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Big Brother 17: Day 16 Recap

Da'Vonne Rogers from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Da’Vonne Rogers from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

After the craziness of last night with the nominations being called and the Battle of the Block being played in early morning hours, today’s feeds will be all about the blow-back and fallout from that. Shelli has gone completely against what the house wants, which makes this week all the more interesting!

10:30 AM BBT: Wake up call.

12:30 PM BBT: Becky, Day, Clay, John, Meg, and Steve are picked to play in the POV

1:00 PM BBT: Becky tells Jason that she is confident that Shelli will still backdoor Audrey this week.

1:10 PM BBT: Shelli tells Day that the reason she nominated her is because they have never really talked so Shelli didn’t know where she stood in the game. Shelli adds that if Da’Vonne was in her position, she thinks that she would put her up.

1:13 PM BBT: Da’Vonne asks James if he knew about her going up. James tells her that nobody is talking to him and that he hasn’t been told anything. Day tells him that she is positive that the house has flipped and that she is the new target.  Da’Vonne tells James that John is going to use the POV on himself, Clay wouldn’t use it on her, and Meg wouldn’t use it on her so that she doesn’t stir things up, so she has no choice but to try and win it for herself.

Da’Vonne tells James that Clay is the person who is really making the calls this week, so if Shelli backdoors him, that is who really made the decision to do that. Da’Vonne tells James and Jeff that she shouldn’t have exposed Audrey, that she should have just let other people do it and should’ve kept her mouth shut. She says she thinks that is the reason why everyone is gunning for her now.

1:45 PM BBT: Austin tells Liz that Da’Vonne, Jason, and James are seen as a trio so if Da’Vonne saves herself, James might go up in her place. Austin adds that they need to keep talking with Becky because she’s no longer in power so nobody is talking to her.

1:50 PM BBT: Jeff tells Clay everything that Da’Vonne told him while he was in the room. Clay says they want over the numbers and now they have enough to get Day out and run the house. Jeff tells Clay that they have to get Audrey out next. Clay tells him that he’ll do everything he can to make sure that happens.

1:55 PM BBT: Meg tells Shelli that Becky was set on getting Audrey out this week and that the other side of the house will be mad if Audrey isn’t backdoored. Shelli asks Meg if she’ll use the POV if she wins it. Meg promises that she won’t use it. Meg tells Shelli that if nominations stay the same after the POV competition, Da’Vonne will be going home.

Shelli tells Meg that she understands that Audrey is dangerous, but for her game, Da’Vonne needs to go home this week. Shelli asks if she thinks that Da’Vonne could rally the votes to get John out. Meg tells her that she doesn’t think Day would be able to do that. Meg tells her that James will vote out Day because James is closer to her and Jeff than he is with Day and Jason.

2:10 PM BBT: Time for the POV competition

4:00 PM BBT: John wins the POV!

4:00 PM BBT (HOH room): Shelli tells Becky that she knows that she wants Audrey out, but getting Da’Vonne out this week is best for her game. Shelli tells her that they can’t get Audrey out next week. Becky tells Shelli to make the game move that is best for her and that she is on board with it.

4:05 PM BBT: Meg tells James that they’re going to be safe this week. James says that Shelli and Clay are going to want to get Day out this week and just get Audrey out the following week. James says he’s going to give Clay and Shelli his support and do what they want.

4:10 PM BBT: Shelli tells Vanessa that she wants to get Day out and that they can just get Audrey out next week. John joins the conversation and Shelli tells him that she spoke with Becky and she is on board with getting Day out this week. Shelli and Clay tells John that they have the votes this week so if he doesn’t use the POV to keep himself and Day on the block, he would be safe regardless. John tells them that if he doesn’t use it, it would be outting themselves to everyone that they’re plotting against Da’Vonne. He tells them that anyone would stay over Da’Vonne.

