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Big Brother 16: Day 91 Recap!


We’ve reached the last week of Big Brother 16 and this means that there is just about no game-talk left to be discussed. Most of what we see is “I promise to take you (to the final 2)” and “I promise to take you too”. However, the most interesting discussion revolves around who Derrick would take to the end with him if he were to pull out the last two HOH wins. Would he take Cody, his fellow Hitman, or would he take Victoria, the person he knows without a shadow of a doubt that he’d win against?


9:00 AM BBT: The final 3 get footage for the “memory lane” segment where they reminisce on the events that happened this summer.

1:15 PM BBT: The final 3 play basketball with plastic fruits.

5:00 PM BBT: The final 3 decide to play Hide N Seek.

11:28 PM BBT: Victoria says to Derrick “So we’re like family and he’s (Cody) like your ally…” Derrick interrupted and asked what she’s insinuating. Victoria tells him that he knows what she is trying to say (That he’d take Cody to the final 2 over her). Derrick tells her that she is just paranoid. Victoria says she’s not paranoid and she knows that it makes sense (to take his ally, not family, to the end) because they’re in a game.

Derrick tells Victoria that she is like a little sister to him and Cody is his bro/ally. Derrick adds that it’s tough separating game from personal relationships like theirs and says he wouldn’t just make a decision and choose Cody just cause he’s his ally. Victoria tells him that she’s just been thinking about scenarios. Derrick tells her that she needs to be focusing on what tomorrow’s competition could be.

Victoria continues and says that Derrick has good relationships with both her and Cody (so she doesn’t know who he’d take to the end). Derrick asks who hasn’t he had a good relationship and questions why she’s asking this all of a sudden. Derrick finishes the conversation by telling her that if he wins the second part of the HOH tomorrow, they’ll talk about who he’s taking. Derrick tells her that he cares about her, he knows her situation, and has her back.

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