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Big Brother 17: Day 10 Recap

Jeff and Meg from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Jeff and Meg from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

Yesterday was nothing but non-stop drama, and though it didn’t all carry over into today’s feeds, there has already been a fair share of game talk, including a lot of kissing up to Audrey. Even though she was at the center of all the drama yesterday, it seems like most of the houseguests still want to be on her good side.

Regardless, today’s feeds have been full of discussion of alliances and who the target is this week, including Austin figuring out just about all of the High Roller alliance’s members along with what their plans are.

10:45 AM BBT: Austin and Vanessa are the only ones awake and go to the backyard to talk. Austin catches Vanessa up on all the drama that happened yesterday with Audrey and Da’Vonne and tells her that it will probably be Jeff who is put up at the POV ceremony. Austin adds that he thinks Audrey, Clay, James, Jason, Day, Steve, and maybe Meg are working together.

Austin tells Vanessa that Audrey and James told him and Jace to their face that Jace wouldn’t be backdoored this week, so if that happens Jace is going to go crazy and call everyone out.

11:00 AM BBT: Wake up call.

12:00 PM BBT: Audrey and Jace are on the hammock. Jaces asks Audrey who she thinks James will put up at the POV ceremony. Audrey tells him that she doesn’t think James will tell them who he will put up. Jace says he just hopes that James honors the Five Alive alliance that they formed the other day.

12:30 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Audrey that she doesn’t know if blindsiding Jace is a good idea because he will just blow up and call people out. Audrey says by blindsiding Jace, they will take the attention off the two of them.

12:30 PM BBT (bathroom): Austin tells Jace that he made sure he is good with Audrey, that he saved them this time. Austin says they need to make Jeff out to be a monster to James to get him to change his target from Jace.

Jace tells Austin that Audrey says she doesn’t know who James will put up. Austin says that is bullshit because it will either be him (Jace) or Jeff.

12:45 PM BBT: Audrey tells Vanessa that Da’Vonne said Steve said he wanted to be her mole.

12:50 PM BBT: Liz tells Audrey that she really doesn’t want her to be mad at her and wants Audrey to trust her because she trusts Audrey and says she would never nominate her if she were to win HOH.

1:30 PM BBT: Jace tells Austin that Audrey isn’t in control so they should talk to her, that they should talk to James. Austin tells him that Audrey is the one in control and should be the one they talk to to try and rally support to backdoor Jeff.

Jace says he usually isn’t like this, but after all the drama yesterday it has made him paranoid. Austin tells him that he just needs to continue on as if their Alliance with Audrey, Clay, and James is legit. Jace asks how the alliance could be legit if they don’t even remember the name. Jace continues by saying he asked Audrey about who James would nominate at the POV ceremony and she said she doesn’t know. Austin says that is a lie because she will either nominate him (Jace) or Jeff. Austin continues that their plan is to seperate them two and Liz to eventually get them all 3 out. Austin tells Jace that if he does go up, he needs to create a sob story like Dan did.

Austin tells Jace that if he (Jace) is nominated at the POV ceremony that he needs to fake cry to everyone and tell them that he had made a deal with James that he wouldn’t get put up.

2:30 PM BBT: James asks if Audrey doesn’t trust him. Da’Vonne confirms that Audrey does trust him. James says he does everything he does for the good of the group but Audrey has been talking to everyone and that makes him nervous. Da’Vonne says she is only talking to everyone to bring the information back to the group.

3:10 PM BBT: Da’Vonne and Vanessa agree that they wouldn’t nominate one another and say that they’ll have each other’s back in the game.

3:30 PM BBT: Shelli breaks down crying because she says the game is already getting to her. She says it breaks her heart that Jace is going to be voted out and says she doesn’t want him to leave.

4:45 PM BBT: Jeff tells Audrey to be vague with Clay because he hasn’t been telling him everything. Jeff adds that they need to make Clay see that they don’t need to get Da’Vonne out and that she isn’t a target for them. Audrey says Da’Vonne can’t stay in the house for too much longer.