Vanessa tells Shelli that she should put up Meg in John’s spot because of the way that Meg played for herself during the POV competition. Shelli tells Vanessa that Meg is a strong player with a lot of close allies. Meg joins and tells Shelli that she should put up Liz in John’s place. Shelli questions if Liz would be voted out over Day. Meg says that Liz doesn’t have any close friends. Meg says they just need to nominate someone who doesn’t look like a pawn so that Day isn’t so suspicious. Clay says he doesn’t care if Day is suspicious or not. Clay volunteers to be the pawn but Shelli refuses. Meg tells them that Jeff and James are on board with their plan and will not vote out Liz.

Clay tells Shelli that they need to get out Day, then Audrey, and third will be Austin. Clay asks Shelli who they should make an alliance with. They agree on them two, Vanessa, Jeff, Jackie, Becky, Meg, and John.

4:25 PM BBT: James and Jason tell Da’Vonne that Audrey will go home if she it put up as the replacement nominee.

4:50 PM BBT: Meg tells Jeff that Shelli and Clay want Da’Vonne out this week. Jeff says alright and that he’s just going to go with the flow. Jeff adds that it’s bad for their game because it exposes that they’re not with the house, but that he’ll just go along with it.

4:55 PM BBT: Shelli tells Liz and Austin that Liz will be the pawn to get Da’Vonne out. Liz tells her that is fine because she trusts her. Liz says that she knows Shelli wouldn’t try to backdoor her and that Day is the real target. Liz says she’ll take one for the team.

5:15 PM BBT: Liz begins crying to Austin and Becky because she is scared that Da’Vonne will find out about her (Liz) just be a pawn and start campaigning to flip votes. She says that she knows she is safe, it’s just the shock of going on the block has her rattled.

8:45 PM BBT: Jason tells James that he’s going to have to tell Day to act calm, don’t blow up, and not to show any worry so it seems like she has trust in the people who will be voting. James asks Jason who he thinks that Shelli would nominate. Jason says he thinks that Shelli is going to put up Audrey with Day and just hope that Audrey isn’t the one that goes home.

8:55 PM BBT: Liz tells Austin that she is worried that she’s a backdoor target this week. Austin tells her that if they were planning a secret backdoor, he would be the one being told he was a pawn, not her. Austin adds that he thinks he’s just going to make a “Freaks & Geeks” alliance with Steve.

10:15 PM BBT: Jeff tells Austin that he’s not 100% on board with the plan to get Da’Vonne out because she isn’t a threat to him and Audrey is. Austin says that if Clay and Shelli want to get Da’Vonne out, let them be the target. Jeff says the house isn’t going to be happy about it. Austin tells him that he is worried that Day might flip the votes and get Liz out. Jeff tells him that he has Liz’s back. Jeff tells him that they need to make a group that will stay loyal at least until Jury. Jeff tells Austin that if he hears Audrey conspiring about anything, that he needs to tell him.

Jeff tells Austin and Liz that whoever gets HOH next week, he’s going to give them an ultimatum because Audrey needs to go. Liz asks Jeff who Audrey will vote out this week. Jeff says she has no choice but to vote how they tell her to. Liz says she is worried that Da’Vonne might try to pull the “I’m a mom and I need the money” card.

12:40 AM BBT: Clay tells Shelli that Audrey has to go next week. Shelli says she knows, that she felt that Audrey deserved another week to explain her side of the story since she never got the chance to after Da’Vonne confronted her. Clay and Shelli agree that they need to tell Audrey that they are being pressured to backdoor her so she shouldn’t nominate them next week if she wins HOH because they’re saving her this week. Clay says that even if Audrey did win HOH, the nominees from the other team would throw the BOB so that she would be dethroned and then they could backdoor her.

1:15 AM BBT: Jeff tells Jackie that it’s crazy that they’re going to let Audrey stay another week. Jackie says she agrees but they’re just going to have to go with the flow and get Audrey out next week.

1:20 AM BBT: Jeff tells James that he thinks it’s crazy that Audrey is staying another week. James says they don’t have a choice but to go along with getting Day out so that’s what he’s going to do. Jeff tells James that he agrees with him.


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