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Big Brother 16: Day 79 Recap!

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Since this week is a voided week, not much of what happens matters unless Derrick works up a scheme to pull a power move that would be reset. Derrick’s agenda would be shown and his game would be ruined. That is all unlikely but it’s still possible. Things will be spicing up tonight once Team America decides to start their mission. Get the highlights from today’s events below.


3:22 PM BBT – Derrick and Frankie start discussing their Team America mission. Frankie tells Derrick that he’s going to sleep next to Derrick in the fire room tonight and around 3am when they’re about to go to sleep, he’s going to say he hears something and then freak out saying he saw a rat. Derrick tells Frankie that if they have to say the see it around 1am, they’ll just have to have another “sighting” around 3-4am. Derrick and Frankie say this mission will be easy to complete because everyone already stays up till nearly 6am on their own.

4:05 PM BBT – Caleb tells Derrick that he (Derrick) is the in best position other than Victoria because Derrick knows that if he is on the block nobody is sending him home. Derrick tells Caleb that he’d rather be in one of their spots because if Caleb can make it to the final 2, he’ll be guaranteed $500,000 because as the finale gets closer, there is less and less competitions for him to win and have a better shot at winning. Derrick tells Caleb that if Caleb’s against him in the end, they might as well sign the check because Caleb’s going to win. Derrick tells him that it’s in Caleb’s best interest to take him to the end because if he’s against anyone else in the end, he shouldn’t be so sure about winning.

Caleb tells Derrick that he knows exactly who would vote for him in the end because he has a “super good read of people”. Caleb tells him that Donny would never in a million years vote against him if he made it to the final 2. Caleb adds that if he was up against Cody, he’d have Hayden and Christine’s vote. Caleb tells Derrick that if Frankie makes it to the final 2 with him, Frankie would deserve to win it and he wouldn’t be upset.

Caleb tells Derrick that Derrick knows if anyone is up against him, he’s safe because he’ll be easier to beat in the end. Caleb says that if he was on the block next to Derrick, he’s 95% sure he’d be going home. Derrick tells Caleb that if anyone brought Victoria to the end, they’d be looked at as a coward and wouldn’t win the money.

9:45 PM BBT – Frankie has won the POV.

10:10 PM BBT – Frankie tells Derrick that he’s not going to use the veto to prove his loyalty to the group. Derrick tells Frankie that if something happens with the button to make it where he’s not safe, Derrick will win the HOH to ensure Frankie’s safety.

3:22 AM BBT – Team America completes their mission.

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