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Big Brother 16: Day 76 Recap!

BB16 - InNOut

Not much game talk will go down today in the Big Brother house as we are nearing Thursday’s live show. Although Derrick continues to prove that he is the puppet master of this season. He already has Victoria willing to sacrifice his game for him now he has Nicole apologizing for things he actually did do.

10:40 AM BBT – Nicole tells Derrick that Frankie is pulling along Caleb like his puppet and he (Derrick) has Victoria so it all makes sense to her now as to why everything is decided upon a group and why nobody can think of themselves. Nicole tells Derrick that it’s proof that Caleb is Frankie’s puppet when he didn’t nominate him because sending her home isn’t good for his game at all. Nicole tells Derrick that she wants to believe that he tried to get Frankie on the block but wishes he would have told her that so she wouldn’t have gone and talk to Caleb.

Nicole tells Derrick that everything she tells him definitely gets back to Cody. Derrick tells Nicole to look him in the eyes and says that if that’s how she truly feels, she’s going to look very dumb on camera. Nicole asks Derrick why the house is so uniformed than. Derrick tells her that it’s because she’s in the minority because people are just trying to make it as far as they can before having to make a big move while he thinking is that people have to make a big move too early and rocking the boat. Derrick tells her that this year it’s more about survival than making big moves.

Nicole tells Derrick that the reason she thinks Cody/Derrick/Christine/Frankie have a final 4 deal is because she figures that Christine and Frankie would approach them two for a final 4 deal just like they did Hayden and her. Derrick tells Nicole that she is going to go home on Thursday and she’ll see soon enough that she’s wrong about all of this. Derrick adds that he expects a text message apology for thinking he’s been deceitful.

Nicole starts to cry and apologizes for hurting Derrick’s feelings. She tells him that her feelings are extremely hurt. Nicole tells Derrick that with nobody helping her with anything or trying anything for her, that has to be some sort of tight bond between the majority of the house that she’s been left out of. Derrick tells Nicole that everyone has been united so far because they just wanted to make it to the point in the game where they can play in every competition and control their own fate which is what will start next week. Nicole tells Derrick that she cannot fathom why Frankie wasn’t backdoor’d this week. Derrick asks her who she thinks would backdoor Frankie and Nicole tells him Caleb. Derrick tells her that they’ve been the closest out of everyone all season long.

Nicole tells Derrick she’s having a slow death of her game in this house. Derrick tells her that it isn’t pleasant but she doesn’t need to be connecting dots that don’t exist. Derrick tells Nicole that there is no way people are going to keep her over Victoria. Nicole tells him that she knows that and understands that it would be a bad game move. Nicole tells Derrick that she could win competitions for him and keep her safe. Nicole tells Derrick that she is very very sorry about thinking he was being deceitful.

11:15 PM BBT – Derrick tells Christine and Frankie that Nicole just spilled her guts to him. He tells them that she thinks they are all working together and basically called him (Derrick) out. They all jokingly agree to keep her. Derrick says he understands where Nicole is coming from.

12:25 PM BBT – Victoria tells Nicole that Christine pisses her off so bad because she is so rude and can’t take it much longer. Victoria tells her that if Christine or Cody won HOH, they’d want Frankie out but if Frankie won HOH he would put up Christine. Nicole tells Victoria that if Frankie won HOH she wouldn’t have to worry. Victoria agrees but says that Frankie might go after Derrick. Nicole says she thinks Frankie’s target would be Christine.

Victoria tells Nicole that she is going to end up blowing up on Christine because of how much she dislikes her and how rude Christine is. Nicole tells Victoria that Christine is going to try to talk her into targeting Frankie and tells Victoria not to fall for it. Nicole adds that getting Caleb out wouldn’t benefit her game either. Victoria tells Nicole that she wants Christine out. Nicole tells Victoria that Derrick should want Christine out too because then Cody would come back to him.

Nicole and Victoria agree that they’d be heartbroken if Derrick didn’t make final 2.

1:30 PM BBT – Houseguests get In N Out Burger.

7:20 PM BBT – Frankie apologizes to Christine. He tells her that Nicole was stirring the pot when it came to her and he let it get to him. Christine tells Frankie that she is still super pissed about going on the block. Frankie tells Christine that they are in the same position as to where they don’t want to anger the main group so they are insecure about everything. Frankie says there is nothing he can do except by loyal and continue to prove his loyalty to Christine. Christine says “Me too.”