4:55 PM BBT: Clay and Shelli ask Audrey if she’s willing to promise her life that she is with them. Audrey says they are her ride or die alliance. Audrey says she wants Da’Vonne to go next week.

5:10 PM BBT: Clay tells Meg that she is his main girl and Shelli is right behind her. Clay says he wants to get Da’Vonne out because she is controlling Jason and James. He adds that once Day is out, they’ll be able to run the house. Clay says he just doesn’t want to be the one to get Da’Vonne out because he doesn’t want Austin and Jason to target him. Clay changes the subject and says he wants to get his and Meg’s alliance started soon with Steve and John. Meg says they should invite Jason into it.

Clay says that Audrey is talking with everyone and that it’s good right now, but the lines will be drawn after the next HOH. He says he hopes that Audrey wins the next HOH to see which side she is really on. Clay says if he wins HOH next week and has the chance to backdoor someone, he’s going to backdoor Da’Vonne.

5:40 PM BBT: Audrey and Jason say that there might be a girls alliance with Becky, Jackie, Vanessa and Liz. Jason says that Vanessa is going into the DR all the time and that she might be the twist.

6:00 PM BBT: Jace says he was dealt a bad hand and Audrey screwed him over. Austin says he wonders if Audrey is trying to get him (Jace) out so she can align herself with him (Austin). Austin tells Jace not to lose his cool yet because there is still a chance to save face.

6:10 PM BBT: Jace tells James that he wants to go far with him and thinks that they could get far together. James says he thinks so too. Jace asks if it’s still too late to get Jason out. James tells him that it is still possible.

6:15 PM BBT: Clay tells Audrey that Jackie is the type to backstab.

6:20 PM BBT: James tells Jason that Jace is trying to get him to backdoor him (Jason). Jason says he will be floored if Jackie is sent home over Jason because it wouldn’t make sense as they should have the votes to get Jace out.

6:40 PM BBT: Austin, Jace, and Liz go on a rant about Steve. They say he is a nerd and a snake. They say he is weird for wearing band-aids on his wounded knees. Jace says that they’re not the bullies and it’s Steve who is bullying them because he eavesdrops on their conversations. Austin says there are a lot of nerds in the house and they’re (Austin/Jace/Liz) going to be sent home because they’re too cool for school.

7:55 PM BBT: Audrey tells Meg that everyone is underestimating her (Meg) and saying that hasn’t really been playing. Meg says that is good. Meg changes the subject to John and says she really likes him. Audrey says he is almost laying too low but he’s doing a good job at it because all the guys like him.

Audrey tells Meg that she’d like to take Shelli to the final 5 with them because she’d take the two of them to final 3. Audrey adds that they couldn’t take Clay because they don’t know if Clay would choose his budding showmance Shelli over them.

Audrey and Meg agree that they both really like Jason and will like him even more once Da’Vonne is gone. They say they cannot get Day’s blood on their hands or else Jason won’t join their side. Meg says she wants to bring Jason to the final 5 with her, Audrey agrees.

8:15 PM BBT: James asks Steve who he will be voting. Steve deflects the question by saying it depends on who the nominees are. James tells Steve that he wants Jackie to stay. Steve says that he can tell that Jace is getting nervous.

James asks Steve who he would nominate as HOH and Steve deflects again by saying that so much could change by that time that he doesn’t know who he’d nominate.

8:30 PM BBT: James walks out of the room and leaves Steve there alone. Steve starts talking to the camera and says that he doesn’t trust James at all. Steve adds that he wants to save Jace this week.

9:00 PM BBT: Jace goes streaking.

9:15 PM BBT: Clay asks Audrey why Jackie is in the High Rollers alliance and he’s not. Audrey doesn’t gives him a straight answer and changes the subject to Da’Vonne and Jason. She says she really likes Jason so when they get Da’Vonne out they have to keep all of the blood off their hands. Audrey tells Clay that she doesn’t true Jackie at all because she just gives off a bad vibe.

9:30 PM BBT: Vanessa tells Clay that it is obvious that a big group is protecting each other. She says that she really wants to start an alliance with him, Audrey, and Shelli because those are the only 3 people she wants to work with.

