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Big Brother 16: Day 90 Recap!


Today is a big day in the Big Brother house as we’ll be down to only three houseguests and the first part of the 3-part final HOH will take place later this evening. Due to Cody’s POV win, we already know who to expect our final 3 shall be. However, depending on if production gets their wishes or not, we could be in for quite the reaction when Caleb receives the news.


9:05 AM BBT: Wake up call.

9:12 AM BBT: Cody tells Derrick that he’s starting to rationalize in his head that sending Caleb out isn’t disloyal at all due to Caleb’s past actions. Derrick tells Cody that they’d look stupid if they took Caleb and both didn’t make it to the final 2.

Cody was working on what to say to Caleb as he was walking out the door because they aren’t to tell Caleb before-hand because “The fucking big dog (production) came in for this one.” Cody says he thinks the season has been going well because production told him “Everything has been going really well.” Derrick tells him that it’s the opposite because “the season has been too predictable and they want a real reaction.”

Cody begins listing off reasons why it’s not disloyal to send Caleb out the door. Cody brings up that during week 3, Caleb kept getting called into the DR so he could talk bad about him with Amber because all Caleb cared about was his romance that Amber didn’t even want apart of. Derrick agrees with everything Cody says to motivate him to send Caleb out the door this evening.

Derrick says that Caleb should already know that he’s going because they’d be dumb to take him over Victoria when they’re able to take Victoria and guarantee a final 2 spot while as taking Caleb could be a gamble because he’s capable of winning competitions.

2:00 PM BBT: Caleb is still unaware that he’ll be getting sent out. He tells Derrick: “Do you know how much crap I’ll get from Frankie if I was the next one out? He’ll be like “I told you that you should have kept me!”

5:30 PM BBT: Caleb has been evicted from the Big Brother house.

6:05 PM BBT: Cody says he can’t believe that they made a deal on day 2 and actually made it where they said they would and they just need to win this final 3 HOH so secure their spot in the final 2. Cody asks if it was messed up that they just sent Caleb out. Derrick tells him no because Caleb had a final 2 with Amber, Devin, and Frankie, not with either of them.

Cody and Derrick agree that they have to make it to the final 2 together otherwise the jury would smoke them if they were separate. Derrick tells Cody that during the endurance portion of the final 3 HOH, he’ll just fall off if Victoria is already out so that he doesn’t kill himself.

6:10 PM BBT: Derrick congratulates Victoria and tells her that this is her chance to win and secure their spot in the final 2. Derrick says he’s surprised that what he said to Cody actually worked and got Caleb evicted.

8:55 PM BBT: Cody wins Round 1 of final HOH competition.

9:10 PM BBT: Derrick tells Cody that his odds are good against Victoria in Round 2 but doesn’t want Cody to be pissed if he somehow loses. Cody goes into the other room and begins saying “Fucking scared to lose to Victoria? Is that a fucking joke?”

9:30 PM BBT: Victoria asks Derrick if he threw the competition. Derrick gives a direct no and says it’s “unbelievable” that she would think that. Victoria says she didn’t see him slip off. Derrick says he didn’t slip off but stepped off because he couldn’t feel his hand. Victoria tells Derrick that it looked like he was doing just fine. Derrick says he was shaking like a leaf the entire time. Victoria says she didn’t mean to hurt his feelings, she was just confused.

9:50 PM BBT: Derrick tells Cody that he is going to smoke Victoria in the mental part of the HOH competition. Cody tells Derrick about him getting frustrated earlier with him even thinking there was a chance of him losing to Victoria. Cody says that The Hitmen are the best alliance to ever be on Big Brother.

10:20 PM BBT: Derrick asks Victoria if she thinks he is guaranteed final 2. Victoria tells him yes because Cody is going to take him over her. Derrick tells Victoria that she could beat him in tomorrow’s competition and hopes she can beat Cody in the final 3 if she does. Victoria says that is why she almost rather not win.

Victoria tells Derrick that she is thinking about throwing the next round of the HOH competition because she is confident that Derrick can beat Cody in the final round. Victoria tells Derrick if he does win the final HOH, he better take her. Derrick tells her not to worry and says “I’ll take care of ya.”

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