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Big Brother 17: Austin, Liz, & Julia Ready To Ditch Vanessa

After a crazy double eviction, Austin, Julia, Liz, and Vanessa were set up perfectly to control the entire game as they had double the numbers of all the remaining groups, but Austin and the twins have another idea to still control the numbers.

Austin's Angels from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Austin’s Angels from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

Austin and Vanessa had a falling out with Vanessa earlier in the day yesterday before the live show, though things seemed to be back to normal later in the night, even such that their alliance was given the official name “Austin’s Angels”. However, Austin, Liz, and Julia all now have serious doubts when it comes to Vanessa, as well as being okay with the possibility of her being taken out.

Flashback to 12:35am early this morning for the first signs of continued doubt in Vanessa’s true intentions. Austin brought up the deal that Vanessa made with John before tonight’s HOH competition even though he was who they agreed to go after. Liz agreed that it was a sneaky move on Vanessa’s part. Austin told her that they’re not going to let Vanessa make their decisions this week, as well as bringing up that them two and Julia should create a final 5 with James and Meg, leaving Vanessa out of the mix.

The final 5 deal between Austin, Liz, Julia, Meg, and James was solidified around 2:10am. Austin told Meg and James that Vanessa told them that they wanted a final 6 with all of them, but actually him and the twins are only looking for a final 5. Meg and James agreed with the idea, saying they really trusted them. James told Austin and the twins that Vanessa did tell him about a final 6, but also said she wanted to talk with him in private about something, likely another side deal. Austin told them that they’ll let Vanessa think they’re in a final 6, when the core will actually only be them 5.

After Meg and James left the room, Austin, Julia, and Liz discussed their next course of action. Austin brought up what Vanessa wanting to talk with James in private was about. Liz told him that is why they cannot trust Vanessa. Austin told the twins that what they need to let people know is that if they’re offering them protection and need a target for the next week, they’d be willing to vote Vanessa out.

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Flashback to 2:33am earlier this morning for the conversation between Becky, Austin, Julia, and Liz that ended up sealing the deal as to what Austwins will do moving forward. Becky began breaking down exactly what happened the week when Austin was almost nominated. Becky told them that James did throw it while Liz was nominated, along with Vanessa being the one who actually created the plan, unlike she claims. Becky also told them that it wasn’t her who told John about the 8 person deal, that it had to of been Vanessa.

Flashback to 3:17am to hear Austwins discuss what they think about the information they just learned. Austin told them that they’re in too deep with Vanessa to be the ones to take her out now, but that they need to keep Becky in the game so that she can take out Vanessa for them. Austin tells them that John has to go this week and between them three, Meg, and James, they’ll have the votes. Austin, Liz, and Julia begin ranting about how pissed they are about Vanessa trying to get James to throw the HOH when he was nominated alongside Liz, leaving Liz to win the Battle of the Block all by herself. Julia says that she thought she could trust Vanessa 100%, so she’s pissed. Austin told them that Vanessa is only wanting to work with them when it’s convenient for her.

Another conversation between Austwins regarding Vanessa was held at roughly 3:35am earlier this morning. Austin says they’ll ask Vanessa if James threw the BOB when he was nominated with Liz, so if she still denies it, that alone will be reason enough for them to tell Vanessa that they’re not doing her dirty work for her by getting out Becky. Austin tells them that they need Becky to stay so that her and Vanessa go after each other. Austin told the twins that they’ll tell Becky about their plan, but if she tells John that he’s the main target, Becky will be the one they evict. Austin let them know that they cannot let Vanessa know that they’re having any of these doubts about her.

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Going into this week, fans thought that it was just going to be the typical week of Vanessa controlling Austin and the twins, pushing her agenda through them, however quite the opposite has happened. New deals have been made behind her back, along with Vanessa’s inevitable demise being plotted. It’ll be interesting to see how Austin and the twins handle this, and if Julia will question Vanessa about some of the things they learned, which would tip Vanessa of that she’s being questioned, which means she’d tried to talk them off the ledge in regards to turning on her.

We’ll see if Austin and the twins plan to stick with the idea of keeping Becky to go after Vanessa as the week progresses because it wouldn’t be too surprising if Vanessa somehow manages to learn about their doubt and manages to save herself. We’ve seen her do it in the past. Nominations are today, so make sure you check back to find out who will be nominated for eviction!

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