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Big Brother 16: Day 74 Recap!

Caleb-Frankie hug

Today could have been quite the interesting day in the Big Brother house as Caleb, Cody, and Derrick discussed for 15+ hours on backdooring Frankie but that idea came to a close at the very last minute. We’re in for another week of predictability.

9:30 AM BBT – Wake up call.

10:35 AM BBT – Caleb wakes Derrick up to let him that know he believes Frankie will be loyal to them until a final 4 and says that he’s just going to put Victoria up on the block and go with it. Derrick tells Caleb that he’ll support him in whatever he does.

10:45 AM BBT – Frankie asks Caleb what he’s going to say when he makes the replacement nominee. Caleb says he wants to tell Victoria to sit in the nomination chair and be comfortable because they all know Nicole is the target.

Caleb tells Frankie that he has a gut feeling that someone is going to try and break up their final 4 and normally when he has a gut feeling, he’s right. Caleb tells Frankie not to worry because Victoria will be going up and he won’t. Caleb adds that if he were going to turn on him (Frankie) today, that it’d be now because Frankie can’t do anything to save himself. Caleb tells Frankie that he’s going to be a man of his word and just hope that none of it comes back to bite him in the butt. Frankie tells Caleb that he won’t be bit in the butt from his end.

Caleb and Frankie start talking final 4. Frankie tells Caleb that if he were to win the HOH, he’d put up Cody and Derrick and hope that with Caleb being the sole vote, they’d stay loyal to Derrick and take him to the final 3. Caleb and Frankie also agree that they’ll be sending Christine out over Victoria during the next double eviction.

Frankie reiterates his loyalty to Caleb and tells Caleb that he’s his biggest ally. Caleb tells Frankie that if they make it to the final 2, they’d be the greatest Big Brother players in history for making a final 2 deal the second day of being in the house and actually doing it. Frankie agrees and say they’d be as good as Dr. Will and Boogie.

11:25 AM BBT – It’s time for the veto ceremony.

12:05 PM BBT – Christine uses the veto on herself. Caleb nominates Victoria as the replacement nominee.

12:15 PM BBT – Nicole tells Victoria that she doesn’t want to be in a house full of wimps anyway. Nicole adds that she’s not even sad and that Caleb continues to just make stupid game move after stupid game move. Nicole tells Victoria that it’s sad that she’s more willing to make a big game move than “beastmode cowboy” is. Nicole says that Caleb wasted his HOH because she wasn’t going to be coming after him if she had won HOH the following week. Nicole asks Victoria if she’ll put up Christine and Cody if she were to win HOH. Victoria tells her that she’d put up Frankie but Nicole tells her that Frankie isn’t coming after her.

Nicole tells Derrick that it’s hilarious that Caleb would waste his HOH to do something for Frankie again. Nicole adds that she’s going to be in the jury house with Jocasta, Hayden, and Donny, which are some the best and nicest people she’s met so she’s not sad about it. Nicole tells Derrick and Victoria that Christine is going to make final 2 because Frankie has a final 2 deal with her and Cody will protect her until the end. Nicole warns Derrick to be careful with the Christine and Cody situation. Derrick tells Nicole that he doesn’t think Cody is actually loyal to Christine.

Nicole tells Derrick that Frankie is going to put up him and Cody together. Derrick says that Christine will likely put him up with Caleb. Nicole agrees and says that Caleb would be the pawn. Nicole tells Derrick that if Victoria made final 2, she’d likely win because there is a bitter jury and she’s heard people talk about voting for her if she makes it. Derrick says if he doesn’t make it to the final 2, Victoria will be winning the $500,000.

4:55 PM BBT – Caleb tells Derrick that today went good. Derrick tells him that he agrees and that if Frankie puts up Christine and Victoria if he wins HOH, it’ll confirm that it was a good idea. Derrick tells Caleb that they have to get either Christine or Frankie out because leaving them together isn’t good for their games. Derrick adds that there isn’t anybody that could convince him that Christine needs to stay. Caleb and Derrick agree to send Christine home next week depending on who wins the HOH.

Derrick tells Caleb that he believes Christine would put up Frankie and Victoria if she were to win HOH. Caleb tells Derrick that the best case scenario is for him, Derrick, Cody, and Victoria to make the final 4. Caleb says if Christine wins the next HOH, they have to convince her to nominate Frankie. Derrick tells him that if Victoria were to go home, it’s going to be a rough road for them.

6:45 PM BBT – Derrick tells Cody that Caleb told Frankie about him nearly being backdoor’d. Cody believes that Caleb told Frankie that it was their idea to backdoor him because Caleb is too stupid to come up with anything else. Cody tells Derrick that Caleb is a “fucking idiot” and plays the game like a “ass clown”. Cody adds that there is no chance in hell that he would send Christine out before Caleb.

Derrick says he’ll be damned if he lets Frankie make it to the end. Cody says that it was a mistake for not sending him home this week. Derrick agrees and adds that the reason he stopped pushing for it is because he knew Caleb wasn’t going to do it when Caleb said “I’m the one millions are going to hate.”

Cody tells Derrick that he will put up Frankie next to Victoria and if he doesn’t win the POV, Frankie will be going home.

8:50 PM BBT – Nicole asks Derrick if there is a way to get Cody to want her to stay over Victoria. Derrick tells her that she couldn’t convince him otherwise with Christine still in the house.

9:35 PM BBT – Nicole tells Victoria that they will send Derrick out before her because he is a bigger target. Victoria starts crying and says that cannot happen because Derrick has been with her since day 1. Victoria tells Nicole that her and Derrick are practically family and if he were to leave, she’d feel like it was her fault.

Victoria tells Derrick that she couldn’t go on in the game without him because she wouldn’t be emotionally stable. Victoria offers to leave before Derrick so that he can stay longer than her. Derrick tells her that wouldn’t be possible. Victoria advises Derrick to start making deals.

Derrick reminds Victoria that it is just a game and that they won’t be killed if they get evicted. Derrick: “It’s not like they’re going to put a gun to our heads and pull the trigger once we walk out that door.”

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