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Big Brother 16: Day 87 Recap!


It’s a big day in the Big Brother house as Frankie’s fate rides on the POV ceremony. He is still unaware he’ll be leaving and he might not be aware of it until Julie tells the houseguests the voting results because if Derrick gets his way, Frankie will be blindsided so that he won’t be able to trash talk any of them. Get the full recap of today’s events below!


11:40 AM BBT: Cody decided not to use the POV.

1:05 PM BBT: Caleb and Derrick reassure Victoria that she isn’t going home this week and Frankie is. Derrick tells Victoria not to campaign at all because nothing that Frankie can say will change their minds and if Victoria goes off trying to campaign the wrong way, it could end up hurting her. Caleb tells Victoria that Frankie’s coffin is sealed and she has nothing to worry about.

1:30 PM BBT: Frankie tells Caleb that he talked to Cody today and him & Derrick are on board with keeping him around this week. Frankie tells Caleb that doesn’t want to walk into Wednesday expecting one thing and then get blindsided so if they’re thinking about getting him out, sit him down in a room and tell him that so he doesn’t get his hopes up. Frankie tells Caleb that he would respect the philosophy of getting him out since he’s a big player and they couldn’t beat him.

2:05 PM BBT: Caleb tells Derrick that if he goes out third, he’ll be okay with it because he can bank on winning America’s Favorite Player. Caleb adds that he honestly doesn’t believe that him or Cody would send him out before Victoria.

Caleb tells Derrick about Frankie exposing his game last night. Derrick was able to make light of the situation and defuse it all. Caleb didn’t believe any of it to begin with, so Derrick just said “I wish” to most of what Caleb was telling him about what Frankie said. Derrick tells Caleb that Frankie will say anything to get out of the hole he’s in and Derrick points out how nice Frankie is to him in front of everyone and how fake he is behind closed doors.

Derrick tells Caleb that Frankie is going home this week but warns him about the lies that Frankie is going to make up as a last resort for safety. Derrick tells Caleb that Frankie has nothing bad to say about him so he’s going around and saying the good things about him. Derrick tells Caleb that they might not even let Frankie knows he’s going and just let him go meet Julie in athletic clothes. Caleb says they can have a group discussion and just let Frankie know. Derrick says he’ll talk to Cody and see what he thinks about it.

2:40 PM BBT: Victoria tells Derrick that if he makes final 2 with Cody, he probably has Caleb’s vote because Caleb has talked about how much he respects Derrick’s game and how Derrick has been loyal to everyone along with never saying a bad word about anybody.

2:45 PM BBT: Caleb tells Derrick that they need to let Cody win the next HOH because if Derrick wins it, Cody might try to get him to make a move. Derrick tells Caleb that he doesn’t think Cody would ever try to do that. Derrick changes the subject and says that they just need to get to Wednesday because Frankie scares him because he knows Frankie isn’t going to be respectful about leaving.

9:55 PM BBT: Cody tells Caleb that he wants to tell Frankie that he’s leaving because that would be the respectable thing to do. Caleb says he doesn’t care what they choose to do but he thinks Frankie already knows. Caleb begins to justify sending Frankie home by saying that Zach, Amber, and Devin all went home under his hand so Frankie hasn’t really been true to their alliance. Caleb also brings up that Frankie told Nicole to nominate Caleb, Cody, Derrick, and Zach.

Derrick joins and the eventually come to an agreement that they will tell Frankie the night before he’s leaving. They don’t know that now is the night before the eviction, so they will either tell Frankie an hour before he leaves or they just won’t tell him at all.

10:35 PM BBT: Cody and Derrick come up with the plan to nominate each other with Victoria in the final 4 so that if Caleb does win the POV, he’ll feel like whoever didn’t nominate him actually has his back where as if they nominated Caleb with Victoria over one of them, Caleb could use that as ammo to target one of the two. But if one of them win the POV, they’ll use it on one another to send Caleb home. Cody says that he’d rather just put up Caleb and send him home, but it’s their safest bet to nominate each other and essentially backdoor Caleb. (It’s not actually a backdoor)

11:10 PM BBT: Derrick tells Victoria that she needs to be careful what she is saying to people because she is drunk and it was only last night that she slipped up and told Cody that Hayden didn’t like him and she was sober. Victoria tells Derrick that he’s making her feel bad. Derrick says she should hear the truth rather than a lie that could mess her own game up. Derrick reminds Victoria that Frankie hasn’t been evicted yet and if she says the wrong thing, Cody and Caleb could flip on her and there is nothing that can be done. Victoria says she knows she’s screwed up and won’t do it again.

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