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Big Brother 17: Austin & Liz Want Julia Nominated

In a very odd turn of events, Austin and Liz are both now pushing for Julia to be nominated as a pawn, even though Vanessa agreed to get the blood on her hands to nominate someone else, effectively giving them nothing to worry about.

Liz and Austin from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Liz and Austin from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

With James winning the veto, Austwins and Vanessa’s original plan to get James out was flushed down the toilet. James obviously planning to use the veto on himself means that Vanessa is going to have to name a replacement nominee, which would either be a pawn to ensure Meg goes home, or possibly another target to send home over Meg.

The idea to put up John and send him home was discussed, but later scrapped because Vanessa told Austwins that she needed him in the game as her shield. Vanessa mentioned the idea of Julia going up because there is no way that she’d go home and it would ensure Meg goes, though it was shut down because Julia didn’t say she was comfortable with that. Austin and Vanessa talked alone later, where Austin revealed to Vanessa that the twins were actually mad that was even brought up. After another hour of discussions, Vanessa agreed to nominate Steve because after last week’s blow up between the two of them, Steve pretty much owes her one. However after a short talk with Liz, they had different ideas.

Flashback to 2:40 am earlier this morning for the original idea being brought up. Austin came downstairs after his talk with Vanessa to tell Liz that Vanessa agreed not to put any of them up and instead put up Steve. Liz surprisingly told Austin that Vanessa should put up Julia because Steve was the pawn last week and she’ll feel bad. After Liz said this, Austin came to the realization that if they were to nominate Julia, James would obviously understand why they had to vote out Meg, while James would be rightfully upset with them if they were to keep Steve over Meg.

Austin and Liz went upstairs to wake Vanessa up and tell them their new idea. Austin explained to her their new fool proof way of keep James from being too peeved at them. Austin told her that if Julia goes up, James and Meg can’t even campaign for votes because they’d know they wouldn’t flip on Julia. Liz told Vanessa that Steve went up last week as the pawn and that she trusts him to vote out Meg over Julia. Vanessa thanked them for being okay with this, saying that this could even benefit Julia’s game because the excuse of never being nominated will not be able to be used anymore. Vanessa told them that she’ll talk with Julia about this [later today], and if she won’t hate her for putting her up, she’ll do it.

Being that this was brought up by Liz, it’ll be interesting to see how Julia takes being told she’s going up as the pawn, especially if Vanessa tells her that she was going to nominate Steve until Austin and Liz said something. If Julia is apprehensive about it, there is a chance that the plan could switch back to Steve, though Austin and Liz seem set with this plan and believe the logic is sound, so they’ll like try to talk Julia into being okay with it. Regardless, it’s still weird that Liz is wanting her own sister nominated when she didn’t have to be.

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