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Big Brother 17: Day 20 Recap

Liz and Da'Vonne from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Liz and Da’Vonne from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

Today is going to be one of the most interesting days on the live feeds that we have had since the season started. With Da’Vonne and Jason telling well over half the house about the twins, it’s only a matter of time before the remainder of the house and possibly even Liz herself hears about it too! We’ll also get to see Day campaign more, along with Audrey trying to get back into good graces with people.


10:45 AM BBT: Wake up call.

11:05 AM BBT: Austin tells Vanessa that Jeff told him that he wants to get out Audrey, Steve, and then maybe Clay or Shelli. Austin tells her that he thinks that Steve still needs to go because he has been acting very sketchy these last few days. Vanessa nods and says that she trusts Jeff because he gives information but Vanessa says she wonders if he is giving everyone information.

Vanessa tells Austin that she thinks that her, him, Jeff, Jackie, Clay, and Shelli could go far. Austin tells her that Clay and Shelli have to work with them because if he goes home, Clay is going to be the next target for everyone. Vanessa asks Austin if getting Audrey out next is good for the two of them. Austin says yes and no. Austin says that Audrey will want to work with them more than anyone but that she will turn on them as soon as she needs to. Austin tells her that if he wins the next HOH, he’s going to target Steve instead of Audrey because he says that everyone would understand why he’s doing it.

Vanessa asks if they should vote Day out. Austin says if they were to save her, their working with Clay, Shelli, Jackie, and Jeff would all be gone and they need that. Austin says that Da’Vonne is too big of a player to leave this early on, and he says that Meg isn’t a big player. Austin says that if they save Day, it puts them in too vulnerable of a situation. Austin and Vanessa agree that they trust Shelli and Liz. They say that if they can get Clay out, Shelli will be theirs.

11:30 AM BBT: Days says the people who she will try to get to vote for her is Austin, Vanessa, Liz, Jason, and Steve. Day says she doesn’t trust John to vote for her. Jason says that she doesn’t need to trust John, that she needs to just work on Steve. Jason tells her that James isn’t going to vote for her because he likes Meg too much and is thinking with his penis and not his head. Jason tells her that he doesn’t trust Jackie, so she probably shouldn’t ask her for a vote. Da’Vonne says that John and James will be her back up votes. She says she’ll get James to just give her a pity vote but she’ll actually have enough to stay.

11:40 AM BBT: Audrey begins questioning Clay as to why he doesn’t trust her. Audrey tells him that if he doesn’t want the villain edit, he can be her knight in shining armor and tell Jeff that she is trustworthy. Clay tells her that he doesn’t want to be the knight in shining armor and doesn’t care what kind of edit her gets. Clay tells her that him and Shelli want her here, but that isn’t the only thing that will be able to keep her in the house.

Audrey tells Clay that Jeff wants Steve and Austin out, but Jeff is going to get other people to send Austin out. She tells him that Jeff talked to her about her winning HOH to get him out. Clay says that he knows. Audrey says that she doesn’t think he does know, because he (Clay) needs Austin in this game because he is someone on his side. Audrey tells him that he should also be wary of what James says because of how he went out of his way to make James look stupid really calls his character into question. Clay tells her that it’s more than just a few people that have made him question her, that it’s a massive group of people, so she can’t just deflect from that.

1:30 PM BBT: Shelli gets her HOH camera.

2:05 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Steve that people like Austin and Shelli think that he’s eavesdropping again so he needs to be careful. Steve thanks her for telling him and says that he’s just going to try and stay on his own so that people don’t assume anything.

3:20 PM BBT: Clay tells Shelli that if he comes off too strong and seems like he is trying to control what she does, to tell him about it and he’ll stop. He tells her that Audrey said he was on a power trip and even did the Nazi salute to imply the comparison to Hitler, which is something that Audrey never did. After seeing how upset that made Shelli, he backpedaled and said that it was very subtle, then he changed the topic.

Clay tells Shelli that he is going to look at for what is best for the two of them regardless of the type of edit he gets. Clay and Shelli agree that they want Audrey in the game, but they can only do so much for her before they give away that they’re trying to keep her. Shelli tells Clay that she trust the outsiders more than she trusts their original alliance. Clay agrees with her.

Clay says that after they get Day out, they need to get James, Jason, and and Meg out next. They both say that is why they need to keep Audrey because she’ll go after James right away if she were to win HOH.

