vanessa wants her to keep the nominations the same, than that is what she’ll do.

Vanessa brings up that Meg is telling people that Audrey was the one who was trying to flip the house last week and blame it on Vanessa, Austin, and Liz. Audrey denies the claim but Vanessa asks her to go get Meg so that they can just squash the rumor now.

1:15 PM BBT: Audrey tells Meg that she wants to clear something up because there is currently a big misunderstands. Audrey tells her that she never said that Austin, Vanessa, and Liz wanted to flip the house. Meg says that Audrey told her Vanessa, Austin, Liz, and Becky were in on the plan. Meg says that she’d of never of had those names in her head if Audrey wouldn’t of put them there. Meg tells her that Audrey sat her down and told her everything, and then right after, she sat Jeff down and told him everything.

Vanessa asks Meg if she just misunderstood what Audrey was trying to tell her. Meg says it wouldn’t of been as urgent as it was if it was just an understanding. Meg begins crying and saying that she doesn’t know what else they want her to say. Vanessa tells Meg that she isn’t mad at her, that she is just trying to figure out what happened. Audrey says that she knows in her heart what she did and didn’t say, and that she is tired of people taking everything she says and exaggerating it.

1:25 PM BBT: Meg leaves and Audrey begins crying and says that she doesn’t feel like Vanessa believes her. Vanessa says that she believes both of them, that she doesn’t think that Audrey lied, but that she is just really good at persuasion.

1:30 PM BBT: Meg tells Jason, James, and Jeff about Audrey attacking her and calling her a liar in the HOH room in front of Vanessa. Jeff tells them that this is the problem that he has with Vanessa. He says that he doesn’t think that Vanessa has it in her to pull the trigger on getting Audrey out. They all agree that they should threaten Vanessa to either target Audrey, Clay, or Shelli and if she doesn’t, she will be the next target in the house that they get out.

1:35 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin and Julia that Meg’s energy didn’t feel right. Audrey tells them that Meg didn’t start crying until after she (Audrey) outed her (Meg’s) alliance members. Austin asks Vanessa what they got out of that argument. Vanessa tells him that it’s possible that they’re both telling the truth. Vanessa says that Meg took everything way too personally. Austin tells her that she also took him putting her on the block personally as well. He says that Meg just isn’t a rational person. Vanessa tells them that she now has a valid reason not to put Audrey up this week at the POV ceremony.

1:45 PM BBT: Austin tells Julia that the guys downstairs think that if they expose the twins, the twins will both be evicted immediately, so they all want to hold off until right before Jury so that way the next week’s first jury member has a chance of coming back into the game instead of someone who was sent home pre-Jury.

Austin tells Vanessa and Julia that if James goes this week, Jeff is going to cling to him because his boy James will be gone. He says that James will tell him things and that he can look our for the two of them by using James.

Vanessa tells Julia and Austin that she thinks that Meg is trying to manipulate the Audrey’s situation by crying to strong-arm her into doing what she (Meg) wants.

2:10 PM BBT: Julia asks if they’re working with Audrey or not and if they’re going to let her know that she’s a twin. Austin tells her that they are working with her, but they’re not going to tell her that she’s a twin. Julia tells Austin that before she switched with Liz, she told her that James is her #1 target and that she’s not going to talk to James or Jeff again.

3:00 PM BBT: Shelli tells Vanessa that Meg is had at her (Vanessa) because she didn’t take her side during the fight with Audrey. Shelli says that she didn’t take anyone’s side during that fight. Vanessa tells Clay, Shelli, and John that Meg was being emotional and not listening to anything that was told to her. Clay and Shelli say that Meg is concerned that Audrey won’t be going up. Vanessa tells her that the way that Meg is acting could change her mind.

Shelli tells Vanessa that Jeff was saying that they should go upstairs and threaten her to target Audrey or else become the target herself.  Vanessa tells her that she doesn’t need to get paranoid when it comes to Jeff saying he’s going to target her. Vanessa tells Shelli and Clay that she was trying to spin things about Meg in front of John in hopes of it spreading throughout the house. Vanessa tells Shelli that as of right now, she wants to keep the nominations the same so that they can target James.

