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Big Brother 17: Day 18 Recap

Shelli and Da'Vonne from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Shelli and Da’Vonne from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

Not too much happened yesterday, however Shelli did choose a new replacement nominee, and that will likely be the main topic of discussion for today’s live feeds. Audrey has also been getting back into good graces will people so we can only suspect that it will continue on today.


10:45 AM BBT: Wake up call.

11:30 AM BBT: Photo booth time.

12:05 PM BBT: Austin and Liz both agree that they need to make sure that they talk to Shelli again to make sure that she nominates Meg instead of Liz. Austin tells her to tell Shelli that she will be loyal until Jury if she doesn’t put her up. Vanessa says that they can’t let that get out because Meg will offer her the same thing. Liz asks what if Day isn’t the real target and they’re going to backdoor whoever they put up. Austin tells her that he’s positive that Day really is the target.

12:15 PM BBT: Audrey tells Austin that she told Shelli that when they have to pick sides she really wants to work with him and Vanessa. Audrey tells him that she doesn’t think that Meg will go up because Meg is apart of the group that she was told that she can’t go after. Audrey says that Meg is really close with Jeff and James, and getting close with Jason.

Austin and Audrey agree that it would be terrible for them if James were to win the next HOH competition. Audrey says that the best case scenario would be for either her, him, Liz, or Vanessa to get HOH. Audrey tells Austin that she thinks that Meg needs to be nominated because it would insure that Day goes home.

12:45 PM BBT: Jeff tells Shelli that Jason talked to Meg and told her that he thinks she’ll be going up to insure Day goes home. Jeff adds that Meg said she would be pissed if she goes up without being told beforehand, so Jeff tells Shelli that she needs to talk to Meg later today about putting her up.

1:20 PM BBT: James tells Da’Vonne that if anyone other than Audrey goes up during the POV ceremony, they will know that the line has been drawn. Day and James agree that Meg will likely be the person who goes up so that everyone else can make sure that it’s Day who is sent home. Day says that she has to do the one person that she doesn’t want to do, and that’s talk to Shelli.

1:25 PM BBT: Day tells Shelli that she came into the game for her Daughter, that she doesn’t feel like it’s her time to go, and she still has plenty of fight left in her. Day tells Shelli that her and Clay are not her target and that she was getting back into good graces with Clay and that’s why she was so taken back when she was nominated. Day says that Shelli should take into consideration putting up Audrey so that the house can battle it out and she (Shelli) could keep her hands clean.

Day tells Shelli that if she does stay, her and Shelli can start over with a clean slate. Shelli tells Day that she really likes her as a person and that it’s sad that they can’t just relax and be friends. Shelli tells Day that the reason she felt uneasy about her is because they separated early on in the game and neither of them tried fixing that broken bridge.

Shelli tells Day that the only time she (Day) started talking with her again is when she wanted Audrey out and that she felt like Day didn’t even need her. Day says that she didn’t need her, that it was put into her head that if she did try to talk with Shelli, it would be pointless because she (Shelli) wouldn’t want to talk with her. Day tells Shelli that during week 1 when she (Shelli) was nominated, it was only her (Day) who was fighting to get her off the block while Audrey said she didn’t care that Shelli was up.

Shelli tells Day that it was a big move putting her up and that if she changes her target it could come back to bite her. Day says that isn’t the case because the people who she is close to are close to Clay. Shelli says that she heard that heard that Clay and her are the expendable ones out of that group. Day says that isn’t true, that Jeff would be the first to go out of that group. Day says that if she doesn’t put Audrey out, there will be enough people who question Shelli that she’ll be the new target. Shelli says that she feels like everyone would understand why she wants her out.

Shelli tells Day that nobody has talked any game with her until they all wanted her to get Audrey out, meanwhile Audrey has always been talking to her while nobody else has. Day tells Shelli that there was a line in her letter that said “What your back” and says that it was a hint about Audrey. Day tells Shelli that her and Clay are not her target or people who she would concern herself about wanting to target. Da’Vonne tells Shelli that if she can be loyal to Audrey after everything that Audrey has done, she knows that Shelli could be loyal to them to ride to jury with. Shelli thanks Day for talking with her and says that she will take everything into consideration.

2:05 PM BBT: James asks Day if she got anything across to Shelli. Day tells him that Shelli said that the house will understand why she wants her out because they know she’s always been loyal to Audrey. James says that now they know a line has been drawn. James asks her who she thinks will be put up beside her. Day says it will be someone well liked to make sure she (Day) goes home. Day tells him that if Shelli puts up someone small and she (Day) goes home, they need to get Shelli out next week because then they’ll know that Shelli is going to be loyal to Audrey until the end.

