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Big Brother 17: Day 15 Recap

Da'Vonne Rogers from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Da’Vonne Rogers from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

We’ve finally managed to make it to the first live eviction of Big Brother 17! The start of today’s live feeds might be too entertaining, but after tonight’s Head of Household competition, the house could potentially be in chaos! We’re here to bring you everything that goes down today so that you don’t miss out on any of it!

9:30 AM BBT: Wake up call.

10:10 AM BBT: Audrey tells John that if she wins HOH, he’s going to be safe from nomination. She tells him that she is going to be going after the people who have thrown her under the bus to everyone.

10:25 AM BBT: James and Da’Vonne agree that they’re going to get Jace out this week, Audrey out this coming week, and Austin out the week following the next. James tells her that it’s going to hard to get Jackie out because of how close she is with Jeff. He adds that Jeff is going to try and get Shelli out before they get Jackie out.

James tells Da’Vonne that him, her, and Jason make a strong three that can work together. Da’Vonne agrees. James tells her that he would add Meg to their group, but says that she is too close with Jeff.

10:55 AM BBT: Audrey tells Vanessa that the things that Clay has been doing has hurt her. She tells her that Clay’s actions tell her that she can’t trust him anymore. Vanessa tells Audrey that she needs to placate everyone’s fears because they’re all afraid of her. Vanessa adds that she just needs to stop talking game for a few days and just mingle with people to rebuild relationships.

11:10 AM BBT: Austin tells Jace that he needs to make Jeff the next target because if he doesn’t, he (Austin) will be the person going home after Audrey.

1:40 PM BBT: Steve tells Austin that they are the underdogs and if one of them don’t win the next HOH, everyone who isn’t in the big 8 person alliance is going to be screwed.

2:40 PM BBT: Austin tells Liz that he is going to try to attach himself to Clay so that Clay becomes a target over him because his alliance already is questioning his loyalty. Austin and Vanessa tell Liz that she needs to find a girl that she can get close with and try to work with. Vaness warns her about Jeff, says that she can talk with him to get information, but not to give him any.

Austin, Vanessa, and Liz agree that if one of them can get in power this week, the 8 person alliance would crumble within the week because none of them trust each other as it is. If they don’t win HOH, Austin and Vanessa say that they need to put the target on Clay because he’s on the outskirts of that alliance and Jeff isn’t. Austin tells Vanessa that if Audrey wins the HOH tonight, he’s thinking about asking her to nominate him so he can throw the Battle of the Block to keep Audrey as HOH for the week.

6:25 PM BBT: Jace is evicted

6:45 PM BBT: Shelli and Becky become the new Heads of Household

7:20 PM BBT: John tells Jeff that Audrey is gunning for him. Jeff says that Audrey is crazy and that he doesn’t know why she’s targeting him. James says that he hopes she’ll be the one who is evicted this week.

7:50 PM BBT: Jeff tells Da’Vonne and James tells Audrey hates him and wants him gone. Da’Vonne tells him that Audrey feels safer for some reason now because she was smiling and winked at her after the HOH competition. She says that she thinks she’ll be put up this week.

Da’Vonne says that she thinks it was Austin. James tells her that it could have been Audrey.

8:15 PM BBT: Clay tells Austin that Jeff has been whispering with Da’Vonne and Jason. He tells him that he is getting weird vibes from them. Austin and Clay agree that they need to tell Liz that Da’Vonne doesn’t like her and really make her believe it to turn her against Day.

8:20 PM BBT: Jeff tells Audrey that he wants to clear the air with her. He tells her that people have been telling him that she thinks he is orchestrating something against her. Jeff tells her that he never did that. Audrey tells him that she doesn’t have any plans to target him, but she has heard that he organized a meeting to talk about getting her out. Jeff tells her that he never called a meeting, that he only talked to Vanessa and John about her and even then it wasn’t even really about her, it was about Jace.

Jeff tells Audrey that he never had a problem with her until she tried getting him backdoored. Audrey begins fake crying to Jeff. She tells him that as soon she she heard Julie say there were only 12 people who voted for Jace to leave, she knew that someone was trying to frame her just like they’ve been doing in the past. Jeff tells her that she doesn’t need to worry about that because everyone knows it was Austin. Audrey tells her that she can be accountable for the things she has done, but not for things she hasn’t like the all girls alliance.