3:25 PM BBT: POV Competition.

5:20 PM BBT: John wins the POV

5:21 PM BBT: Vanessa is very upset that John won the veto because she wanted to keep the nominations the same. She tells Austin that no matter what he says, she is going to think that he threw the competition to James. Austin tells her that he knows he screwed up but promises that he didn’t throw it. Austin apologizes to her and says that he is willing to get his hands dirty and stand by her when she nominates Jeff if that’s what she’d like. Vanessa tells him that she just needs a reason to backdoor Jeff over Audrey. Austin tells her that Audrey isn’t coming after her. Austin tells her that it needs to be Jeff or Jackie that goes up because if it is anyone else, James would stay. Vanessa tells him that the reason she needs an excuse to put him up is because people like Becky and John won’t vote him out without a valid reason.

Austin tells Vanessa that she can say that people are in her ear saying that they (Jeff’s group) is going to flip the house on her after they get Audrey out. Vanessa tells him that unless they can come up with a very valid reason to nominate Jeff, it’s going to out their alliance to everyone. Vanessa tells Austin that it’s fine that he lost the POV and that she forgives him.

Vanessa tells Austin that they could bring Jeff up to the HOH room to tell him that they’re going to target James and he’ll be the pawn. If Jeff blows up, that could be their excuse to backdoor Jeff. Vanessa says that Jeff and Jackie are more of a threat than James and Meg, so she agrees now that Jeff needs to be the one to go.

5:30 PM BBT: Jeff tells James that they’re going to be fine until Jury since Audrey is going home this week.

6:00 PM BBT: Jason tells Meg that he would nominate Liz if he were to win HOH because if they get the twins out now, it might give them an extra shot to rejoin the game at some point.

6:10 PM BBT: Becky tells Shelli and Clay that she is really nervous because she is hearing that Jeff has been telling people that he wants to backdoor her. Becky tells them that she is a sitting duck. Shelli asks her how she feels about Vanessa. Becky says that she actually really likes and trusts Vanessa.

6:25 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Audrey that she needs to come up with a valid reason why she shouldn’t come after her and should backdoor Jeff instead. Audrey tells Vanessa that she wouldn’t have a reason to backdoor Jeff this week. Audrey tells Vanessa that it sounds like Jeff pulled an Oprah and offered everyone the same deal. Vanessa tells Audrey that it’s either Jackie or Jeff that has to go up.

Audrey randomly starts crying because she feels like everyone is avoiding her and won’t talk to her when she walks into rooms. Vanessa tells her that she needs Audrey to keep her head in the game because she’s going to need her help this week because she needs Audrey to do what is best for her own game. Audrey tells her that she can nominate Jeff because of his blatant bromance with Jeff.

Audrey tells Vanessa that she’s going to call out Jason like he always does her. She says that he has been talking shit about everyone and starting rumors about her, like the one that she voted to keep Day. Audrey swears to Vanessa on her life and her fate in this game that she didn’t vote to keep Day.

6:55 PM BBT: Austin tells Vanessa, Shelli, and Audrey that Becky came up to him in the storage room to talk about Jackie and accidentally revealed that Jackie is working with a group of people that they don’t know about. Austin tells them that the reason most people have been talking shit about Audrey is mainly because of Jeff. Shelli and Vanessa think about it and then both agree. Vanessa and Shelli tell Audrey that they’re going on a political campaign next week to change people’s opinions on her.

7:05 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Shelli about her theory that Clay is a twin. Shelli tells her that she has noticed some things too, like Clay being skinnier one some days and then others he is more cut. Shelli tells Vanessa that she doesn’t think that Clay is actually a twin, but she’s bored and up for a challenge so tells Vanessa to tell her when she thinks that Clay has switched with his twin.

Shelli tells Vanessa that if she is 100% certain that she’s not going to put up Audrey, she shouldn’t care if the house is going to be upset because it’ll be unavoidable. Vanessa tells her that she still needs a reason or else she won’t have the votes to get Jeff out. Shelli tells her that John and Jeff are close, that once they get Jeff out, they can work with John more closely. Shelli asks Vanessa if Audrey has ever said she couldn’t trust her. Vanessa says that Audrey has always told her that she trusts her and Shelli the most.

