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Big Brother 16: Day 93 Recap!


Days in the Big Brother house are becoming long and strenuous as there is nothing for the houseguests to do. Cody, Derrick, and Victoria spend most of their time either lounging around or playing pool. However Victoria still spends a good portion of her day trying to figure out where Derrick’s had is at, which led to him eventually revealing his hand to her. Get the highlights of everything that happen today below.


1:20 PM BBT: Victoria tells Derrick that he told her earlier in the season that he just had to tell Cody whatever he needed to hear. Derrick says he did that to keep her in the game. Derrick tells Victoria that she is like a little sister to him and he protected her both game wise and personally. Derrick adds that there is a difference between Big Brother and people who he cares about personally. He says regardless of how mad she is at him, he cares about her. Victoria tells Derrick that she isn’t mad at him, she’s mad at herself for losing the second part of the final HOH because now she isn’t in control anymore.

Derrick tells Victoria that every week he came up with a reason to justify her staying in the house while others wanted her out and doubted her abilities. He adds that he didn’t do it because she asked him to, but because he wanted to do it. Derrick tells Victoria that the loyalty he’s shown her doesn’t usually happen in Big Brother. Derrick tells her that they’re both fortunate to be at the point where they are because it doesn’t happen often. Derrick points out that it seems like she is doubting everything that happened this season. Victoria says she’s down because she is not in control. Derrick asks her when was she ever in control of her own fate. Victoria says she was in control in the beginning because she was winning competitions to save herself.

Derrick asks Victoria why she is acting like this all of a sudden and asks if she would have expected him to act like this if she would have won the HOH yesterday. Victoria tells Derrick that she is acting like this because he is sitting really good right now and she feels helpless. She says that he knew no matter who won the HOH yesterday, he knew he was going to be in the final 2. Derrick tells her that Cody might take her to the end because he thinks he could beat her. Victoria says that Cody wouldn’t do that because of their Hitmen alliance. Victoria says she wishes she knew how close the two of them were so she could have prepared emotionally. She says that ever after the first part of the final HOH, Derrick kept saying “Don’t worry. I got you”. Derrick tells her that they have a real friendship outside of this game.

Victoria begins crying and tells Derrick that she just feels so helpless and it sucks. Derricks says that he feels like for the last 12 hours, that he should be apologizing to her for actually trying in the last HOH competition. Victoria says that it isn’t like that at all. Derrick says it’s hard for him to be happy about winning when she is mad at him for it. Victoria says she is just mad at herself  and has nothing to do with Derrick. She says she’s only mad about losing even though she made no mistakes and did her best.

6:05 PM BBT: Victoria tells Derrick that he is the one that told her that whoever sits next to Cody is going to lose. Derrick says there is a good chance that they would. Victoria asks why he would just want to hand it to him. Derrick says it’s not about that. Victoria brings up that she was talking about throwing the second part of the final HOH because Derrick would have a better shot than her at beating Cody. Derrick says he told her not to do that. Victoria says that she would have never thought he’d weigh the options between her and Cody. Derrick says there is a big difference between game and personal.

Victoria brings up their conversation after Caleb’s eviction when she questioned if Derrick would go against Cody after his loyalty speech. Derrick says he doesn’t believe she asked him that. Victoria says it would have been better for him to just tell her that he was torn on who he’d take to the final 2. Derrick tells her that it would have done nothing but shake her up. Victoria says she feels like Derrick didn’t mention the difficulty between choosing who to take to the end until after he won the second HOH. Derrick says that’s because he wasn’t even thinking about finale.

Derrick tells Victoria that he cares about her differently than he cares about Cody but game wise, he sees them equally. He says that it must be tough for her because she didn’t feel like that but says he thought that was their understanding. Victoria tells Derrick that she thought they had the same idea on who they’d both have the same vision, but she guesses she was wrong. Derrick says he didn’t intentionally make her feel like that. Derrick told Victoria that if he wanted to burn her, he could have just got her to throw the last competition and take Cody to the end. Derrick says he didn’t want to do that to her in case he did end up taking Cody. Derrick says that he wouldn’t have held it against her if she won the last HOH competition and took Cody to the end cause she felt like she had a better chance at beating him.

After Derrick said “Regardless if he (Cody) wins or I win…”, Victoria tells him that he knows what he’s going to do now because he left her name out cause she is out of the picture. Derrick tells her that every 2 hours, she is coming at him with a different angle trying to find out where he’s at. He adds that he is making his decision on who he takes to the end based on game, not personal feelings. Victoria tells him that she wonders why he doesn’t want to take her over Cody when he knows he has a better shot at beating her. Derrick tells her that he doesn’t believe that is the case because she has a very good shot at winning it. He tells her that people have been saying that if she were to make it to the end, they’re going to vote for her. Victoria says that she feels like both him and Cody have a better argument as to why they should win it over her. Derrick says that doesn’t matter to this jury because they’ll vote based on their personal feelings, not game.

7:05 PM BBT: Derrick tells Cody that he just asked to speak to someone. Derrick tells him that make it any clearer to Victoria that she isn’t going to the final 2 without breaking any rules. Derrick says that it’s driving him nuts because he cannot continue on like this for four more days.

8:45 PM BBT: Victoria gives Derrick a hug and tells him that he loves her. Victoria promised him that she wouldn’t bring up the same topic like she has been. Derrick told Victoria that if he is in the end with Cody, that she shouldn’t vote for him (Derrick). Victoria questions why she wouldn’t. Derrick says he is just telling her to do what she wants. Derrick tells her that if she doesn’t vote for him, he isn’t going to hold it against her and says they’ll still be friends outside the house.

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