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Big Brother 16: Day 73 Recap!


Today in the Big Brother house things started off slow but quickly got interesting as Caleb started to voice his growing distrust in Frankie. Caleb could potentially make a power move at Monday’s veto ceremony but who knows if he willing to take that risk.

9:50 PM BBT – Wake up call.

2:25 PM BBT – Derrick tells Christine and Caleb that it wouldn’t be smart for anyone to take Victoria to the final 3. Caleb tells Christine and Derrick that he’s scared to death of Frankie winning the next double eviction because he doesn’t know who he would target. Christine agrees. Caleb tells Christine and Derrick that he believes if Frankie got the chance to get someone he knows would beat him in the end, he would do it. Caleb tells Christine and Derrick that Frankie knows he can beat Victoria, he thinks he can beat Derrick, and he thinks he can beat Christine which means Frankie would be targeting Caleb and Cody.

Derrick tries to calm Caleb down by saying this week is a gimme and they should just get Nicole out because Nicole could just as easily nominate Caleb and Cody.

2:45 PM BBT – Caleb tells Nicole that he thinks he could beat Frankie, Derrick, and Christine in the Final 2 but says he doesn’t know if he could beat Cody but that’s who he’d like to be sitting next to if he lost.

3:30 PM BBT – Derrick tells Caleb that anyone is capable of making a move against them. Caleb tells Derrick that is why they need to keep who they know they can beat. Caleb then tells Derrick that Frankie has proven he would be hard to beat and that he (Caleb) has won more than Nicole so it’d be easier to beat her. Derrick tell Caleb that anyone who is next to Nicole in the Final 2 isn’t going to win. Caleb says that he can beat Nicole but Derrick tells him that Nicole already has Jocasta, Hayden, and Donny’s vote.

Caleb tells Derrick that when it comes to competitions he can beat Nicole a lot easier than he can beat Frankie. Caleb tells Derrick that Frankie isn’t going to take him or Cody with him (to the F3) because Frankie knows he couldn’t beat them. Derrick tells him that it sounds like he’s already made up his mind on backdooring Frankie but Caleb told him that it hasn’t.

Caleb asks who Derrick thinks is more dangerous and Derrick tells him it comes down to the competition. Caleb says that it doesn’t come down to the competition because he knows he can beat Nicole over Frankie. Caleb tells Derrick that he doesn’t trust Frankie as far as he can throw him and that they’re in a point in the game where it’s a big deal on who they choose to stay.

Derrick counts the votes and tells Caleb that they would stay over Christine if Nicole put Christine up next to one of them. Caleb tells Derrick that he believes Nicole’s biggest target is Christine. Derrick tells Caleb that he doesn’t think Frankie would turn on them just yet but eventually he would. Derrick tells him that Frankie would go after Christine and Victoria first before making a move.

Caleb tells Derrick that it is smarter to send home Frankie over Victoria in the next double eviction. Derrick tells Caleb that they need to discuss backdooring Frankie with Cody this week because there is no right or wrong decision.

3:50 PM BBT – Nicole tells Frankie that he is going to be the target during a double eviction because Caleb told her today that he wanted to take Cody to the end. Nicole tells Frankie that he hasn’t backstabbed her as much as others have so she proposes that if he can get a bigger target on the block than her and she stays, she would owe him her life in the game and would be loyal to him and Caleb.

5:45 PM BBT – Cody tells Derrick that he told Caleb about Frankie going to Christine for a final 2 deal and Caleb was super pissed about it. Derrick tells Cody that Caleb has been talking about backdooring Frankie all day but that he’s definitely not going to do it and that it was all talk. Cody tells Derrick that he told Caleb to backdoor Frankie.

6:30 PM BBT – Caleb asks Cody who he thinks would make a move on them first. Cody tells him that it would 100% be Frankie. Cody asks Caleb if he thinks Frankie would make a move during a double eviction and Caleb tells him that’s what he’s trying to figure out.

7:10 PM BBT – Nicole and Victoria both agree that they think Christine is working with Cody and Derrick. Nicole tells Victoria that Derrick 100% has her back. Nicole adds that out of Christine, Cody, and Derrick, Derrick is the only one she trusts.

7:35 PM BBT – Caleb says that they wait until after they send Nicole home to send Frankie packing. Derrick agrees. Derrick tells Caleb that Frankie wouldn’t put him up but he might put up Cody. Derrick tells Caleb that taking a chance with Frankie isn’t anymore of a chance than with anyone else.

7:46 PM BBT – Fan yells with a megaphone: “Frankie is destroying you all in the diary room, especially you Derrick and Caleb!” Caleb, Derrick, and Frankie all heard it.

7:50 PM BBT – Caleb tells Frankie that he didn’t hear what was said and only heard his name.

8:24 PM BBT – Caleb confirms with Derrick that he heard exactly what the fan said. He starts singing “I heeeaaaard that. I heeeaaarrddd that.” Caleb says it all makes sense now. Derrick tells Caleb that he doesn’t think Frankie would come after either of them. Caleb: “It’s not that he’s coming after us. It’s that he’s crushing us in the DR. Using us basically.” Derrick, then Caleb get called to the DR, likely to get pressured into not nominating Frankie due to the fan’s yelling.

8:45 PM BBT – Caleb tells Cody that they need to keep whoever they think they can beat the easiest. Cody says he doesn’t think they could beat Frankie in anything and Caleb agrees. Cody asks Caleb who he thinks Nicole would nominate if she were to say. Caleb says he doesn’t know and has been wanting to talk with her. Caleb asks Cody if Frankie is going to pull the trigger on them right now or wait. Cody tells him that Frankie is going to pull the trigger on them the next HOH he wins. Caleb tells Cody that he doesn’t think either of them are Nicole’s targets and Cody agrees. Caleb and Cody agree that ideally they would send Frankie home first, Christine wins the next HOH, and they send Nicole out next.