Vanessa tells Shelli that she needs her and Clay to have her back when she nominates Jeff. Shelli reassures her that both her and Clay have her back. Vanessa tells her that now she just needs to do or say something stupid within the next 2 days so that she has a reason to put him up as the replacement nominee.

7:40 PM BBT: Julia tells Austin that he can work with Jeff and that’s why she thinks that James should be the one to go first.

8:00 PM BBT: Jeff tells James that he’s going to be safe this week. James says he knows and that he’s feeling good about everything. James tells Jeff that even if Vanessa did try to go after someone other than Audrey, it would be Clay or Shelli. James tells Jeff that they need to get Austin or Liz out so that a group like this week’s won’t get HOH again. Jeff says it should be Liz. Jeff adds that it’s weird how Clay wants to keep Liz and says it won’t affect them. Jeff says he doesn’t agree, that it will come back to bite them if they don’t get her out.

8:10 PM BBT: Austin tells Clay and Audrey that he had to admit to Vanessa that he threw the POV to John because she caught onto him.

8:30 PM BBT: Houseguests learn about Gronk’s latest twist. Random parties will be called throughout the day and night. Anyone who doesn’t come will receive a party foul and will automatically become a have-not for the week.

8:45 PM BBT: Becky tells James and Jackie that she is confident that Audrey is going up because Vanessa is a nervous person who wouldn’t just flip on the house and decide she’s going to go with her own personal agenda over what the house wants. Jackie agrees, says Vanessa would be too scared to nominate anyone other than Audrey.

8:55 PM BBT: Gronk’s first party is called. The location is in the shower.

9:10 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Steve about Audrey’s fight with Meg earlier today. She says she thinks that Meg was the one lying because of her crying and acting irrational. Steve tells her that Meg came downstairs and said that she’s a liar and that her and Audrey cornered her. Vanessa says that she’s lucky to even be safe this week.

Vanessa tells Steve that she is convinced that Jeff is as tougher competitor than James and that Jeff has a social game while James doesn’t. Steve agrees.  Steve asks her who she thinks would go home if Jeff was on the block next to James. Vanessa tells him that it would without a doubt be Jeff who is sent home.

Steve tells Vanessa about last night how he wasn’t even saying anything to Jeff because he knows that he doesn’t fit in socially with them and that he tried to say once sentence but Jeff told him to shut up. Vanessa tells him that he should’ve told Jeff to shut up. Vanessa tells Steve that Jeff is just like a high school bully. She tells him that he has also been making some sexist comments. Steve tells her that if Jeff’s up on the block next to James, he’s going to vote out Jeff. Steve and Vanessa goes over votes and they have at least 6, which should be enough to get Jeff out.

Steve tells Vanessa that Audrey is going to come upstairs a lot before the POV ceremony to make sure she’s safe so Vanessa can make sure everyone sees her upstairs so when she nominates Jeff, the house will think that Audrey is the one who got into her ear and got her to nominate him.

10:05 PM BBT: Jackie, Jason, and Becky start talking about how witty and clever their eviction videos for Audrey are going to be. James tells them that his eviction speech on Thursday is just going to be an Audrey bash session.

10:10 PM BBT: Austin tells Vanessa that he thinks there is something more to Jeff and Jackie being in the house. He says that they’re probably married and will be getting $1 million if one of them win. Austin asks her if he should play Jeff or tell him that he’s going. Vanessa says that they should probably tell him that he’s going.

Austin and Vanessa say that they want Julia to tell Jeff that she doesn’t know where Vanessa’s head is at in hopes of baiting him into saying something that could justify nominating him over Audrey. Vanessa says that she doesn’t know if she can put Jeff up over Jackie because she doesn’t have a reason to put Jeff up. Austin tells her that it has to be Jeff who goes up unless she wants to keep both James and Jeff in the house.

10:45 PM BBT: Vanessa asks Shelli what makes Jeff the Audrey 2.0. Shelli tells him that he is able to mingle with multiple groups and make them each think that he is on their side. Vanessa tells Clay and Shelli that she needs someone to get in an argument with Jeff that ends with everyone talking about how Jeff is a liar.

