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Big Brother 17: Austin & The Twins Tell Vanessa Everything

After weeks of plotting Vanessa’s demise and setting her up to be targeted by everyone, Austin, Julia, and Liz decided to tell Vanessa everything in regards to what people have been saying and planning behind her back.

Vanessa Rousso from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Vanessa Rousso from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

Austin, Julia, and Liz created an alliance with everyone in the house to ensure that Vanessa would be the main target, planting the seed that she needed to be taken out as soon as they get the chance, but now that they’ve been given the chance, Austin decided they should tell Vanessa about the plans, and everyone who has been plotting to get them out. Though they of course didn’t completely include themselves in these reveals, of course.

Flashback to 1:15 AM earlier this morning for Austin and Vanessa’s initial conversation. Austin told Vanessa that he wanted them to be back where they were at the beginning, when they told each other anything and everything, no secrets between the two of them. Austin began telling Vanessa that Becky told them about her working with everyone in the house, along with John planning to nominate her if he were to win HOH. Vanessa tells him that John led her to believe that they were good. Austin told her that is a lie, that John has been planning to get her out this entire time.

Liz joined the conversation shortly after. Vanessa began telling Liz that James, Meg, John, and Steve are working together. Liz told Vanessa that when she was HOH, those are the people who pushed her to backdoor Vanessa. Liz went on to say that everyone wanted her out last week, as well as everyone was dragging her name through the mud. Austin told Vanessa not to worry because Julia, Liz, and him would never doubt her again. Liz did warn Vanessa that James, Meg, John, and Steve might try to say things about them that aren’t necessarily true. Vanessa told them that they had cause to worry that they didn’t know, and whatever was said is now buried.

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The conversation between Austin, Julia, Liz, and Vanessa carried on for a couple hours, debating on who they should send home this week. As of now, it’s a toss up between John, Steve, and James. Vanessa has showed interest in all three, occasionally changing her mind throughout the conversation as she thinks about it, though Austin said later while alone with Liz that if they find out anything fishy about James, they’re going to have to send him out this week.

This could completely destroy Austin, Julia, and Liz’s game depending on what Vanessa does with this information and how much she believes her perceived enemies. If Vanessa were to confront John or any of the other people who Austwins threw under the bus, the people she confronted would know that Austwins exposed them, giving them free rein to expose everything to Vanessa, telling her about the alliances Austin and the twins formed behind her back to get her out. Especially if she were to confront James, and Austin is the one who initiated a 5 person alliance with the specific intent not to include Vanessa. We’ll just have to see what happens moving forward later this week.

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