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Big Brother 16: Team America completes their 8th mission

Team America’s task this week was to convince the houseguests that they saw a rodent in the house and keep everyone up until 6am trying to find it. Sadly, Team America decided to wait until nearly 3:30am to have their rodent sighting so it’d be easier to keep everyone up.


Frankie and Derrick spot a “rat” – Source: CBS

Flashback to 3:22 for Frankie initiating the task. Frankie was looking in the garbage when he started screaming that he saw a rat. Derrick runs away with him saying he saw it as well. Victoria also took off screaming and running.

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Caleb remained calm the entire time while trying to find the rat. He was trying to find the rat, looking all over the kitchen for it. Derrick and Frankie suggested they make traps and make a little “hunting expedition” for it. Caleb shot down the idea by saying “It’s a rat. They’re not stupid. What kind of trap would you even make?” Caleb tried calming Victoria because she continued to scream and talk about how scared she is.

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Everyone continued looking for the rat as Caleb tried making reason of the situation. Victoria make a rat “trap” out of a plate of honey, which she made by wasting 3 whole bottles of it. Things got even funnier as Cody finally came out of the DR and was so frightened that he remained standing on a chair for a good 5 minutes.

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Things quickly settled down as Caleb explained to everyone that it’s just a rat and that it couldn’t do actually an harm to anyone. Everyone sat around the kitchen talking about the rat. Cody is about as scared as Victoria, if not even more scared. They kept their knees in their seats so that the rat couldn’t hit their feet. Caleb remained unfazed and kept focused on finding this rat.

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Caleb tried educating everyone on rats and mouses, but everyone seemed to be more focused on being scared for their life. Derrick kept proposing they make a trap to make things fun, but Caleb still didn’t think it would do any good. Cody decided to sit and just watch the trap that Derrick’s “trap” that he set in case he saw anything. Caleb has decided that it wasn’t a rat that they saw, but it was just a full grown mouse. Cody started getting jumpy about everything. Every time someone would make a sudden noise, he’d get freaked out.

For the remainder of the time, houseguests spent their time either looking for or talking about the mouse. Caleb was dropping his “mouse knowledge” on everyone and explaining why he knew exactly what the mouse would be doing. Derrick also started stroking Caleb’s ego in order to motivated him to keep looking. He told him he’d be a “G” if he caught it and that it would be a new level of beastmode. Caleb said they’re going to catch it and that he loves doing stuff like this. Check out some of the picture highlights below:

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When 6am finally got there, Frankie and Cody where playing pool while Caleb, Derrick, and Victoria went into the DR to all do a DR together about the rat. We’ll likely being seeing this segment during Tuesday’s episode.

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