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Big Brother 16: Day 89 Recap!


We weren’t supposed to get any feeds today until after tonight’s “Special Eviction” aired but someone in the control room screwed up and the feeds were on just long enough to reveal who was evicted and who won the final 4 HOH.


11:54 AM BBT: Feeds cut on for roughly 5 minutes. Everyone has on veto shirts. Caleb and Cody are in the living room just talking about general things. Derrick is up in his HOH room with a license plate that says “#1 Dad”, meaning it is confirmed that he has won the final 4 HOH. Victoria is in the bathroom which confirms that Frankie has been evicted. Feeds were taken down just before noon.

9:00 PM BBT: Feeds return. We learn that Derrick nominated Caleb & Victoria and Cody won the POV. Caleb has been wondering why Victoria is acting so happy when she’ll be getting sent out tomorrow. Caleb is unaware that Derrick and Cody plan on sending him out tomorrow to assure that The Hitmen make final 2. Caleb will likely be getting blindsided during tomorrow’s eviction.

10:40 PM BBT: Derrick tells Victoria that she has a good shot at staying but he doesn’t know what Cody will do. Derrick reassures her that he told Cody why they should take her over Caleb. Derrick also tells her that Cody has been giving him reasons why it’s best for them to send out Caleb over her so things are looking up for her.

11:05 PM BBT: Derrick asks if Caleb is tried. Cody tells him that he thinks Caleb is nervous, tired, and depressed. Derrick says it’s better Caleb goes than it end up costing one of them if Caleb were to win the F3 HOHs. Cody says that Caleb deserves to know that he is leaving and says he will explain to Caleb that sending him out betters him and Derrick’s shot at final 2.

Cody says that he’s going to reveal The Hitmen to Caleb during his POV speech tomorrow. Derrick says that Caleb is going to be super pissed because Caleb has been saying “me and you till the end” for weeks now. Derrick says that since Cody’s going to be straight up with Caleb, he hopes that Caleb respects that and rolls with it. Cody says that Caleb knows it would be dumb of them to keep him around over Victoria.

1:33 AM BBT: Cody tells Derrick that he thinks Victoria would still take him (Derrick) despite their fighting but adds that he knows it’s still best to keep her over Caleb because she’ll be easier to beat in the final 3. Derrick adds that Caleb might take him over Cody because he’s the weaker player and at least Victoria can’t win anything.

2:20 AM BBT: Victoria tells Derrick that if they were to make it to the final 2 together, Derrick would win the entire thing. Derrick tells her she might win if she were to pull out these last couple HOH wins. Derrick tells Victoria that the one person she couldn’t beat is Cody because of all his friends in the jury and his competition wins. (Implying it’s best for her to take him if she won the final 3 HOHs)

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  • Just Me

    Pretty cool that someone messed up and gave us all a hint of who won HOH. I can’t help wonder if it was truly accidental or done intentionally. lol We may never know.

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