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Big Brother 16: Day 86 Recap!


After the most important veto of the season was played, we knew the rest of the week would be final 3 and final 2 discussions. Derrick has the perfect home stretch to the $500,000 ahead of him. CBS could write the check now because we know who’s going to win Big Brother 16.


3:05 PM BBT: Derrick tells Cody that if he wins the next HOH, he’s going to put up Victoria and Caleb, one of them will win veto, then Cody said they send Caleb packing. Cody says “f*** it” and mentions that they didn’t make any promises to Caleb so he should almost expect to be crossed. Cody says that for the Hitmen to get to the final 2, Caleb has got to go next. Derrick agrees and says that Caleb will beat both of them in the end so they have to take each other because the jury hates them equally.

Derrick says even if Caleb did manage to pull out the veto, he believes that Caleb would stay loyal to them until final 3. Derrick says if he wins the veto he’s going to say he made a promise to Cody on day 2 and he’s going to have to uphold that and not use the veto on Caleb. Derrick says the thing that scares him about Caleb and Frankie is that they have a true friendship together. Cody questions if it’s really a friendship or Caleb sees Frankie’s sister as a chance for him.

4:35 PM BBT: Caleb tells Derrick that the way they guarantee that both of them are in the final 2 is sending Frankie out. Caleb says if Cody didn’t win the veto, he would have wanted to send him out. Derrick agrees and says that if Cody makes it to the end he has a good chance of winning. Caleb tells Derrick that he hopes it’s him, Cody, and Derrick battling it out in the final 3 but getting Cody out next is an option.

Derrick tells Caleb that it would be stupid for Caleb to take Cody to the end because Cody has a good shot at winning. Caleb says he wouldn’t take Cody to the end in a million years and says he doesn’t care who he wins against. Caleb says the plan is get Frankie out, the three guys go at it, and just hope that it’s them two in the final 2.

5:05 PM BBT: Frankie tells Cody that if he was voted Fan Favorite, it wouldn’t be because of Ariana Grande, it would be because he’s truly Fan Favorite. Frankie adds that there is no guarantee that he gets Fan Favorite so they shouldn’t vote him out because of it. Frankie says that Caleb has a good shot at winning Fan Favorite. Cody says that Donny and Zach would smoke Caleb in a Fan Favorite vote.

Frankie begins going over all the things he’s done for Caleb and how he’s kept him safe and how Derrick has never been nominated. Frankie says Caleb nominating him is going to be looked at as a backstab and a cowardly act. Frankie says he’ll never make the mistake of keeping Caleb safe again. Frankie apologizes to Cody for using the POV on Caleb over him and that is his biggest regret in this game.

Frankie tells Cody that it’s smart for Caleb to want him out but it’s dumb for him or Derrick to want him out because they know his target is Caleb and not the two of them.

5:35 PM BBT: Caleb asks Cody and Derrick when they are to tell Frankie he’s leaving. Cody wants to tell Frankie the night before but Caleb suggests they just blindside him so that Frankie can’t destroy them on national TV during his speech. Cody says Frankie deserves better than that. Caleb then throws out the idea of telling Frankie right after he gives his nomination speech. Caleb then goes inside and Derrick asks Cody what he thinks about blindsiding Frankie. Cody is adamant and says he’s not going to do it.

Caleb comes back outside and the guys agree to tell Frankie that he is leaving the night before the eviction. They all think that Frankie already knows he’s leaving and shouldn’t be too shocked because they all know Frankie would do the same thing if he was in their position.

2:00 AM BBT: Frankie says it’s weird that Caleb thinks he would take Derrick to the end over him. Caleb says it’s just game. Frankie says if it’s just game, than why would he want to keep him this week. Caleb tells him that honestly, loyalty, and integrity mean a lot to him so that’s why. Frankie says that’s why it hurt him so much when he was put on the block because putting him on the block after all he’s done for Caleb isn’t honorable. Frankie tells Caleb that he talked to Cody and Derrick that he was pissed so they might bring it up to him.

Caleb tells Frankie that there has been 3 people (Cody, Derrick, Frankie) that have been loyal to him and that he’s been loyal to. Frankie chimes in and say that nobody has been more loyal to him than he has. Caleb says that neither of them have told anybody to put him on the block because they were scared. Caleb says that Frankie has done that. Caleb says he’s been loyal to the 3 and hasn’t put any of them up nor try to backdoor any of them.