Jeff tells Audrey that the only reason he distances himself from her is because she is always throwing his name out there. Clay joins the conversation and says that him, Jeff, and Shelli are her best shot at staying in the game. Audrey tells Jeff that she heard that he couldn’t trust her and that anything he told to Clay would get back to her. Clay asks if that is true and Jeff confirms it. Jeff tells him that it’s just based off of things that he has heard. Jeff tells him that he trusts him a lot more than he trusts Shelli because he doesn’t know where Shelli stands in the game. Clay tells Jeff that he is worried that he (Jeff) is trying to play too many sides. Jeff says that he is playing James, but that he doesn’t have a reason not to because they’re not in any alliance with him or anything.

Clay tells Audrey that it is hard to trust her after the things she has done.

8:40 PM BBT: Becky tells Da’Vonne, Jason, and James that she will be going after Audrey this week and do everything she can to get Shelli on board with that same plan. Becky tells them that she has a plan to deal with Shelli not wanting to backdoor Audrey.

8:48 PM BBT: The houseguests learn that nominations will be made tonight.

8:50 PM BBT: Shelli tells Becky that she doesn’t know if she wants to backdoor Audrey this week. Shelli tells her that she doesn’t want to hurt Audrey but that she does question her. Shelli adds that that if she did keep Audrey, she would be the next target in the house. Becky tells her that she is going after Audrey because it’s personal. She tells Shelli that Audrey started a rumor that Becky made some racist comments that she never actually made.

Becky tells Shelli that the house wants Audrey gone so she is going to nominate her alongside Steve and just use Steve as a secondary target in case Audrey wins the POV. Becky and Shelli both agree that they’re not going to nominate Clay or Jackie.

9:20 PM BBT: Steve, Jason, Meg, and James volunteer to be have-nots.

9:25 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Becky that her targets are Steve and Audrey and says that those are the people who she thinks should be nominated. Becky tells her that Steve is going to be one of his nominees, but she’s not going to ask the people she nominate to throw the BOB.

9:25 PM BBT (lounge): Shelli tells Clay that she feels like Da’Vonne’s words are coming out of Becky’s mouth because everything that Da’Vonne told her, Becky just told her the exact same thing. Clay tells her that Da’Vonne is the one that they want out this week. Clay says if they get the chance to backdoor Day, they need to take it. Clay says they can’t let Day find out about their plan, but they should backdoor her. Clay tells Shelli to just put up two floaters as pawns and backdoor Day given the chance.

Clay tells Shelli to nominate him and Day so that he can throw the BOB and keep her on the block. Shelli tells him that she’s not doing that because there is too much of a chance of things going wrong.

9:30 PM BBT: Becky tells Jason that she will be nominating Steve but needs one more person to go up. Jason volunteers himself to go up because he knows that Audrey is the real target.

9:35 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Shelli that now is the time to make a big move against the huge 8 person alliance. Shelli tells her that Becky wants to target Audrey, but she wants to target Day. Vanessa tells her to put Day up with someone who will throw the BOB. Shelli tells Vanessa that Day is planting seeds in Becky’s head that Steve and Audrey are working together and that they’re both threats to her game.

9:50 PM BBT: Becky and Shelli get their HOH rooms.

10:00 PM BBT: Becky tells Jeff that she really wants Audrey gone this week. Jeff tells her that she needs to make sure she stays HOH because Shelli has a different agenda. Jeff tells her that if she wants Audrey out, Shelli isn’t going to pull the trigger yet.

10:05 PM BBT: Austin tells Shelli that she needs to put a pawn up who will throw the BOB up with Day.  Austin says that they should try to convince John to throw the BOB for them. Shelli tells Austin that this is the week they turn on the 8 person alliance.

10:15 PM BBT: Meg tells Shelli that she trusts Jason, just not Jason with Da’Vonne. Meg tells Shelli that she is okay with doing whatever her and Becky have planned. Shelli asks Meg where James is at with Day. Meg says that James will trust them over Day because James has issues with Day’s gameplay. Shelli tells Meg that she doesn’t think she will backdoor Day, that she will just put her up outright. She says that if Day wins the POV, she’ll just backdoor Jason.

10:25 PM BBT: Becky tells Jackie that both Austin and Liz voted Jace out. Jackie says it was Audrey who voted against her.