3:45 PM BBT: Austin joins Clay and Shelli’s conversation. Austin tells him that he caught Steve eavesdropping through a cracked door again and that he wants to get him out. Clay asks him who his biggest threat is. Austin says James but he doesn’t want to try and get him out yet. Shelli says they should get Jason out next week because he’s going to be weak after they get Day out and by getting Jason out, they’re going to crumble the inside alliance.

3:55 PM BBT: Audrey tells Clay and Shelli that the DR are asking her questions about Clay taking over Shelli’s HOH. Shelli and Clay tell Audrey that they didn’t want her out this week even if the Day plan never happened. Audrey tells Clay that Jeff is in a even better position than he is because he’s getting in tight with everyone. She adds that Austin is eating up that everything Jeff tells him. Clay asks if Jeff would target them. Audrey tells him that Jeff has people to do his dirty work for him so he’d get people to get them out. Clay says he doesn’t think that Jeff would withhold information like that from him.

Shelli tells Audrey that she is comfortable with the Sleeper Cell alliance because she doesn’t trust the other side of the house because even if she hadn’t put up Day, she’d still be expendable to them. Clay tells Audrey that he told the other side of the house that she would be the next target so that they would all go along with getting Da’Vonne out this week and didn’t think that they were working with her.

Audrey tells Shelli that she wants to go for James if she wins HOH. Shelli agrees and says that he is a powerful member from the other side of the house. Audrey says that she would probably put up Meg on the other side, someone that James would lose against. Audrey says she fears that Austin is a loose cannon. Shelli says that she likes Austin and that he will be solid for now. Shelli asks how Audrey feels about Steve. Audrey says that she wants to trust him but just doesn’t know right now. Shelli agrees.

5:05 PM BBT: Clay tells Shelli that he is all for joining the other side of the house with Audrey because the big alliance that they were originally in sees them as expendable. Shelli tells Clay that Jeff will join them when he sees the numbers slipping away from James and Meg’s hands. Clay says that they still need to watch what Audrey tells them because she will put her motives ahead of theirs.

Clay says that they should feel out Austin and Vanessa on where they stand with Audrey before telling them that they’re both working with her. Shelli says that they can’t do that because it could backfire if they’re already working with Audrey. She says that they could tell Audrey about their questioning of her and then Audrey will lose trust in the two of them.

Shelli tells Clay that she doesn’t feel loyalty from James, Jeff, and Meg. Clay says that he doesn’t either. Shelli refutes by saying that he’s been super involved with Jeff recently. He says that isn’t true, and that he has been telling him less and less.

5:40 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Vanessa that it is hard to campaign against someone like Meg. Vanessa tells her to just pull people aside individually and tell them why they should vote for her. Day asks if Vanessa thinks she could get Austin and Liz’s vote. Vanessa tells them to promise Austin and Liz safety from her and Jason until jury. Da’Vonne says that Clay and Shelli aren’t her targets because she knows it was a game move. She tells Vanessa that the only person she would be gunning after is Audrey because Audrey has played a nasty game. Day asks Vanessa if she’ll have her vote. Vanessa says yes. Day tells her that with her vote, she’ll only need to flip Austin and Liz and then she’ll have enough to stay.

6:15 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Clay and Shelli that she told Da’Vonne that she would vote for her, but that she doesn’t actually plan to. Vanessa tells them that her loyalties are to the them, and that she would not vote to keep Day because Day will likely come after Clay and Shelli. Vanessa tells them that she thinks that Austin has a serious crush on Liz. Both Clay and Liz agree that Austin would choose Liz over either or them. Vanessa wonders if he would be willing to let Liz go if their alliance wanted it. She says that he’s a smart game player so they’d think that he would.

Shelli tells Vanessa that Audrey has been telling her and Clay all week that they should work with her (Vanessa) and Austin. Vanessa tells them that she wants to really work with Audrey in their Sleeper Cell alliance. Clay agrees and says that it only makes sense for them to work with Audrey because she trusts them and they can use her to get other people out that they don’t want here. Vanessa warns them though that taking Audrey to the final 3 would be dangerous because there is no way that she could lose at the point.

Vanessa tells Shelli and Clay that she’d love to be their third. Says she’d like to make a final 3 with them. She adds that there isn’t two other people in this house that she’d want to work with more than the two of them. Shelli and Clay agree that they’ll work closely. Vanessa tells them that Day is someone who wouldn’t come after her, but sense she would come after Clay and Shelli, she’s going to vote her out.