Clay tells Vanessa that once her HOH reign is over, she can just fade back into the group because it’ll be Clay and Shelli’s turn to make the big moves. Clay tells Vanessa that him and Shelli are 100% committed to the Three’s Company alliance.

10:54 PM BBT: Booze Delivery

11:15 PM BBT: Vanessa asks Clay if he’s a twin and that yes, she’s being serious. Clay tells her that he isn’t. Vanessa says that she’s either losing her mind, or he has a twin. She says that if he is a twin, that is fine and she’ll protect him all the way. Clay begins to mess with her and asks her what gave it away. She starts telling him about how his brother has a different haircut, and his brother has a cut on his knee. Clay tells her that he is just joking, but Vanessa doesn’t believe him. He shows her a scar and a birthmark on his stomach that he will show her every day to prove that he’s not a twin.

11:30 PM BBT: Clay and Vanessa play a prank on Shelli. Vanessa tells her that she was grilling Clay on being a twin and he just admitted it. Clay tells her that he is a twin and they switched yesterday. She doesn’t believe it at first, but then starts to tear up cause it would break her heart and be extremely embarrassing to learn that she has been acting like this with two people. Clay lets her in one the joke and says he’s just kidding.

11:40 PM BBT: Gronk’s second party is called. The location is in the living room.

11:55 PM BBT: Meg and Vanessa discuss the confrontation with Audrey earlier today. Meg says that she just didn’t want people dragging her name through the mud. Vanessa tells her that she might be a little hypersensitive to people dragging her name through the mud. Vanessa tells Meg that she wasn’t taking any sides during the fight, that she just wanted to figure out who was lying and who wasn’t. Meg tells Vanessa that any time something sketchy happens in the house, Audrey is always involved. Meg tells her that people have her back and want her to feel good about whatever decision she makes.

12:25 AM BBT: Vanessa asks Audrey how many final 2 deals has she made. Audrey says she made one with Day on day 1, and that she had a commitment with Shelli. She says that she didn’t make a final 2 deal with Austin, but they said that they’d look out for each other. Audrey tells her that at his point, Vanessa either needs to trust her or backdoor her.

Audrey tells Vanessa that Jason is saying that he had a fight with Jeff, he’s lying. She adds that Jason is playing with no emotion, but won’t sacrifice his girl, which is now Meg. She tells her that Jason is going out of his way to be fake with her. Audrey says she’s going to call Jason out on everything he’s said and done.

Vanessa tells Audrey that she has a reason to get James out, but not Jeff. She says she feels like people are using her to get Jeff out. Audrey tells her that if she has something on James and that’s who she wants to target, than that is who she needs to target, but Audrey says that she still feels like Jeff is the bigger threat to their game because he’s the backbone that holds the other side together. Audrey tells her that this might be the only shot that they get to take Jeff out. Vanessa says that nobody is willing to put their ass on the line to back up what they’re saying Jeff has said so it makes her question that he might be getting set up like Audrey was.

Vanessa asks if it’s just a better play for her to tell Jeff that people are throwing him under the bus. Vanessa asks if she’d trust a deal with Jeff  if she made one. Audrey says that if Jeff makes a deal with her, he’s going to honor it. Audrey says that Vanessa should go to Jeff and tell him that people are throwing him under the bus and that she doesn’t want to target him, that she wants to target James for a valid reason and she’s going to use him as a pawn. After they get him up as a pawn, the house could have a change of heart without her knowing and send Jeff home.

12:55 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Jason that she feels torn and like multiple people are trying to manipulate her. Vanessa tells Jason that there is a chance that Audrey might be innocent and that is why she doesn’t want to be the one to send her home.  Jason tells her that he knows for a fact that Audrey did tell Meg who she thought was going to flip the house on Meg because Meg told him about it right after.

Jason tells Vanessa that if Audrey doesn’t go up, she might become a bigger target than Audrey. Vanessa tells him that he might think that, but if he was hearing what she was, he’d think differently. Jason tells her that she could put up Audrey and let Audrey manipulate the house to send James out.

Jason tells Vanessa that she needs to follow what her gut is telling her. That if her gut isn’t telling her to target Audrey, than that isn’t the move she should make. Jason tells her that he wants her to do what is best for her game, but to remember that getting out Audrey would be very beneficial to her game.

