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Big Brother 16: Day 81 Recap!

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We’re on day 81 in the Big Brother house and things couldn’t get any worse. Houseguests sleep the half of the day and spend the other half speculating about what the button will be. Although they will occasionally discuss final 4, final 3, and final 2 plans. What we do have to look forward to is the houseguests getting a dog in the coming days.


1:22 PM BBT – Caleb tells Derrick that he’ll be good as long as he isn’t sitting next to him on the block because he knows if he was up against either Frankie or Cody, he’d stay over them. Derrick tells Caleb that Frankie might take Caleb over him. Derrick adds that Frankie will just take whoever he thinks he can beat in the end. Caleb says that Frankie knows he can beat the two of them. Caleb says that going into next week it’ll be 3 against 1 (Frankie) and if they can’t beat him than maybe he deserves it. Derrick says that Frankie might not be safe on Wednesday and it could be their opening to take Frankie out.

3:40 PM BBT – Derrick tells Cody that if he (Cody) wins HOH and puts up Frankie with Caleb, Frankie could win veto, he would have to go up, and Frankie would send him home. Cody disagrees. Derrick explains to Cody that if it was them two with Frankie, Frankie knows that the two of them would pick each other to go to the final 2 so he would choose to take Caleb because Caleb would more likely take him than Derrick would. Derrick adds that Frankie knows he can beat Caleb in both physical and mental competitions. Derrick tells Cody that they just have to win the veto because if he Caleb won the HOH but lost the veto, he’d be going against Caleb and Frankie in the F3 and lose.

Derrick tells Cody that if the two of them make final 3 with Caleb and win the veto, they have just secured their spots in the final 2. Derrick says if Caleb wins the next HOH and puts him on the block next to Frankie, it wouldn’t mean anything because he could win the veto, take himself off, then he would choose who goes home and he’d send home Frankie. Derrick tells Cody that if he goes home somehow before they can make final 3 together, he better win the next HOH so that he can take himself to the final 2 because neither of them could beat him and Derrick says he’ll be in the jury house campaigning for him like crazy. Cody says he’d campaign for Derrick if he left as well. Derrick: “I’d ruin them in the jury house.”

Derrick says Caleb is a good dude, but Cody deserves it way more. Cody says that Caleb hasn’t done anything in this game. Derrick tells Cody that the people in the jury house are mesmerized by Caleb. Cody says that Nicole told him that he made bad game moves which is funny because Nicole and nobody else knows that them two (Hitmen) were the ones controlling everything done in the house. Cody says they’re going against a bitter jury.

Cody asks Derrick if there is any chance of Caleb flip. Derrick says it might be possible but he should be good because Caleb knows he can’t beat Frankie. Derrick adds that even Frankie doesn’t want Caleb to flip because Frankie is all about making the final 4 with the guys. Derrick does say that Frankie will be coming after him (Cody) given the chance. Derrick tells Cody that if Frankie really wanted him out, Frankie would have used the veto on Victoria, put him up with Cody, and they’d send home Cody. Derrick says that this is just a game for Frankie and that Frankie doesn’t need the money so he’s more willing to take risks because Frankie should have thrown that veto but his pride got in the way.

Derrick tells Cody that Frankie knows he has to win outright because nobody is going to take him to the end. Derrick adds that Frankie actually thinks they’re close with him and if he were to win HOH, Frankie wouldn’t be going up. Derrick says Frankie will be going on the block with Caleb if he wins the next HOH. Cody says he’s also going to nominate Caleb and Frankie. Derrick says the only one who can’t win the veto is Frankie because if he did and Caleb was HOH, Derrick would go up with Cody, and that Derrick would stay over Cody because Caleb has a better chance of beating him.

4:20 PM BBT – Victoria  tells Derrick that she isn’t going to beg for her life when she already knows her fate is sealed. Victoria uses Britney from BB12 as an example. When she found out about the Brigade, she knew there was nothing that could be done. Victoria says she’s just going to have to accept that she’s going home. Derrick says she shouldn’t shut down until they see what happens Wednesday. Derrick explains to her that the entire house is on standby waiting to see what the button does. Derrick tells Victoria that Caleb isn’t going to vote out Cody. Victoria says she knows he wants to take him to the final 2.

Victoria asks Derrick if Cody would take Caleb over him to the end. Derrick says he thinks Cody would take him. Derrick says that Frankie isn’t going to take him over Caleb to the final 2 and if he does take Caleb, he’ll be voting for Caleb to win. Derrick adds that Caleb would crush Frankie in the end. Victoria and Derrick agree that anybody that’s sitting next to Frankie will win.