Caleb tells Frankie that the reason he put him up is because Cody was just up last week as the pawn so it wouldn’t be fair for him and Derrick was the one who got screwed by the rewind because he didn’t get to compete in either HOHs. Frankie says that it doesn’t matter because there wasn’t a chance in hell that Derrick was going to win that HOH. Frankie says that he has won that HOH and he’s earned the right to be safe for the week. Caleb says that he’d be doing wrong no matter who he put up. Caleb says it wouldn’t be fair of him to put up Derrick because Derrick has been loyal to him the entire game.

Caleb reiterates that neither Cody or Derrick have wronged him in any way. Frankie says “That you know of”. Caleb says they haven’t and he knows for sure that Derrick hasn’t but he doesn’t know about Cody. Caleb says he does know that Frankie told Nicole when she won HOH to put up him, Cody, Derrick, and Zach up and went to Christine for a final 2 deal. Caleb tells Frankie that when he felt like his back was up against a wall, he has done a lot.

Frankie says the bullshit that gets in between him and Caleb is when Caleb believes everything he hears. Frankie adds that Caleb is believing Cody and Derrick over him because he thought he’d use the veto on Victoria if he won. Caleb said he didn’t think that, what he did think that if someone was going to be the one to make a big move and use it on Victoria, Frankie was the one to do it so he was just playing it safe. Frankie says if he wanted to make a big move, he would have done it last week.

Frankie says his biggest fear is Cody and Derrick coming together and saying that they should get him out and take Victoria with them so that they’d be guaranteed final 3 and if he goes home this week, Caleb will be the reason because of it. Caleb tries to refute but Frankie says that he’s the one who put him up and he’s the one who could have kept him safe. Caleb says Frankie winning the veto would have kept him safe.

Caleb tells Frankie that he should feel safe but if there was ever a time where he wasn’t safe, Cody and Derrick would sit him down and tell him that he would be going. Caleb says if Cody and Derrick ever told him anything behind closed door, he’d tell him about it. Frankie tell Caleb that he’s jealous of him and Cody because Caleb likes Cody so much more than him and Frankie says that Cody stole Caleb from him. Caleb says that him and Cody haven’t even been close.

Frankie asks Caleb if he feels like Cody and Derrick are trying to pin them against each other. Caleb says he doesn’t feel that. Frankie says he does and that they are threatened by how close the two of them are. Caleb says he doesn’t feel like that so Frankie says “good”.

Caleb tells Frankie that if they decided on sending Frankie home, Cody and Derrick aren’t the kind of guys that would just blindside him. Caleb says they’re both good guys and they’d straight up tell him the truth if he was going to go home. Frankie says they should act like they hate each other since Cody and Derrick think they’re so tight. Caleb says that he’s sure that if Cody won the final HOH, he’d take Derrick because it would be the smarter thing to do because he’ll have an easy win vs not know if he could beat Caleb or not.

Frankie exposed Derrick’s entire game to Caleb. Read full story here.

2:25 AM BBT: Derrick and Cody discuss what would happen if Caleb won the F4 POV and went to the final 3 with them. Derrick tells Cody that Cody will be able to beat Caleb in physical part of the final 3 HOH, then Derrick would have to go up against him in the mental part, if for some reason he lost, Cody would then have to beat Caleb again in the third part but if Derrick does win the mental, it’ll be locked in place that they’re going to the final 2 together.

Derrick and Cody agree that when they send Caleb out, they’ll say it was an equal decision so that the burden is on the both of them so Caleb can’t be bitter and spiteful towards just one. Cody says they can just tell Caleb that he’ll win Fan Favorite and he’ll be okay.

Derrick tells Cody that it sounds like Cody’s convinced that it’s best that they send Caleb out next and take Victoria with them to final 3. Cody says that he knows it’s the easier way to guarantee that they make final 2.

Cody asks how they’ll tell Frankie he’s going. Derrick tells him that 60% of him wants to tell Frankie, the other 40% doesn’t want to tell him because if they blindside Frankie, it doesn’t give Caleb the chance to talk with Frankie behind closed doors as if it was all their idea to get him out. Derrick says if they blindside Frankie, they can both throw Caleb under the bus in their goodbye speeches. Cody says there is nothing Frankie can say on national TV to crush him if they were to tell Frankie than he already has been by zingbot. Derrick says he isn’t opposed to telling him, he was just thinking about both sides.

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