1:23 AM BBT: Jeff tells Meg that if Vanessa puts up anyone other than Audrey, Vanessa will be the one who goes home next week.

1:30 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Jeff that she is being bombarded with massive amounts of information which is causing her to feel conflicted. Vanessa tells Jeff that after the conversations that she’s had today, she isn’t sure that Audrey would be the one to go home if she was put up. Jeff tells Vanessa that him, Audrey, Shelli, and Clay started an alliance on day 2 and the reason they’re not working together anymore is because of Audrey’s lies. He tells her that instead of going with getting Jace out, Audrey tried to flip the house on him and get him backdoored. Jeff tells Vanessa that he knows for a fact that Audrey has made up numerous rumors, some of which have personally affected him.

Jeff tells Vanessa that there is a general consensus in the house that Audrey is the one who is attached to every rumor in the house. Jeff asks Vanessa if she isn’t going to put up Audrey, who is she going to put up. Vanessa asks him if backdooring Jace was the plan from the beginning. Jeff tells her that it was 100% planned from the start. Vanessa tells him that Jeff told her otherwise, that Audrey got to him at the last second. Vanessa tells Jeff that James has shown a distrust in her and now she has proof that he has thrown Audrey under the bus using a lie. Jeff tells her to ignore James’ opinion of Audrey and they’d all tell her the same thing.

Jeff tells her that he is 100% sure that Audrey would go home if he was up. Vanessa tells him that he isn’t hearing what she is, that he might think that, but she’s being told different. Jeff tells her that it would be a unanimous vote to get Audrey out.

1:50 AM BBT: Vanessa asks James if it was the plan to backdoor Jace from the start. James tells her that it was. Vanessa says than it is clear to her now that he lied to her when he told her that Audrey got into his ear at the last second. James doesn’t deny it, and says that yes, he did lie. Vanessa tells him that he has done multiple things that she doesn’t like, meanwhile Audrey could go home and she hasn’t done anything to hurt her game. Vanessa tells him that he either didn’t trust her, or was an opportunist and used that time to turn her against Audrey. James tells her that Jace insinuated that Audrey was the one in his ear. He says when Vanessa asked him, that is the rumor that was going around.  James tells Vanessa that he has nothing personal against her and whatever she chooses to do, he’s going to respect. James apologizes to lying to her and says that if she helps him out this week by putting up Audrey or someone they know will go home over him, he will return the favor.

1:50 AM BBT (bedroom): Jeff tells Becky about Vanessa not wanting to get Audrey out. He tells her that if he gets backdoored, he’s going to be pissed. Jeff tells Becky that Audrey told Vanessa so much shit that it totally changed her mind on who the target is.  Becky says she doesn’t understand why Vanessa would go after someone so well liked like James instead of the target that everyone wants which is Audrey. Becky tells Jeff that she doesn’t think that Vanessa is strong enough to come up with a plan like this on her own. Jeff tells her that they need to get a group together to confront Vanessa and tell her who she will be putting up at the POV ceremony. Jeff says that if Vanessa doesn’t get her act together, she’s going to send an innocent person home because James won’t be the one leaving this week.

2:15 AM BBT: Jeff tells Jason and Clay that Austin is the sketchiest person in the house, almost worse than Steve. Jeff adds that Audrey is always manipulating the emotionally weak people like Shelli and Vanessa. James says that Vanessa said she didn’t want to send a transgender home. Jason says that he will and Vanessa playing like that is a terrible way to play the game.

2:20 AM BBT: Jason tells James that he saw it in Austin’s eyes that he knew that Vanessa was going to target him (James). Jason says if Vanessa isn’t going to send Audrey out, they need to pick someone they won’t feel bad about sending out. Jason, Jeff, and James all agree that they’ll choose to send Steve out. Jeff tells them that Vanessa has been brainwashed to the point of no return.

2:30 AM BBT: Audrey tells Vanessa that Jeff is talking about revolting and getting a big group to come up to her and tell her what to do. Vanessa tells Audrey and Austin that she hopes that Jeff brings people up to her like that so that way she’ll have a reason to put him next to James on the block. Vanessa tells them that as of now, James is 100% her target. Austin tells her that he thinks that Jeff should be put up next to James after the way he reacted to his and Vanessa’s talk.

