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Big Brother 16: Day 85 Recap!


It’s been an interesting day in the Big Brother house as everything rides on tonight’s veto. Their entire plan could crumble or Frankie could be walking out the door on Tuesday. Team America also learned that if either of them win, they’ll be getting a $50,000 bonus. We never voted on this, but they think we did.


1:30 PM BBT: Derrick comes out of the DR to tell Frankie that they’re going to get a $50,000 bonus if either of them two win. Frankie says this is more proof than there has ever been that America does love them (because he thinks we voted on this). Derrick tells Frankie that they have to make it there together so that at least one of them is guaranteed money.

Derrick and Frankie agree that there only option is to send Caleb home next week. Derrick tells Frankie that Caleb is a great kid but he doesn’t think he could be Frankie in the end so that’s why Caleb’s been gunning for him. Frankie doesn’t understand why Caleb thinks that so Derrick points out that the only thing you can’t take away from Frankie is his competition wins. Derrick says it would come down to the final 3 minute speech and he wonders if the jury will believe that Caleb’s done nothing.

Derrick tells Frankie that their only option to guarantee that one of them gets the $50,000 bonus and that would be for them to go to the final 2 together. Derrick tells Frankie that if he wins HOH, he’s going to put Caleb on the block and have Frankie vote him out. Derrick mentions that Caleb and Cody obviously have some type of understanding. Derrick asks if they could beat Cody in the end. Frankie says they can because he has less competition wins and hasn’t done anything in the game.

Frankie tells Derrick that if he wins the $575,000, he will just take $550,000 and let Derrick walk away with $100,000. They believe that they have $25,000 from Team America missions, so Frankie would be giving Derrick his Team America earnings and just take the original grand prize along with the $50,000 bonus. Full story here.

4:20 PM BBT: Victoria tells Derrick that Frankie keeps trying to feed her bullshit for a jury vote. Derrick asks her what Frankie’s saying and Victoria gives example of “You’re such a strong woman” and “I look up to you so much”.

4:40 PM BBT: Derrick asks Frankie how he’s feeling about today. Frankie says he wished that production would just take down the memory wall. Frankie says he has memorized the best he can and he can only trust his instincts when it comes to problem solving quickly.

Derrick tells Frankie that he’s pretty sure that they’ve completed 5 out of their 8 missions but says there is 9 missions total now. Derrick says unfortunately they both can’t win the final mission. Derrick points out to Frankie that if things go according to plan, they’ll at least be guaranteed $75,000 in only 3 months time. That is from $25,000 in Team America missions and $50,000 from second place.

Derrick asks Frankie what their course of action will be for next week. Frankie says they should get rid of Caleb because he will take Cody to the end over them two. Derrick agrees and asks out of Caleb and Cody, who would jury like more. Frankie says Caleb because he’s done more. Derrick starts to question which way Jocasta would vote but Frankie says Jocasta will vote for Caleb over anyone. Derrick and Frankie agree that it would be a travesty if either of them didn’t win.

8:55 PM BBT: Cody wins the POV!

9:00 PM BBT: Derrick promises Victoria that Frankie is going to be going home and she has nothing to worry about. Derrick tells her not to give any hint to Frankie that he’s going home because he still doesn’t win.

9:05 PM BBT: Caleb tells Cody that it’s good he won it but even if he didn’t, Derrick would have. Caleb says that he guaranteed him, Cody, Derrick, and Victoria final 4, and Cody guaranteed him, Cody, and Derrick final 3.

9:13 PM BBT: Victoria tells Cody that she is worried Frankie is going to destroy her in his speech. Cody tells her that Frankie wouldn’t do that because Frankie isn’t that type of person.

9:27 PM BBT: Derrick asks Cody if he understands how big this is because they’re now guaranteed final 2. Cody asks when they should break the bad news to Frankie. Cody says that Caleb wants to do it now but he thinks they should wait until after the veto ceremony. Derrick agrees with Cody that they shouldn’t tell Frankie now.

Derrick says they get Caleb out next week when they get the chance. Cody says they should stay loyal and he doesn’t think Caleb would turn on them so they should take him to the final 3. Derrick says he’s okay with that.