2:10 PM BBT: Liz tells Shelli that if she wants Da’Vonne to go home this week, she should put up Meg as the pawn cause it could go either way if she puts her (Liz) up. Shelli tells Liz that she is on board with putting Meg on the block as a pawn, so she has nothing to worry about. Liz tells Shelli that she works with Austin and Vanessa and that they really want to work with her and Clay. Shelli reminds her that she has nothing to worry about and gives Liz a hug.

2:20 PM BBT: Jason asks Day if Shelli told her who she’s putting up. Day tells her that Shelli said she feels like she owes loyalty to Audrey and that the house will understand that. Day says that she kept telling Shelli that they were good, but says if she (Day) stays this week, she’s going after Shelli.

2:40 PM BBT: Jeff tells Liz that he thinks that Vanessa is America’s Player. He adds that she is one of the sketchiest people in the house. Liz says that Vanessa is a floater who doesn’t do anything. Liz makes a comment about Steve being so smart and winning all the mental competitions. Jeff says he’s going to be the next Ian, so he (Steve) has got to go.

3:05 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Austin that she doesn’t think Shelli is going to nomiante Meg because she is closer to James, Meg, and Jason than she is to them.

3:10 PM BBT: Liz tells Austin that she thinks that Shelli is being truthful when she says she’ll nominate Meg. Austin tells her that if Meg doesn’t go up, they’ll know that Shelli is in an alliance that they don’t know about.

3:15 PM BBT: Meg tells Clay that she talked with Jason and he said that he’s okay with getting Da’Vonne out because even if she didn’t go out this week, she’d go the following. She says that Jason said it is probably for the better that they just get Da’Vonne out now.

4:20 PM BBT: Austin asks Clay and Shelli what they think about James. Clay says that he doesn’t know where James stands, but says he’s a stand-up guy. Austin tells Clay about James lying to his face last week about Jace even when he didn’t have to. Clay says now he questions what James’ word is worth.

5:15 PM BBT: Clay tells Jackie that after they get Da’Vonne out, Audrey is out next. He says that he doesn’t want people thinking that Shelli has a thing with Audrey, when actually it’s just better for her game to get Day out, someone who is gunning for her.

5:35 PM BBT: Shelli tells Clay about Da’Vonne pitch. Shelli says that it was very compelling and for a second she almost bought into it and had her questioning the people she is working with. Shelli tells him that she’s sticking with her guns and going to nominate Meg to insure Day goes home this week. Clay tells Shelli that Da’Vonne has had all this time to come up with the perfect things to say, so it was all practiced. He tells her that Da’Vonne has already shown her true colors so they need to get her out. Clay asks her if she is for sure going to nominate Meg. Shelli tells him yes.

7:15 PM BBT: Austin tells Steve that people have been saying that he listens in on a lot of conversations but never gives up any information himself. Austin tells him a way to avoid this is start telling people what they already know so that it seems like he is willing to provide information instead of just taking it.

7:55 PM BBT: Jeff tells Jackie about Clay and Shelli needing to talk with Meg because she is catching onto their plan to nominate her as a pawn. Jackie says that it’s scary that Meg is going up. Jeff says it isn’t because they know that Meg is safe.

8:45 PM BBT: Audrey asks if she is going to be the replacement nominee. Clay tells her that she isn’t, that Shelli would never do that to her. Audrey says she is going to win the next HOH and watch the whole house freak out.

9:10 PM BBT: Jeff tells Austin that he wants to work with him, Clay, and Liz. Jeff adds that he has come up with a plan to make sure that Liz doesn’t get put up as a pawn. Jeff tells Austin that Audrey still needs to go next and that he feels like people are losing sight of that. Austin agrees because he has heard Audrey talking about being back in good graces with people already.

Jeff tells Austin that he thinks that Audrey is in Team America because there has to be a Team America this year. He says that it only would make sense that she is in Team America because why else would she start so many rumors. Jeff says that Audrey has probably racked up so much money already from everything that she has done so they should just get her out next.

10:55 PM BBT: Day tells James that she feels like Jason is going to be really lost without her. She tells him that she thinks that they all think she was the head of the 8 person alliance. James tells Day that he thinks that either Meg or Liz will go up. Day says that neither of them will go home over her.

