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Big Brother 16: Day 82 Recap!


If it was for Izzy, today would have probably been the most bring day in Big Brother history. Houseguests sat around and discussed nothing of importance all day with very minimal game talk. Derrick’s master plan has began, and it’s going better than expected. If Frankie will actually take him to the final 2 because of it is another story.


9:04 AM BBT – Izzy the dog enters the Big Brother house.

3:40 PM BBT – Frankie asks Derrick what he thinks about the Victoria situation. Derrick tells him that Victoria won’t talk to him. Frankie tells Derrick that Caleb said they should just tell Victoria about their alliance. Derrick says he’ll be in the room when they tell her, but he’s not going to be apart of kicking someone when they’re down. Derrick says he doesn’t understand the point of kicking a girl while she’s down and he’s just going to let Caleb say it. Frankie agrees.

Derrick tells Frankie that Victoria is a big fan of Caleb and if he wants to ruin it by kicking her when she’s down, that’s on him. Derrick tells Frankie that all he told Victoria was that the guys had a gentlemen’s agreement on keeping Cody. Derrick adds that Victoria wasn’t having it and is done with him. Derrick says that Victoria thinks he has been playing her this entire time because she thought he’d never vote her out.

Derrick tells Frankie that it would probably be better to talk to Victoria individually because he doesn’t see the point in taking her in a room of all the guys and telling her. Frankie says he agrees. Derrick brings up how The Brigade told Britney and how they laughed in her face. Frankie agrees that it was horrible and that they shouldn’t do that. Victoria finishes the conversation with saying that Victoria hasn’t said a word to him all day.

3:40PM BBT: Derrick has a talk alone with Frankie. He tries to explain just how pissed Victoria is at him. Derrick tells him that Victoria hasn’t said a word to him all day and is refusing to talk to her. Frankie suggests that they talk to Victoria as a group to tell her that they’ve been working together. Derrick says they should talk to her individually so they don’t bombard her like The Brigade did Britney. Frankie agrees.

4:30 PM BBT: Frankie brings Victoria upstairs to have a talk. Victoria tells Frankie that Derrick told her that he was working with the guys and was going to remain loyal and be voting her out. Victoria starts crying and explaining that she never thought her best friend and closest ally would be the one to send her home. Frankie tries defending Derrick but Victoria says none of it matters because Derrick doesn’t exist to her anymore. Victoria tells Frankie that Derrick told her that he was working with the guys and was going to remain loyal and be voting her out.

Victoria continues to explain to Frankie just how used and abused she feels. They end the long talk with Victoria telling Frankie that she doesn’t respect Derrick’s game at all and that she wants two people who deserve it from making good game moves to buy in the final 2. Frankie gave her a big hug and told her that he loves her.

5:25 PM BBT: Frankie tells Cody, Caleb and Derrick that Victoria isn’t doing so well and she’s hurt by Derrick the most.

5:50 PM BBT: Derrick tells Victoria that Frankie totally bought their plan. Victoria has a smile on her face and Derrick tells her that she’s doing a great job and just needs to keep at it. He adds that she should throw subtle hints at liking Caleb because that’s who Frankie thinks he can beat.

7:05 PM BBT: Victoria tells Derrick that Caleb was defending him a lot when she talked with him. Derrick says that’s good and adds that Caleb isn’t going to tell him how much she’s been crushing him. Derrick tells Victoria that she is still concerned that Caleb might take Frankie to the end.

7:10 PM BBT: Derrick tells that guys that he tried talking to Victoria but Victoria told him not to talk to her.

7:50 PM BBT: Derrick tells Victoria that she should point out that the jury is against him and if he were to take Caleb to the final 2, she would lose. Victoria says she’s already drinking so she’s going to act extra tipsy and try and get it into Frankie’s head that if he takes Caleb to the final 2, Caleb is going to win.

9:50 PM BBT: Derrick tells Victoria that if he doesn’t make it to the final 2, Caleb and Frankie are. Victoria says that Caleb would win 100%. Derrick agrees.

11:15 PM BBT: Frankie tells Derrick that he was shocked at how mad Victoria is with him and that now he knows he (Derrick) wasn’t exaggerating when he was talking about how upset Victoria was with him.

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