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Big Brother 16: Day 94 Recap!


We’re only 3 days away from the Big Brother 16 finale and it couldn’t come any sooner. Victoria still hasn’t given up and accepted that Derrick isn’t taking her, despite promising she’d stop. Victoria has resorted to literally begging both Derrick and Cody in front of each other in hopes that one of the two will take her to the end. Cody straight up told her that it isn’t going to happen.


2:55 PM BBT: Victoria asks Derrick if he remembers when they were outside and she asked him who he would take to the final 2 and he said her. Derrick tells her that she has already asked him that and says he doesn’t remember saying that. Victoria says that she just wanted to know if he remembered saying that or not.

5:20 PM BBT: Derrick and Cody agree that there is no way for the two of them to not make it to the final 2 together. Derrick tells Cody that DR will not let him tell Victoria that she isn’t going to the final 2 so that she’d stop badgering him.

6:15 PM BBT: Less than 10 seconds after Cody goes inside, Victoria says to Derrick “What if you broke up the Hitmen? Wouldn’t that be epic?”. Derrick tells her that it depends on who you ask. He says it’d be epic for her. Victoria says she’ll do anything for Derrick to take her to the final 2.

9:55 PM BBT: Victoria starts to beg both Derrick and Cody in front of each other for one of them to take her to the final 2. She says that whoever takes her has a guaranteed win. Cody asked if Victoria would scratch his head. She replied with “If you take me (to final 2)”. Victoria tells Derrick that he should listen to his heart on who he should take to the final 2. Cody says that his heart says to take him. Victoria finishes with saying that she hates the Hitmen.

Victoria continues to beg, she tells Cody and Derrick that she’ll do anything if one of them take her to the end. Victoria says that it (final 3 speech) isn’t even a fair argument because she’s so hopeless. Victoria asks Cody in front of Derrick that wouldn’t he want to take someone who he knows he can win $500,000 against. Cody says he doesn’t know anything. Derrick tells Victoria that her mom is going to be pissed at her for begging so much. Victoria says there is nothing else she can do because the two of them have already won.

Victoria continues to beg for one of them to take her to the end. Cody says he’d never take her to the end and questions why he would ever cross Derrick.

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