2:45 AM BBT: Gronk’s third party is called. The location is in the backyard.\

2:50 AM BBT: Jason tells James that if Vanessa goes guns blazing, she’s going to put up Jeff right next to him and force one of them to be sent home.

2:55 AM BBT: Jeff tells Austin that they need Vanessa in the game to help them, but she’s going to be a target if she doesn’t get Audrey out this week. Austin tells Jeff that he’s going to try and get Vanessa back on track, or at the very least get her to nominate Steve. Austin asks Jeff who would stay, Jackie or James. Jeff told him that Jackie would likely stay because he’d have to vote to keep her.

3:00 AM BBT: Clay tells Jeff that Vanessa wants to nominate someone like Jackie to make sure that James is sent home. Jeff says he doesn’t even want to hear that because if it’s true, he’s going to feel awful since he is the one who told Austin that Jackie would stay over James. 3:20 AM BBT: Jeff tells Jason that Vanessa is a scary player because she isn’t a good player. Jason tells him that she’s going to go guns blazing this week but she’s going to be dead in the water next week. Jeff says he thinks there is a 20-30% chance that Vanessa puts him up, but he says he doesn’t think Vanessa has the balls to do that.  Jeff tells them that Austin just moved up on his shit list because of him telling Vanessa about putting Jackie up would secure James going home.

3:30 AM BBT: Vanessa asks Audrey what she has to offer if Vanessa were to vindicate her in her POV speech. Audrey tells her that all she has to offer is loyalty and influence on her nominations if she were to win HOH. Audrey tells Vanessa that if she were to pick between Vanessa and Clay/Shelli, she’d choose her and Shelli because they’ve always been there for her, unlike Clay who was a hold out on wanting Jeff or James out.

3:40 AM BBT: Austin comes upstairs to tell Vanessa that Jeff is already throwing them under the bus. Vanessa tells him that he needs to blow up his game so that she has an excuse to target him. Vanessa tells Austin to warn Clay/Shelli first before blowing up his game so that if he has to use them as an example, they’re expecting it.

4:05 AM BBT: Austin tells Clay and Shelli that Vanessa wants him to blow up Jeff’s game. Shelli tells him that if he includes them in his confrontation, that’s going to put a huge target on her and Clay’s back. Clay tells him that he can still blow up Jeff’s game without mentioning names.

4:15 AM BBT: James and Meg begin counting votes and realize how many Vanessa might have. Jeff says they’re in trouble. After counting who they think will vote for him, they’d have exactly enough to keep James, though they included people who wouldn’t actually vote for him, so they’ll be a minimum of two votes shy.

4:25 AM BBT: Austin tells James that he’s hearing that Jeff has been throwing him under the bus, saying that he needs to be the one to go next week.

4:30 AM BBT: Clay tells Jeff that he (Jeff) said that he’d end up targeting Austin. Jeff says he absolutely did not say that. Jeff tells them that he has never once said that he wanted to split him or Shelli up. Jeff tells them that this entire thing is completely insane and it sounds like it is something that Audrey made up.

4:32 AM BBT: Austin asks Jeff if he’s throwing him under the bus, outing him behind his back. Jeff tells him no he hasn’t, that he’s been working with him the last couple weeks. Austin tells him that he just talked to James and that he implied that he needed to watch his back in regards to Jeff. He adds that he is hearing about people talking to Vanessa and saying that Jeff doesn’t have his best interest. Jeff tells him that he needs to look at James for all of this because James is the one with his back up against the wall and looking to save himself.

Jeff tells Austin that it is clear that James is trying to save himself and that he has never said anything like that about him in the past. Jeff tells him that the only person who has said anything bad about him was James. Jeff tells Austin that James is throwing him under the bus because James thinks that he (Austin) is running things this week. Jeff says he’s not going to let James drag his name through the mud like this and if he wants him to have a talk with James right now, he will. Austin says that James didn’t come up to him, that Austin had to approach him about it. Jeff tells him that it is complete bullshit.

