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Big Brother 17: Audrey Middleton Receives A Penalty Vote

We’ve learned today that Audrey will be receiving a penalty vote at tonight’s eviction for eating pizza while being a have-not. This obviously doesn’t change how things were going to go, but the reasoning is what makes it interesting.

Audrey Middleton from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Audrey Middleton from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

This all happened the same day that everything else happened with Audrey. Flashback to 12:14 AM on July 21st for Becky telling everyone that she is making Audrey a pizza because production told her that she could make her food. This is pizza that ended up getting Audrey the penalty vote.

Becky said that production gave her permission more times than on that one occasion. Becky even elaborated as to why production allowed her to have normal food. Flashback to 7:09 PM on July 21st for Becky explaining that the food was for the 24 to 36 hours while Audrey was coming off of her medication.

We learned about this penalty vote today at 2:30 PM. Audrey told Vanessa that she thinks it was mean spirited for Becky to make her a pizza and say that production allowed it, then for her to be called into the diary room and told she’s going to be receiving a penalty vote for eating it. Vanessa said she didn’t think she did it out of meanness, rather actually out of kindness, but that she just made an assumption that she shouldn’t of.

I don’t exactly understand why Audrey would be the one getting the penalty vote for Becky saying that production approved it, but who knows. The pizza wasn’t the only have-not restriction she broke, so maybe that also played a factor. Regardless, it doesn’t exactly matter because the vote will be unanimous to evict Audrey, minus one vote. This is the first time since Big Brother 9 that someone is receiving a penalty for breaking have-not food restrictions.


Note: This isn’t official. This is going off of what Audrey has said.

  • bnietzsche

    but becky doesnt even like audrey. weird that she’d make her a pizza after all the shit she’s been talking about her

  • Peggy

    She’s just doing what production said. Who believes what lying Audrey said anyway?

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