10:30 PM BBT – Caleb tells Cody and Derrick that he’s 90% sure one of the two will win the next HOH, Christine will go up, not win the veto, and go home. Then when the next HOH comes, one of them will have to go up next to Victoria. Derrick and Cody tell Caleb no and that Frankie would go up with Victoria. Derrick tells them that they should keep Victoria over Frankie at that point. Derrick tells Caleb and Cody that he rather see Christine go over Frankie because Frankie is buying into their “final 4” thing. Cody tells Derrick that he thinks Frankie would put two of them up together. Caleb and Derrick tell him that he wouldn’t do that because Frankie wants Christine gone. Derrick guarantees Cody that Frankie would nominate Christine and Victoria. Derrick adds that they would then send Christine, Frankie can’t play in the next HOH, and he’d be going home.

Cody tells Caleb and Derrick that if he wins the first HOH of the double eviction, he’d have to put up Frankie over Christine because Frankie could do more damage. Cody tells him that he believes if Frankie were to win the next HOH, he’d put up one of them, win the next veto, use it on Victoria, and put another one of them up. Caleb tells Cody that Frankie would be stupid to do that because if anyone takes Victoria to the final 2, they’re not going to get the money because they will make sure Victoria gets the money. Derrick says if someone is that big of a coward to take Victoria, he’d give Victoria the money. Derrick tells Cody that if Frankie were to take a shot at him, Frankie would put him up next to Victoria and Derrick and Caleb would be the only two votes they’d need to keep him.

Cody tells Caleb and Derrick that the way Frankie would get him out would be to put him up next to Caleb. Derrick tells Cody that Frankie couldn’t do that because putting up Caleb or himself would be burning bridges from the final 3, which means whoever wins that next HOH wouldn’t take him to the end. Cody says if he wins the HOH, he’ll put up Christine and Victoria. He asks Derrick what happens if Christine wins the veto. Derrick tells him that Frankie would go up and go home.

Caleb tells Cody and Derrick that if Christine goes home first during a double eviction, then he wins it, he’ll have to put up Victoria and Frankie. Derrick tells him he’ll have to because they’re at the end of the game and it’s time to roll the dice. Caleb, Cody, and Derrick agree that during a double eviction, Christine will be the main target but if she wins the veto, Frankie will be getting backdoor’d.

Derrick tells Caleb and Cody that if they put up Christine and she wins the veto, they could convince Christine that it was apart of the plan for her to win the veto and backdoor Frankie. That way she would at least put one of them up but with Victoria and they’d have the votes to vote out Victoria.

12:05 AM BBT – Caleb tells Frankie that the perfect final 3 scenario would be for Caleb to win the first part of the HOH, Frankie win the second part of the HOH, then it doesn’t matter who wins the third part of the HOH cause they’ll both just take each other. Frankie agrees and says if the first part of the HOH is endurance and it’s only the two of them left, Frankie will throw it to Caleb.

12:10 AM BBT – Cody tells Derrick that he cannot go after Christine over Frankie if he wins the HOH tomorrow. Cody adds that he believes Caleb would want to take Frankie to the end over them two.

12:50 AM BBT – Derrick tells Cody that they won’t be able to make it to the end together if Cody nominates Frankie, Frankie wins POV, and stays. Derrick tells him that in a perfect world, Christine wouldn’t have won POV, they would have sent her home this week, then they would have sent Frankie out the next. Derrick tells Cody that Christine wouldn’t take him to the end over him (Derrick). Cody says that it still puts them in the final 3. Derrick tells Cody that he wants them to make final 3 with Caleb.

Derrick tells Cody that if they nominate Christine with Frankie, Frankie goes home, Christine wouldn’t have a choice but to come back to him (Cody) because her only ally, Frankie, would be gone. Derrick tells Cody that he doesn’t want to give Frankie a chance to save himself because if they put up Frankie and he won the POV, it’d be Frankie & Caleb vs. Him & Cody and one of them (Cody/Derrick) would be going home.

1:25 AM BBT – Derrick suggests for Nicole to go around and tell everyone that she’ll be voting for either Frankie or Christine if they make it to the end so that people think the two of them already have a guaranteed jury vote.

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