4:25 PM BBT – Frankie tells Cody that Caleb has played the most loyal and amazing game ever. Frankie starts working Cody for his jury vote. Frankie lists off all the good things he’s done for the group like backdooring Zach when he knew Zach wasn’t coming after him.

5:35 PM BBT – Houseguests get BBRewind clue.

5:42 PM BBT – Caleb, Cody, and Derrick say that they got this and they’ll make final 3. Derrick says Frankie is getting so nervous that he’s using his kid as an excuse not to take him to the end. Cody agrees and says Frankie is trying to use it as a reason why Caleb should be like “I don’t want to go to the end with Derrick.” Caleb says Frankie told him “We don’t know how the jury will vote. They could just vote for Derrick cause he’s the last family guy here. He has a wife and kid at home.” Derrick says Frankie will never find out how the jury will vote because if he doesn’t win the veto, he’s going home.

Derrick swears on his family that if he wins the veto, Frankie is going home.

7:25 PM BBT – Cody tells Derrick that Caleb thinking he could be Frankie at the end is nerve wracking. Derrick tells him that if he’s being honest, Caleb could flip. Derrick says he doesn’t think it’ll happen, but he says he wouldn’t be surprised. Derrick says that Caleb and Frankie might have a final 2. Cody says that they do.

Derrick tells Cody that he’s going to talk to Victoria and tell her that she’s leaving. Derrick tells him that there is not a chance in hell that he’ll vote against him. Derrick says if they flip on Cody to get him out, Derrick will be leaving right after. Derrick says the two of them having a really good chance at winning but not against Caleb. Cody says the only reason why they’d lose is because they voted out of spite.

8:15 PM BBT – Victoria came to Derrick to tell him that she’s been thinking and if either Caleb or Cody when the next HOH, they’ll be targeting Frankie. Victoria brought up the idea of going to Frankie with this information. Derrick told her that it would stir the pot but she should do what she thinks is best. Victoria said she wants to go out with class, not blowing this up. Derrick told her that she can just lie down, or she can go out guns blazing and stirring things up. Derrick mentions that Cody isn’t a punk and if she starts to try and stir things up, Cody will call her out on it. Derrick adds that anything said to Frankie will be told to Cody.

Derrick tells Victoria with her leaving next, he is likely to follow because the guys don’t want to take him when they think they he has her, possibly Nicole, Hayden, and Jocasta as jury votes. Victoria brings up the idea of telling Frankie that just because they’re close, doesn’t mean she’ll vote for him. Derrick tells Victoria that they can say he told her that she was leaving which pissed her off and play it up from there. Derrick mentions if somehow she is safe from the twist, they can just “make up” and nominate and evict Frankie. Derrick coaches Victoria on what to say. He tells her to bring up that she won’t be voting for him if he makes it to the end after backstabbing his best friend.

Victoria brings up the other jury votes that Derrick has. Derrick tells her that she can say that Nicole told her on her way out that Hayden, Jocasta, and Donny all cannot stand him and there is no way they’d vote for him if he made it to the end. Victoria was on board with everything. Derrick tells her that if Frankie actually buys this and he takes him to the final 2 and Frankie loses, that would be completely because of Victoria and she would get the credit for making Frankie lose the game. Derrick and Victoria agree to put their plan into action in a couple hours. Derrick tells her that he is going to go outside and tell the guys that he is going to tell her tonight that she’ll be leaving.

9:10 PM BBT – Derrick tells the guys that he’ll be informing Victoria about her going home. Caleb thinks they should tell her as a group. Derrick shuts down the idea because he’s the only one who is close to her. Derrick says he thinks Victoria is going to start making up and saying things about him. All the guys think she wouldn’t do that.

12:20 AM BBT – Derrick and Victoria go over their plan one last time. Victoria tells Derrick that she can handle acting pissed at him for backstabbing her. Victoria says that their plan better work. Derrick heads upstairs and tell her that he’s about to put their plan into action.

1:00 AM BBT – Derrick comes upstairs to talk with Frankie and Cody. Frankie asks how it went. Derrick tells him it didn’t go good at all. Derrick explains that Victoria blames him for her leaving and that she feels super betrayed because she knew she would probably be going but she didn’t think it would be by him. Derrick tells the guys that Victoria is downstairs crying right now about it all. Frankie and Cody ask what he told Victoria. Derrick tells them that he told her that the guys have been working together, not in an alliance, but that they had a gentlemen’s agreement that they’d keep each other safe and they had come to a decision to keep Cody over her.

1:30 AM BBT – Derrick leaves the HOH room. Both Frankie and Cody find it weird that Derrick was so irritated about telling Victoria she was going. Frankie says that Derrick was the one who was against telling Victoria as a group so he should stop being a baby about it because he got his way and told her alone.

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