Clay asks Vanessa where she stands with Da’Vonne. Vanessa says she likes her as a person but doesn’t see her working with her in the game. Vanessa adds that she would like to work with Austin. Clay says he does too but can’t because of how close he is to Jace and Liz.

Clay promises Vanessa that if someone brings up her name to him as a nominee, he will do his best to deflect that idea and change their mind. Vanessa says she’ll do the same for him. Vanessa finishes by saying that Clay needs to fix his relationship with Da’Vonne because she is a very forgiving person.

9:50 PM BBT: Audrey tells Da’Vonne that they need to keep an eye on Jeff, Jackie, John, and Becky because they’re getting close to one another.

10:15 PM BBT: Liz pulls Da’Vonne into the storage room to apologize for everything. Shorty after Liz leaves, Day turns to the camera and says “That bitch is lying”, she continues and says that Liz was the one who is in an alliance with the people who want to get her out next week.

10:40 PM BBT: After having a short conversation with Audrey, Austin went to tell Jace that things are looking good for them and Audrey’s advice was to mingle with other people more often instead of just talking between the two of them.

11:30 PM BBT: Jace and Austin tell James that they have his back no matter what. Austin says they have the votes to get out whoever they want so it just comes down to who James wants to send home. James says Jackie is not going home, implying that whoever me makes the replacement nominee is gone.

11:40 PM BBT: James tells Da’Vonne and Jason that Austin and Jace are still trying to rally the votes to get him to backdoor Jason. Day says when they nominate Jace it’s going to be one of the best blindsides ever.

11:50 PM BBT: Meg tells Jeff and James that he is convinced there is an all girls alliance and Becky is the one running it. Jeff says he’ll find out if it is true or not from Jackie because she tells him everything. Before leaving, Jeff tells James that if he wins HOH that he’s going to go after Austin and not Liz.

12:05 AM BBT: Jeff asks Shelli and Jackie if they have heard anything about an all girls alliance. Shelli says she has only heard people talking. Jackie says she hasn’t and that he shouldn’t even have to ask her this because he should trust her to tell him something like that.

12:10 AM BBT: Jeff and Jackie are alone on the hammock. Jeff tells Jackie that he doesn’t even want to be in the High Rollers and that he is only staying in it because they have the numbers. He tells her that he is going to use them to get out who he wants.

Jackie changes the subject to Audrey and they both agree that she has been playing the entire house. Jackie says her strategy is to talk crap about everyone to everyone and then tell everyone who is talking crap about them in order to gain trust from that person. Jeff says it was Audrey who told Austin about him talking about about him (Austin).

Jeff says Audrey is using everyone like pawns to get the people she wants out without having to get any blood on her hands. Jeff says that Audrey has to go soon because she is a way bigger threat than people think she is.

12:15 AM BBT: Austin tells Vanessa that everyone is saying that Audrey is playing everyone, but he has to trust her this week that she’ll help rally the votes to save Jace. Austin tells her that from what he has gathered, Day will be the target for everyone next week.

12:30 AM BBT: Meg tells Jeff that Audrey has been playing everyone. Meg says she knows that Audrey has been planting seeds in everyone’s head. Meg says they’ll have to play Clay a little in order to get him to see Audrey is playing everyone because if they tell him outright, he’ll just go and tell Audrey about it. Jeff says they need to be super careful about what they tell Audrey. Meg says she has just been playing dumb with her.

Jeff asks who they can use Audrey’s need to play everyone to their benefit. Meg says they can just let her continue to play people just not them. Jeff says he’s going to instigate some drama and make Audrey the root of it. Meg says she wants the mutiny against Audrey to begin sometime around week 4, but if Austin wins HOH next week that it can start early.

Meg says that her and Jeff can go far with Jeff, they just have to separate him from Da’Vonne. Jeff agree and says he likes Jason. Meg says Jason isn’t afraid to make a big move as an HOH so they can use that.

1:00 AM BBT: Audrey, Da’Vonne, and Jason say they need to break up Jackie, Jeff, Shelli, and Clay. Jason says telling Jeff anything could be their fatal flaw.

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