Clay tells Vanessa that after Day leaves, they should think about getting Jason out so that they can cripple the other side. Vanessa agrees and says that they should put up two floaters and backdoor him. Vanessa adds that they might need to target Becky because she’ll win comps all summer. Vanessa tells Clay that she is going to use the leverage that they have on Meg to guarantee that Meg won’t come after her if she votes to keep her. She tells Clay that he should do it too.

7:20 PM BBT: Audrey tells Clay, Shelli, and Vanessa about the long conversation that she had with John. She says that he really opened up to her and she learned a lot. She tells them that John isn’t in any big alliances, that he has an unspoken alliance with Becky, and that he really trusts Vanessa. Audrey tells them that she got a really good vibe from him.

Vanessa tells Audrey that she really wants to work with her going forward and is going to vote out Day to benefit their alliance. Vanessa says that their past issues are water under the bridge and that they can start over. Vanessa warns Audrey that Day’s campaign is centered around targeting her if she stays.

9:14 PM BBT: Steve tells Vanessa that a big group of people in the house think that Liz has a twin. He tells her that if you look closely, you can see a difference from day to day. He says that everyone has been saying that each twin has a different eye color as well.

9:53 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Liz that a group of people are talking about her having a twin. Day tells her that she cannot tell this conversation to anyone because it will screw both of them over. Da’Vonne tells her that she needs to get Austin to vote for her to keep this from getting out. Liz tells her that she can’t believe people are saying this. Day tells her it’s because they think that one twin has a more bubbly personality.

Liz gives Da’Vonne her absolute loyalty. She tells her that she can 100% trust her and that she really wants to work with her. She tells Day that she is going to make sure that Austin votes to keep her so that Day stays.

11:00 PM BBT: The podcast begins. Everyone that knows about Liz plan to use this as a reference to see what other lies they can catch her in. She answered everything very specifically, which gave the houseguests the perfect things to reference when asking the other twin the same thing.

11:35 PM BBT: Day walks out while Liz is still doing the interview. James follows her. She begins saying “I told you” and tells him that Liz does have a twin and the things that they got her to answer tonight proves it because the twin had different answers a few nights ago.

12:35 AM BBT: Steve asks Day if everyone went inside, Day tells him yes. Steve starts to walk inside saying that he’s just going to go in there too. Day asks him if he wants to play pool or not. He tells her that he just wants to avoid conversation. Day says that she doesn’t want conversation, that she just wants to play pool. Day tells him to just forget about it and it’s fine. Steve tries to talk to her but Day just says it’s fine and walks again.

12:38 AM BBT: Day starts to cry as she tells Jason that it might be her time to go because she doesn’t like being treated the way Steve just treated her and says that he isn’t the only one doing it. Steve tries apologizing to her but Day tells him that it’s fine and everything is good.

Day goes over to lay on the hammock by herself to collect her thoughts. Jason joins her shortly after to start comforting her. Day asks what she did to deserve this. Jason tells her that she didn’t do anything, that this only reflects on Steve’s character, not hers. He tells her that Steve is the definition of a coward and that Steve is just a scared little child.

They both begin talking votes. Day says she doesn’t even need Steve’s vote because she likely already has the 5 that she needs. Day says that she will get Jason, Austin, Liz, James, and Vanessa to vote for her to stay. Day says that she is going to cancel out Becky and Jackie’s vote so that it isn’t obvious who did it because if she did someone like Clay and Jeff, it would be way too obvious who it was.

1:15 AM BBT: Liz asks Austin if he thinks that Day is gong to get the votes to stay. Austin tells her that there is no way that Day is staying. He asks her if Day thinks that she is voting for her. Liz tells him that she does. Austin says he is voting out Day because he promised Meg his vote. Liz tells Austin that Day could go after Audrey because without Day here, she feels like the entire Audrey situation will just be dismissed. Liz tells Austin that it is obvious that Meg isn’t on their side so she asks why they would ever vote to keep her. Austin tells her that Jeff is working that other side to get them in close with them.

1:20 AM BBT: John tells Clay and Shelli about his hour long conversation with Audrey. He tells them about Audrey calling them the inside alliance and referring to the other people as the outsiders. John leaves and Clay and Shelli begin discussing their new distrust for Audrey. They both come to the conclusion that Audrey is America’s Player, she is working with Steve, and isn’t loyal to either of them. Shelli tells Clay that Audrey needs to go next.