9:35 PM BBT: Caleb tells Cody and Derrick that he wants it to be a 1-1 vote so that he can be the one to send Frankie home. Both Cody and Derrick say “No way” and tell Caleb that it’s going to be a 2-0 vote for Frankie to leave.

9:55 PM BBT: Caleb tells Cody that as crazy as it sounds, he wants to be in the final 2 with the other strongest competitor. Caleb adds that people like Derrick make it to the end all the time because he’s just going to get second place.

10:05 PM BBT: Derrick tells Victoria that she needs to stay close to Caleb and Cody this week. Derrick tells her regardless of what happens, if he’s in the jury and Victoria makes it to the end, she has his vote. Victoria tells Derrick that she’d take Cody over Caleb if she won the final 3 HOH.

10:20 PM BBT: Caleb asks Victoria if she thinks he could beat Cody in the end. Victoria says she doesn’t know and that it could be close. Caleb tells Victoria that he thinks he would win because he’ll have Derrick’s, Nicole’s, Hayden’s, Donny’s, and Jocasta’s vote. Caleb adds that even if he did get cut at the final 3, at least he’ll get Fan favorite.

10:35 PM BBT: Caleb and Derrick agree that if there is another button, they’re not going to push it. Caleb says he’ll guard it to make sure that nobody else does push it. Caleb tells Derrick that the best thing that could happen is it’s them in the final 2. Derrick tells Caleb that Cody is becoming a beast and if Cody wins a HOH and a POV, he’ll be caught up with Caleb and Caleb would have trouble beating him in the end. Caleb and Derrick agree that they’re guaranteed final 3 because they’ll be getting Victoria out next.

11:40 PM BBT: Victoria asks Derrick if he has a final 2 with Caleb. Derrick says he doesn’t and asks why. Victoria tells him that Derrick needs to get on that because Caleb is talking about taking Cody over him. Derrick tells Victoria to go find out who Caleb would take to the end out of Derrick and Cody. Derrick says he doesn’t know why Caleb or Cody would ever take each other because of how close the vote would be. Derrick tells Victoria to make it seem like Cody would win if Caleb took him to the end.

12:05 AM BBT: Cody says he thinks Frankie is going to handle going home like a very good player. Derrick says he thinks Frankie already knows he is going home. Derrick says they’re going to tell Frankie his fate the right way by sitting him down, giving him compliments, and just being honest with him.

1:55 AM BBT: Derrick asks Cody what the plan is. Cody tells him that when it comes to his game, Caleb would take him to the final 2 over Derrick. Derrick asks why he thinks Caleb would take him and Cody tells him that Derrick told him that he didn’t want to go to the end with Derrick because he would smoke him and Caleb wants to go against someone he doesn’t know if he’d win against or not. Derrick tells Cody that Caleb said the exact same things to him about taking each other to the end. Derrick tells Cody that Caleb is just going to tell them what they want to hear.

Derrick tells Cody that he would hate for them to get to the final 2 and have Caleb win the final 3 HOH and take one of them over another. Derrick tells Cody that he would rather to lose to him (Cody) than Caleb and the only way to guarantee that is to backstab somebody. Derrick says if they have the opportunity to take Caleb out, they should because it would guarantee them at least $50,000.

Cody says his biggest fear is taking Victoria to the final 3 with them and she pulls out two of the 3 HOH wins. Derrick says that Caleb has more of a chance of winning the final 3 HOHs than Victoria does. Cody says he would feel terrible if he had to cross Caleb. Derrick asks him how he’d feel if they didn’t cross him and Caleb wins the final HOH and takes him over Cody. Derrick says that the way Caleb is saying things to the both of them, he’s already trying to pin them against each other.

Derrick tells Cody that he believes Caleb would take him to the final 2 over Cody and is just saying the things has has been to Cody so that he’d be covered if Cody were to win the final 3 HOH. Cody says if Caleb is saying the same things to him that he is to Derrick, he has no problem getting Caleb out.

Derrick tells Cody that he just wants to make sure that they get to the final 2 and he doesn’t care how he gets there. Derrick asks Cody what is the easiest way to guarantee at least $50,000 and Cody tells him it would be to cross Caleb.

Cody tells Derrick that Derrick has always been the voice of reason. Derrick says that he was the one to say they needed to save Caleb week 4 and now he’s saying it’s time for Caleb to go.

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