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Big Brother 17: Clay & Shelli Get Caught Lying

The couple that has been controlling the house, making their moves and influencing who has gone home over the last 5 weeks had their game finally catch up with them. They’ve gone virtually unscathed until yesterday afternoon when they tried acting surprised about Vanessa blindsiding Jason at the POV meeting.

Shelli Poole from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Shelli Poole from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

After Vanessa changed her mind on wanting to target Austin, they had to come up with a new target to go after this week. After hours of discussion, Vanessa, Clay, and Shelli finally agreed on putting Jason up. Though after the deed was done, Shelli and Clay didn’t want to take any of the heat they agreed to take with Vanessa.

Flashback to 12:30 PM yesterday evening for the conversation between Meg, Jackie, Jason, Becky, Clay and Shelli. Both Meg and Jackie are crying, trying to figure out what just happened since they were just blindsided. Shelli and Clay both tell them that they had no idea that he was going up and that they were under the impression that Austin was still going to be the one going up. Jason told the two of them that it doesn’t even matter because Vanessa said she has the majority. Clay told him that he shouldn’t think too much about that because she might be just saying that.

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20 minutes later Meg pulled Clay into the storage room to ask him personally if he’s lying to them or not about knowing of the plan to get Jason out. Clay sticks with his story and tells her that they didn’t know, and they they figured Austin was going to go up. Clay pins it on Vanessa, saying that she must have made a deal with Austin and the twins that secured him another week. Meg asked him about who the majority Vanessa said she had in her speech than. Clay tells her that it had to be Austin, Liz, Julia, John, and Steve. Clay gives Meg a hug and tells her that him and Shelli have her back.

Flashback to 1:05 PM in the HOH room for Liz and Vanessa’s conversation about Clay and Shelli possibly throwing her under the bus instead of being truthful. Vanessa asked Liz if Clay and Shelli are downstairs acting surprised. Liz tells her that they’re probably playing victims like everyone else. Vanessa told her that if she finds out that they were acting surprised, she’s going to draw a line in the sand with them. Vanessa tells Liz that Clay and Shelli are the main reason why Jason is going home this week.

Flashback to 1:25 PM for Jackie outing Shelli in front of Vanessa. During Vanessa’s conversation with Jackie about explaining why this happened, Jackie brought up the “majority wants this” comment that Vanessa made in her nomination speech. Jackie turns to Shelli, puts her on the spot, and asks her if she was apart of the majority. In front of Vanessa, Shelli tells her that she didn’t want Jason up and doesn’t want him going home, but tells her that Vanessa said that he could win the game. Vanessa confronts Shelli about it, asking her if she’s sure she didn’t Jason going up. Instead of fighting it any longer, Shelli confirms to Jackie that she was in on the plan and supports Vanessa’s decisions.

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Clay and Shelli were even able to make it out that alive, though everything went downhill after Meg had her long conversation with Vanessa. Flashback to 2:30 PM for the talk between Meg and Vanessa. Vanessa told Meg that she was tremendously pressured into making the decision by the majority of the house. Meg asked her if she could clarify who the majority is. Vanessa tells her that everyone except her (Meg), Jackie, and James knew that Jason was going to be the one who was going up. Meg tells her that she’s going to have to talk with Clay and Shelli than because they’ve been acting like they had nothing to do with it. Vanessa tells her that if Clay and Shelli are acting surprised, she’s going to be pissed off.

While Meg was talking with Vanessa, Clay was talking with Jackie, James, and Jason, digging their hole a little deeper. Continuing to play innocent, Clay told them that someone has to be behind all of Vanessa’s big decisions like this one. Clay told them that Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, and John are the ones who have to be backing her play.

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Flashback to 3:05 PM for the meeting between Meg, Jackie, and eventually Jason and James comparing notes on Clay and Shelli. Meg and Jackie fill in each other about their talks with Vanessa and Clay & Shelli, concluding that Clay has lied to their face numerous times that day. Meg tells them that there is an alliance between Liz, Austin, Vanessa, Clay, and Shelli. Jason tells them that it means what Audrey exposed to them last week was actually the truth. Jason tells them that this means that Clay and Shelli are likely going to promise him their vote, when neither of them plan to actually vote for him. Jason tells Meg, Jackie, and James that the “house” that Vanessa keeps bringing up, are the exact people who Audrey called out the week prior.

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Even though Jason, Jackie, Meg, and Jackie know now that Clay and Shelli have been lying, Vanessa still doesn’t believe it. Vanessa called Clay and Shelli into the HOH room to tell them that people are trying to pull them apart by saying that they’re acting surprised and like they didn’t know about the plan. Shelli told her that they haven’t been saying anything to anyone. Vanessa tells her not to worry because she’s not going to believe anything they say, and that she’s going to be loyal to them until the end and can only hope that the feeling is mutual.

Jason eventually told Becky later that night that Shelli and Clay had been lying to them, and that Shelli is actually the one who has been behind everything. Jason told Becky that Shelli is the one who has been controlling the house, making the decisions, and influencing every HOH for the last four weeks. After finding out that they’ve been double crossed by Shelli and Clay, they’re both ready to go after them in the coming weeks, especially during a double eviction, which is the time that they agreed would be the best time to split Clay and Shelli up. Jason is making it clear to everyone that he’s been working with that they need to take out Shelli before jury if they want a chance at winning this game, so that means we’re going to be in for some good drama even after Jason leaves the house.

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