11:25 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Shelli to be careful as to what she says to Audrey because Audrey is in the position where she will tell anyone what you say if it can benefit her and help get her out of the current jam that she’s in. Vanessa tells her that if someone asked her what Audrey did wrong, she honestly wouldn’t know what to tell them. Shelli says that she agrees and wonders why nobody else sees that too. Vanessa says the only reason why people are treating Audrey like they do is because they’re scared.

12:00 AM BBT: Day tells Jeff that she is trying to figure out how she is a bigger target than Audrey. Day says that Shelli tried telling her that it was a big move by her to get her out. Jeff tells her that it isn’t a big move. Day agrees and says that if she’d of seen her in any comp, she’s sucked in all of them. Jeff says that maybe Clay and Shelli are just trying to ruffle her feathers and not actually get her out. Jeff tells Day that he doesn’t know anything because Clay and Shelli don’t tell him anything and that they’ve been very secretive around him. Day says if Meg goes up, she’s going home because nobody would ever vote Meg out. Day says even she wouldn’t vote Meg out in that situation.

Day says it would be a smart move for Shelli to put up Audrey and let the house battle it out because if she does it that way, she’d be keeping the blood off her hands. Jeff says that it is actually a really good idea and that Shelli should do that. Day says if they don’t put Meg up, they need to watch their back because they’ll know that they’re dealing with cowards.

12:10 AM BBT: Jeff tells James that they have to get Steve out sooner rather than later because he’s going to win every single memory related competition. Jeff tells James that Audrey is back to her old ways, staying up let and planting seeds in everyone’s head about everyone.

12:20 AM BBT: An alliance between James, Jeff, Meg, and Jason is formed. Their name is the “After Dark Crew” or just “ADC” for short.

12:40 AM BBT: Big Brother nightly “Podcast” is held in the backyard.

1:40 AM BBT: Day asks James if he caught the part where Shelli said everyone deserves a second chance. Day says now they know that she won’t be putting Audrey up. James asks why Da’Vonne isn’t getting a second chance.

1:50 AM BBT: Jason tells Day about the alliance he formed tonight with James, Jeff, and Meg. Day questions if they’re getting her out so that he can be in that alliance because they know that he’d be loyal to her. Jason says that they’re going to vote to keep her if they can. Jackie joins the conversation and Day asks her if she has her vote. Jackie tells her yes.

Da’Vonne tells them that her only focus is getting “the broad” (Audrey) out and that is the only person she’ll be targeting so Shelli doesn’t need to worry about her targeted her or Clay.

2:10 AM BBT: Shelli tells Jeff, James, and Meg that she is on board with getting Audrey out, however she has had an issue with Da’Vonne from being the whole Audrey thing happened and that’s why she wants to go after Day first. Shelli tells them that the only thing that she can do to make sure that Da’Vonne goes home is by putting up someone who nobody will vote out and that’s Meg. Meg agrees with her that it is a smart move to put her up if she wants Day out. Meg tells her that she is on board and knew it was coming, that the only thing she asks is that Shelli have her back in the coming weeks.

James tells Shelli that Da’Vonne isn’t even going to campaign once she puts Meg up because Day told him that campaigning against Meg would be pointless.

2:20 AM BBT: Becky tells Austin and Liz that it’s obvious that she’s an outside who isn’t working with the big group. She tells them that she won this latest HOH in hopes of getting into the big group. Becky tells Austin that either Clay or Shelli has to go before Jury because if one of them makes it to the final 2, the other will campaign in the Jury house for them.

2:30 AM BBT: James tells Jason that him, Meg, and Jeff told Shelli that they support the choice to put up Audrey as the replacement nominee. James tells him that he wasn’t told who was going to be put up, that Shelli is only trying to figure out where everyone is. Jason says if anyone other than Audrey goes up, Da’Vonne is done for. Jason says if Liz goes up, they could possibly save Day, but not if it is Meg who goes up.

2:35 AM BBT: Shelli tells Becky and Jackie about her plan to nominate Meg so that they can make sure that it is Day that goes. Becky agrees with her that it is a good plan because nobody would vote out Meg. Becky tells her that is on board with getting Day out, but she wants Shelli’s help with making Audrey’s target someone other than her if Audrey wins the next HOH. Jackie tells Shelli that she is on board with the plan too. Jackie says that yes, everyone wants Audrey out, but they’re still going to go along with getting Day out because it gives everyone two free weeks of safety.


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