1:35 AM BBT: Clay and Shelli tells Jeff about Audrey talking to John about her trusting him (Jeff) way more than she trusts the two of them. Audrey walks in on the conversation and they instantly switch the subject. They begin talking about the podcast and Audrey begins crying because of the way that Day was laughing when she was being interviewed. She says that the bullying is just like high school. Audrey says she doesn’t know why Day is doing this to her because she hasn’t been kicking her while she is down like Day has been doing to her. Clay tells her that Day knows that she is gone and that Audrey is staying and that’s why she is acting the way she is.

1:55 AM BBT: Clay, Shelli, and Jeff all agree that they way that Liz acted tonight confirms their suspicions about their being a twin in the house, Shelli tells them that the face of today’s Liz isn’t the same face that she saw during the POV ceremony only a couple days prior. Jeff tells them that Liz needs to go next so that the twins don’t both end up joining the game.

2:05 AM BBT: Shelli tells Clay that Jeff has his hands in everyone’s game. She says that Jeff wanted Audrey out before and now he wants Liz out because he’s been talking with Audrey more. Shelli tells Clay that she’s irritated now because she doesn’t know who the next target should be.

2:48 AM BBT: Audrey tells Jeff that she spoke with Liz and Liz told her that she is going to vote for Day because Day gave her safety the first week.

2:55 AM BBT: Audrey tells Meg that she needs to work on John and Steve. Meg tells her that she just talked with John earlier tonight. Audrey tells her that she overheard Day and Jason talking with Steve and that they said that they have 5 votes. Meg tells her that John and Steve both told her that they told Day they’re going to vote for her when they’re really not. Audrey tells Meg that she just talked with Liz and that Liz said she is going to vote for Day because Day gave her safety the first week. Meg says that doesn’t make sense because Liz has already promised Meg her vote.

3:00 AM BBT: Meg tells Jason that Audrey said she overheard him and Day trying to rally votes. Jason says that isn’t true because he hasn’t been talking game with everyone. Meg says she is freaking out because of what Audrey just told her. Jackie says that Audrey is just a bitch and that’s what she wants her to do. Jason says he is super pissed and that he’s going to “knock that hoe out”.

Jason promises them that he hasn’t been talking any game and that he hasn’t been trying to rally votes with Day at all. Meg tells them that she’s going to tell people that Audrey is trying to tell her that Day has 5 votes. Jason tells her that he loves Day to death, but it is better for his game if she goes home because if she doesn’t, he’s going to be up on the block with her next week.

Jeff tells Meg that if she’s going to worry about anyone, it needs to be Austin, Liz, and Vanessa because they’re a trio that is going to work together. Meg tells him that Austin and Liz have already promised her their vote. Jeff tells her that their word doesn’t mean shit because they’re all working together and are going to vote together regardless. Jeff tells them that Vanessa approached him about working together in an alliance with her, Austin, and Liz, so he knows for a fact that those 3 are a trio.

3:15 AM BBT: Day tells Audrey that she knows that she is leaving, but before she leaves, she wants to tell her that she is someone who she genuinely thought she was going to be friends with when the game was over. Day asks her when and why did she flip on her. Audrey tells her that she felt insecure when her and Jason were coming together and started questioning her (Audrey). Day tells her that they did get close, but their objective was to never target her. Day tells her that when it got back to her about everything Audrey said, he feelings were hurt. Audrey tells her that she can understand that. Day tells her that when this is over, they can reconnect and try to rebuild.

Audrey tells her that she doesn’t want this game to be personal, but fears it’s becoming personal. Audrey gives the example of during tonight’s podcast, when Day was rolling her eyes and walking away when Audrey was being interviewed, it made Audrey want to cry. Day tells her she walked away so that she would keep her mouth shut.

Day tells Audrey that her blowing her game up, ended up blowing both of their games up, only for Day it was permanent, while for Audrey it was only temporary. Audrey tells her that she’ll likely be following her (Day) out the door the following week. Audrey and Da’Vonne agree that it isn’t anything personal between the two of them, they wish that they could start over, and that they hope to rebuild their friendship out of the house. They hug it out and Day goes back to bed.

3:35 AM BBT: Jason tells Becky about the twins. She plays dumb like this is news to her because Steve told her about it earlier this evening.


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