Clay asks what Austin said about what they spoke about earlier. Austin says that Jeff said Shelli can’t be trusted. Shelli interjects with “Jeff, what the hell?!”. Austin says that Jeff said that they can’t trust Clay until Shelli is out of the picture. Jeff says that he never said that, that it’s bullshit. Jeff asks Austin what he’s trying to pull right now. Austin says he’s just trying to figure out who is lying. Austin tells Jeff that he is being played like a fool. Jeff tells him that nobody is playing him, that this is all insane and that he doesn’t even know where this is coming from. Austin asks if Jeff has straight up never thrown Shelli under the bus. Jeff says he hasn’t, but he has told Clay that he has been skeptical. Jeff tells him that he has no idea what he’s talking about.

4:36 AM BBT: Vanessa and James join the confrontation. Vanessa tells him that he said that Austin is one of his targets. Jeff says that he hasn’t. Vanessa tells Shelli and Clay that Jeff told her just yesterday in the HOH room that he couldn’t work with Shelli or Clay as a couple. Jeff says he’s never said that.

Jeff says that the not being able to trust Clay and Shelli as a couple came up when Vanessa approached him to be in her alliance. Vanessa gets in his face and says that he’s lying because she never approached him for an alliance, he’s the one who approached her. Vanessa tells Jeff that it was him who said he was going to bring her into an alliance, so don’t he shouldn’t dare try to act like it was Vanessa trying to bring him into one. Vanessa asks did he not say that he was going to pull her into a meeting in the middle of the night. Jeff confirms that he did but never called the meeting. Vanessa says yes, that it wasn’t called because he said that he realized he couldn’t trust Clay and Shelli together. Vanessa says if he wants to lie to her face, she’s just going to let him.

4:39 AM BBT: Vanessa walks into the kitchen to tell James, Jason, and Meg about Jeff approaching her for an alliance and telling her that Shelli and Clay couldn’t be trusted together even when they had no deals, no allegiances. She says she doesn’t know why he told her, but he did and now that he wants to try and deny it and make up lies about her, she’s going to put him on blast. Austin tells them that he just wanted to find out why Jeff was throwing his name out there when he hasn’t even been doing anything, nor is he the HOH.

4:40 AM BBT: Jeff tells Clay that he can either trust him or not. Clay asks him how is he going to trust him when he’s throwing him and Shelli under the bus, saying that he can’t trust them. Jeff tells them that he wasn’t throwing them under the bus, that he was trying to protect their alliance. Jeff tells them that Vanessa was trying to exclude them from the alliance that she tried creating with him. He says that Vanessa wanted everyone in it but Clay into the alliance and because of that, he didn’t want to be in it. Jeff says that he said that he couldn’t trust Clay while he’s with Shelli so that it gave him an excuse to no longer be apart of the alliance that Vanessa was forming. Jeff tells Clay that he has his back in this game, that he has done nothing to prove otherwise.

Jeff says this is Vanessa and Austin trying to find a reason to put people up as pawns because they can’t pull the trigger on Audrey. Shelli tells him that this has nothing to do with Audrey, so he needs to stop trying to drag her into the conversation. She tells Jeff that not only is he (Jeff) letting her know that she can’t trust him, but that he’s trying to let her know that she can’t trust Clay. Jeff says that’s not was he’s trying to say. He says that he could not expose that they were working together so he had to make up bullshit to give him an out. Clay tells him that what he said about them was irrelevant, that he could have found an out without telling people that he doesn’t trust the two of them together. Jeff says that sometimes in the game, you have to say shit like this.

Jeff tells Clay that he has never given him a reason to doubt him. Clay says that he has a reason now. Jeff tells them that everything he has done was what he thought was best for their alliance. Shelli tells Jeff that Vanessa is saying that he’s the one that approached her to make an alliance that excluded Clay. Jeff says he never once approached her about any alliance. He says it doesn’t even make sense that he’d want to work with Vanessa.

