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Big Brother 17: BB Takeover Confirmed To Be Over

The biggest twist of the season that was shown in all the promos and commercials for Big Brother 17 was the brand new twist titled “BB Takeover”. A new twist was supposed to affect into the game each week, though the takeovers stopped after only week 3.

Julie Chen has BB Takeover Spoilers - Source: CBS

Julie Chen has BB Takeover News – Source: CBS

Both fans and houseguests have speculated as to what happened to the BB Takeover twist as they unexpectedly stopped only 3 weeks into the game. Instead of telling us what happened or why it was stopped, CBS decided to act like it had never existed, ignoring the fact fans would question each week if there was a new takeover happening.

Luckily for all the Big Brother fans that out there that were curious, a journalist from Reality Blurred caught up with Julie Chen at CBS’ TCA event for journalists, where Julie confirmed the BB Takeover twist is over, along with the reasoning behind it. Here’s what Julie had to say:

“We had so much going on, it was better to focus on the pure game–because the game is genius–and the twin twist. You don’t want to give the viewers too much to balance out between, ‘Oh, the power of veto. Oh the double HOHs.’ There was enough going on. You have to clean up a little bit. Pure game.”

This is about the same answer that most fans had guessed, though at least things are now confirmed and we now longer have to speculate if the BB Takeover will randomly return or not. Their reasoning has merit, as the season has been so dense with game related events that there has been next to no time for anything but game talk in the episodes.

This might disappoint some fans, other fans might not care. It would’ve been something neat to spice up the game, but it’s understandable why they cut it short. However we still think that they should’ve addressed this in an episode. Make sure to share this article so your friends will also know what happened to the twist!

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