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Big Brother 17: Austin and Julia Push For Liz To Stay

The Nolan twins are nominated for eviction and one of them will be headed to the jury house on Thursday; however, which twin it will be hasn’t been decided, as voters have told Julia and Liz that it’s up to them which of them stays or goes.

Liz and Julia from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Liz and Julia from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

The general agreement that the twins had going into the veto meeting was that if they end up on the block together, Julia would be the one to stay because she is less of a target than Liz is, though of course Austin is going to object to letting Liz go out the door because she’s his girlfriend and he needs someone he can touch throughout the day. During a discussion at the hammock last night with Austin, Julia herself started pushing for Liz to stay.

Flashback to 9:20pm last night for the conversation at the hammock with Austwins. Austin began telling the twins that he’s going to let them decide who should stay and he’ll support the decision, but he made sure to let the twins know that he doesn’t think Liz should give up after she’s done this well, and that Liz would be the favorite to win. Austin began making the case that arguments can go either way, because if John ends up winning the next HOH, him and whichever twin remains will be the ones going on the block, but at least Liz would still be in the running for $500k, not the $50k that they believe Julia would be after. Austin brought up that Vanessa is a big target for everyone, while Liz will only be a target for John. This is when Julia jumped on bored.

Julia told Liz that Austin is right, she should be the one who should stay because Liz is the one who has won all the HOH competitions and would be the favorite to win the game. Liz told both Austin and Julia at this point that she believes her mind is already made up and that Julia should be the one to stay. Austin tells Julia and Liz that Liz staying is better for the two of them, it’s not better for his game, but it’s better for Liz and that’s what he wants because he ‘loves her’. Austin added that this has been Liz’s season, and if he was a fan, he’d be sad to see her walk out like this. Julia agreed, saying that the end is near, so Liz should be going for first place instead of the second place that she’d only be able to get. Julia told Liz that her and Austin are going to be targeted, so Liz might as well be the one who stays. Liz told Julia that she needs to stop doubting herself, that she could start pulling out wins. Julia told Liz that she needs to stop saying she’s leaving Thursday because she’s starting to lean towards Liz staying. Liz told her sister that she’s leaning towards Julia staying.

The conversation about who to keep dissolved here, and Austwins began discussing a growing distrust in Vanessa. Julia mentioned that she has a bad feeling about the chance of John, Steve, and Vanessa having a final three deal. Liz agreed, saying that Vanessa has been playing both sides of the house, trying to be like Derrick, so she cannot be trusted.

Ultimately, it doesn’t come down to what the twins want. John and Vanessa are the two deciding votes, and they’re obviously going to do what is in their best interest before they just let something happen that is bad for their game that they can easily avoid. As of now, both John and Vanessa have plans to vote out Liz no matter what  agreement Austwins come up with, though Austin doesn’t know this and it’ll be interesting to see how he reacts if the twins do end up agreeing that Liz should be the one to stay.

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