10:30 PM BBT: Shelli tells Jackie that she has nothing to worry about because she isn’t going to be nominated.

10:30 PM BBT (2nd HOH room): Meg tells Becky that she wants Audrey out this week.

10:40 PM BBT: Shelli tells Jeff that Day is more dangerous to her game than Audrey is. Jeff tells her that if he is to get on board with getting Day out this week, Audrey has to go the next week.

10:45 PM BBT: Becky tells Steve that he is likely going to be his pawn and has nothing to worry about because everyone wants Audrey out, not him.

10:50 PM BBT: Audrey tells Becky that Da’Vonne and Jason were implying vulgar things about her.

10:55 PM BBT: Shelli tells John that she wants to work with him but wants him to throw the BOB to get Day out this week. Clay gives John his word that he won’t be going home this week and says that he’ll sacrifice his own game to keep John safe this week. John tells him that he is willing to throw it for them.

11:00 PM BBT: Austin tells Audrey that Becky is going to nominate Steve and plans to backdoor her.

11:10 PM BBT: Shelli tells Steve that he has nothing to worry about. She tells him that she isn’t going to put him up and that he belongs in the game.

11:20 PM BBT: Clay tells James and Meg that Da’Vonne will come after him next week if she stays and manages to win the HOH. Clay tells them that if Audrey stays and Day goes, he can get Audrey to go after people other than them if she wins the next HOH.

11:25 PM BBT: Shelli tells Becky that she isn’t going to outright put up Audrey so she is just going to put up Da’Vonne and John instead.

11:40 PM BBT: Clay asks Becky who she wants out. Becky tells him that the only reason she won HOH this week was to get Audrey out.

11:40 PM BBT (HOH room): Audrey tells Shelli that Jeff said they had a conversation about keeping her, but then Clay said he doesn’t know what’s going on. Shelli tells Audrey that she told Clay not to say anything about it to anyone.

11:45 PM BBT: John asks Jeff if Clay and Shelli actually trust him. Jeff confirms that they do. Jeff tells John that Austin is a threat to their game because he has already thrown his other friends under the bus. Jeff tells him that Shelli is trying to keep Audrey and get rid of Clay, which worries him.

11:50 PM BBT: Clay tells Jeff that Audrey won’t go after him next week because she knows that if she did she would end up alone again.

11:55 PM BBT: Becky tells Shelli that she should tell Da’Vonne she is going up before she actually nominates her.

12:00 PM BBT: Austin tells Steve that Shelli is going to put up Da’Vonne. Steve asks if Audrey is the target or not. Austin tells him that she is for Becky and that he just needs to win the BOB. Austin tells Steve that they should target Day this week and just get out Audrey next week.

12:30 PM BBT: Nomination Ceremony

2:15 AM BBT: Becky nominates Jason and Steve. Shelli nominates Da’Vonne and John.

2:25 AM BBT: Day tells Jason that everyone knew that she was going up and didn’t even tell her. Day says she is going to be super pissed if she finds out that people who she trusted lied to her face about not knowing she was going up.

Da’Vonne and Jason both agree that neither of them are pawns because if they were they’d be nominated together, not on separate teams.

2:30 AM BBT: Austin tells John that he is golden as long as Da’Vonne goes home. Austin tells him that if he wins the next HOH, he won’t use him like this.

2:35 AM BBT: Day asks if John knew she was going up. John tells her that he didn’t know and the reason they were put up together is because people didn’t like them talking to each other like they have the last few days. Da’Vonne tells John that as long as they talk with each other they can win the Battle of the Block.

2:50 AM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Jackie, James, and Jason that Audrey knew she was going to be going up and gave it away after the HOH competition by the way she was smiling at her. Jason says he almost wants to throw the BOB because Shelli won’t target Audrey, but says he knows that he will go home over Steve.

3:00 AM BBT: Audrey asks if they have a Plan B if Jason or Steve throw the Battle of the Block competition. Clay interjects and says that they’re not going to throw it.

3:05 AM BBT: Shelli tells Clay that her only concern with Audrey right now is that her coming up to the HOH room too much. She tells him that she’s going to have to tell Audrey not to come upstairs when there isn’t other people up there.

Clay tells her that they cannot trust Audrey. Shelli tells him that she doesn’t want to talk game with Audrey anymore. Clay agrees and says that doing so is pointless.

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