8:55 PM BBT – Derrick joins Caleb and Cody in the HOH room. Derrick tells him that he’s completely down with sending Frankie out but wants to play devils advocate first. Derrick tells Caleb and Cody that Frankie wouldn’t target them in the upcoming HOH. Both Caleb and Cody instantly disagree. Cody and Caleb tell Derrick that Frankie wouldn’t put either of them up with Christine and would put them up together so that one of them had to go home. They add that Nicole would put one of them up, but with Christine and Christine would be Nicole’s main target.

Derrick says that if Frankie goes on the block tomorrow, he has to be evicted on Thursday.

10:30 PM BBT – Derrick tells Victoria that he is working on something and is trying to keep her off the block. Derrick tells her that he hopes she isn’t wrong about Nicole. Derrick asks Victoria who she thinks Nicole would go after. Victoria tells Derrick that Nicole would go after Cody. Derrick says he doesn’t think that. Victoria then tells Derrick that Nicole told her that she would go after him. Victoria goes on a mini-rant about how much she hates Cody. She says he’s a liar and the fakest person in the house.

12:20 AM BBT – Derrick asks Nicole who her target is. Nicole tells him Frankie but Derrick says if he wasn’t there. Nicole then tells Derrick that she would target Christine. Derrick tells Nicole that he thinks he made a mistake by sending Donny home so he’s trying to clear his conscience (by keeping Nicole, who he says is a “nice person”.) Nicole tells Derrick that she’d be dedicated and loyal to him if she was saved. Derrick tells her that she’s said that to other people before but Nicole corrects him and says she’s only said that to Hayden. Nicole tells Derrick that she doesn’t think Caleb would backdoor his “best friend”, Frankie. Derrick tells Nicole that she has his word that he is trying to save her.

12:30 AM BBT – Frankie reiterates his commitment to Caleb and promises him that he’d never put Caleb up. Frankie asks Caleb if he would rather be in the end with Cody over him. Caleb says he just wants to make final 4 before making that tough decision. Caleb tells Frankie that him, Frankie, Cody, and Derrick are all good friends but one of them have to turn. Frankie says he knows what Caleb is thinking and just wishes he would talk to him about it. Caleb tells Frankie that he needs to expect anything.

12:45 AM BBT – Cody tells Derrick that he thinks Frankie needs to go because Frankie will be harder to beat in the end. Derrick tells Cody that he is unsure but will be going with Cody on this one. Derrick tells Cody to just make sure that Christine doesn’t put him on the block if she were to win the next HOH. Derrick tells Cody that he is going to talk with Caleb and get Frankie nominated tomorrow. Derrick tells Cody that he doesn’t believe anything that comes out of Frankie’s or Nicole’s mouth. Cody tells Derrick that Caleb thinks he’s going to the final 3 with them but they will actually be taking Victoria with them. Cody finishes with if Derrick isn’t confident in the decision to backdoor Frankie, they can just keep their original plan to evict Nicole and take the gamble.

2:00 AM BBT – Derrick tells Caleb that Nicole told him that she would nominate Christine and Victoria. Derrick says that both Frankie and Victoria are huge competitors. Caleb tells Derrick that Nicole hasn’t been showing that she’s a “huge competitor” at all recently. Derrick asks Caleb what he would do if him and Cody weren’t in the house. Caleb says he would keep Frankie.

Cody tells Caleb that there is no reason for them to discuss it anything further because he has his back no matter what decision he makes. Caleb asks what they think Christine would do if she won HOH. Cody tells him that she would probably put Victoria next to either Caleb or Derrick.

Caleb says he’s just going to take the easy route and put up Victoria tomorrow and send Nicole packing on Thursday. Caleb asks Cody what he thinks and Cody tells him that Frankie can be way more deadly to their game than Nicole could.

Cody says if they think Frankie is going to turn on them next week, they need to send him home. Caleb says that after what he told Frankie earlier, Frankie will likely turn on them sooner than expected. Caleb then tells Cody and Derrick that if they were to send Frankie home, that would be sending someone who Christine has been counting on home. Caleb says if Frankie were to stay, he wouldn’t have an enemy to target while Nicole would.

3:35 AM BBT- Caleb, Cody, and Derrick are still going in circles on whether to backdoor Frankie or not. Derrick asks Caleb if he were going to make the decision right now, who would he put up. Caleb tells Derrick that he’d want to keep Frankie if he’s on their side like he says he is. Caleb tells Cody and Derrick that based on what he’s seen from Frankie in these last few weeks, his head is with them. Cody tells Caleb that now if their chance to get Frankie out as he cannot compete in the veto and couldn’t do anything about it. Derrick tells Caleb that they need to do this and send Frankie home. Caleb says that keep Nicole would been good for all 3 of them but only up until Christine goes, then it’s only good for Cody.

Caleb finally asks what they’re doing this week. Derrick tells him that they’re sending Frankie home. Cody tells Caleb and Derrick that he’s down to do that. Caleb tells Cody and Derrick that it’s only fair they keep Frankie because Nicole has already had a chance to play and she was given a second chance when nobody else will get that. Caleb adds that he believes if Frankie were to win HOH, he’d put up Christine and Victoria. Caleb tells them that Frankie is in their best interest because Nicole has never been apart of them.

Caleb, Cody, and Derrick agree that the decision is to put Victoria up, and send Nicole home.

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