Jeff tells Clay and Shelli that people are just stir all this up to break up their group and make it so that the two of them no longer trust him (Jeff). Jeff tells Clay that he (Clay) isn’t stupid and he sees that too.  Jeff tells them that it’s clear there is an alliance between Austin, Audrey, and Vanessa right now that is making all this drama happen. Jeff tells them that he never approached Vanessa about an alliance, that he has only had on alliance, and that is with Clay and Shelli. He tells them that the whole point of his game was to protect that alliance.

Clay tells Jeff that the reason that he trusts Shelli so much is because they tell each other things, they collaborate on what to do. Clay asks how is he supposed to trust him when he isn’t coming to tell them beforehand when he says something bad about them so that he doesn’t hear it from someone else. Jeff says if he could go back in time, he says he would have told them every single little bullshit thing he had to say about them. Clay tells him that he’s not going to risk his game for someone who is just throwing him under the bus and not telling him anything. Clay tells him that when he’s hearing from other people that Jeff has been talking about him and then only when it gets back to Jeff that he tells them that he said something and tries to do damage control, he doesn’t know who to believe.

Jeff tells Clay that he would never work with Vanessa, that if he had to make an alliance with someone, she would be the last person he would choose. He tells him that it was her who approached him about the alliance and Vanessa is the on who suggested who all would be in the alliance. Jeff says that he doesn’t know what Audrey said to Vanessa/Austin up there, but something weird is going on. Clay and Shelli say that they’ll talk to her. Jeff tells them that the only thing that will save him is them telling Vanessa that he came clean about what she originally asked her about. Clay tells him that she’ll let him know what he’s said, that he told them the full story. Jeff tells them that he’ll talk to Vanessa about it again in a more private setting because how she handled this originally was very immature. Jeff apologizes to them.

4:50 AM BBT: Vanessa pulls Jackie up to the HOH room to explain everything has happened between her and Jeff, why she called him out, and why she no longer trusts him. Vanessa tells Jackie that Jeff is going to be going up as the replacement nominee and he will be her target that she tries to get out.

5:50 AM BBT: Shelli tells Clay that the entire confrontation did nothing but point the entire house and the two of them. Clay tells Shelli that it made Jeff look crazy, unstable, and disloyal while they’re just sitting in the middle wondering what’s going on. Shelli says it made Vanessa and Austin look bad, it made them look back. Clay tells her that it didn’t make them look bad, that they didn’t even do anything. Shelli says she fears that depending on who wins HOH, they might try to nominate the both of them on two different sides. Clay asks who would target them and Shelli tells him Jason and James. Clay says that they could work a deal with James if they’re all planning on backdooring Jeff. Clay says that James doesn’t have anyone other than Jason and Meg, so if they send Jeff home, he’ll be able to fill in that spot where Jeff was. Clay tells her that even if worst came to worse and they did get put up, they’d have the numbers to stay.

5:50 AM BBT (kitchen): Vanessa tells James that their conversation went well and she was convinced into putting Audrey up and she was just coming to terms with doing that when things with Jeff got out of hand. Joins the conversation and tells Vanessa that he came clean to Clay and Shelli about everything the two of them talked about. He tells her that she sorta attacked him and it was weird so he wanted to just speak with Clay and Shelli in private to break everything down. Vanessa says she doesn’t know what she said, but she is sure that it is just as much of a lie as what he said an hour ago. Jeff says that he didn’t like, that he said that what she (Vanessa) said is true.

Vanessa goes over Jeff approaching her for an alliance, what they talked about, and how they should and shouldn’t bring into it. Jeff confirms it all that he did say and do those things. Vanessa asks Jeff it was a lie or not. Jeff says yes, it was a lie. Jeff says his entire conversation with Clay and Shelli wasn’t about defending himself, it was confirming that what she said was true. Jeff tells Vanessa that she can even go ask Clay and Shelli that she said that because they’ll confirm. Vanessa tells Jeff that if this is his version of an apology or his way of making it up to her, she has much more work to do.

6:05 AM BBT: Jeff tells Jason and Meg that someone is screwing him bad. That he just got into a fight with Clay and Shelli, he got into a fight with Austin, and he got into a fight with Vanessa. Jason says that he thinks that it’s all Audrey. Jeff points out to Jason and Meg that all the drama aimed at him tonight, actually had nothing to do with her. Meg and Jason both agree that he’ll be going up as the replacement nominee.

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