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Big Brother 16: Day 69 Recap!


Today in the Big Brother house was just a tad more exciting than yesterday. Drama finally started brewing as decisions started to change as to who they should vote out tomorrow night.

11:55 AM BBT – Indoor lockdown.

2:30 PM BBT – Donny comes to talk to Frankie alone at the sink. Donny asks Frankie if there is any way to save a member of Team America. Frankie asks Donny if he has any tricks up his sleeve. Donny says he doesn’t have any tricks but he does know that America voted for them to be together for a reason. Frankie tells Donny that he knows that and doesn’t need to be convinced because he’s been trying to save him (Donny) already. Frankie tells Donny to try and sway Caleb and the only way he could possibly do that is to come up with something. Frankie suggests that he makes up a lie about being in the military to get in with Caleb. Frankie tells Donny that he can campaign all he wants as long as he leaves his and Derrick’s name out of it. Frankie tells Donny that if the house is going to vote him out, he is going to have to go with that for the safety of his own game but if Donny can get the majority, he’ll have his vote. Donny thanks Frankie for his honesty before they part ways.

3:40 PM BBT – Frankie warns Caleb that Donny is going to try and come talk to him later today because Donny just tried talking to him. Frankie tells Caleb that Donny has a weird way of making people feel bad. Caleb says that it sucks Donny is going home before Victoria but it is best for their alliance.

6:20 PM BBT – Frankie informs Derrick that they’ll find out during tomorrow’s live show if their mission this week was a success. Julie will ask them what food they’d like as a have-not, they’re supposed to say “Apple Pie” and if Julie says “Granted”, that means their mission was a success.

6:30 PM BBT – Derrick and Frankie tells Donny that they don’t think he’ll have the votes to stay and that things aren’t looking too good. Donny tells them that Caleb said he wouldn’t have any objections to keeping him if it was a majority vote.

Frankie leaves the room so now it’s only Derrick and Donny talking alone. Derrick tells Donny that he doesn’t believe that Frankie is actually on board with keeping him. Derrick tells Donny that nobody has been working with him (Donny) like they (Derrick/Frankie) have since week 3 while Nicole has already integrated with people. Derrick tells Donny that everyone likely already has their minds made up on who to send out. Derrick adds that Frankie is the one who influences most of the people in the house and Frankie isn’t on board with keeping Donny.

6:55 PM BBT – Derrick and Caleb are alone in the fire room. Caleb tells Derrick that people are only looking at the principle and not thinking about game. Caleb tells him that Nicole is a bigger threat than Donny so they need to have a serious talk as to who they should get out. Derrick tells Caleb that he doesn’t think Donny will put up Cody or Victoria but would put up Christine which wouldn’t actually be a bad thing unless Christine somehow won the POV and pulled herself off because then they wouldn’t know who Donny would put up. Derrick says that Nicole would also put up Christine but if Christine pulled herself off, she’d backdoor Frankie. Caleb tells Derrick that it’s obvious who is the bigger threat (Nicole). Derrick tells Caleb that if they vote to keep Donny, Christine will put them up because she hates Donny. Derrick tells Caleb that the only way for Donny to stay is if him, Caleb, and Frankie votes for him to stay.

Caleb tells Derrick that if Nicole wins HOH next week, they’re going to regret keeping her. Caleb adds that Nicole is physical and mental while Donny is only mental because Donny could never beat them in any physical competition and Caleb says they’ve already proven they can beat Donny in mental competitions as well. Caleb says that he can see Cody trying to flip the script after keeping Nicole. Derrick tells Caleb to go talk this over with Frankie before going to Cody because if Frankie isn’t on board they wouldn’t have the votes anyway.

7:25 PM BBT – Caleb brings Frankie into the storage room. Caleb tells Frankie that him and Derrick just got done talking and that they both agree they should be sending Nicole out. Caleb says that Donny isn’t a physical competitor while Nicole is. Frankie agrees. Caleb tells Frankie that Cody is going to be pissed because he knows if one of the girls win HOH, he’s not going up but it’ll be better for their game to keep Donny because Nicole is a much bigger threat. Frankie says that he agrees that Nicole is a much bigger target and it would be better for all of their games to send Nicole out. Caleb leaves the storage room and Frankie celebrates by dancing.

7:30 PM BBT – Frankie tells Derrick and Donny that Caleb is changing his mind on who to send out.

7: 35 PM BBT – Caleb heads upstairs to explain to Cody as to why they should send Nicole out. Caleb tells Cody that the only reason they would be getting rid of Donny would be because of principal. Caleb tells Cody that Nicole is a competition beast and very good at mental competitions.  Cody tells Caleb that he doesn’t see Nicole as a threat and says that the reason he wants Donny gone isn’t out of principal. Cody says it was just last week that Donny was wanting him out when he was on the block. Frankie and Derrick join Caleb and Cody in the HOH room. Cody says that they took one shot at Nicole and got her out and Donny’s been on the block multiple times and never gotten him out. Cody says that they can easily get Nicole out any other week because Nicole isn’t any good at POV competitions. Cody tells Frankie and Caleb that if Donny stays he’s just going to keep trying to split each other up. Caleb tells Cody that he fears Nicole and Christine are so close that Nicole would put two guys up so that her and Christine start working together. Cody says it’s a gamble no matter who they keep. Cody tells Frankie that Nicole is going to be more willing to work with them than Donny is.

Cody tells Caleb, Derrick, and Frankie that there is no way he’s going to change his mind on wanting Donny out. Cody says that Nicole won’t beat them in any physical competitions but Frankie says Nicole will beat them on a wall. Derrick says that all of them can’t come to a decision together, Donny will be going home. Caleb changes his mind and says that they can control Nicole’s HOH if she were to win it but they couldn’t control Donny’s. Cody says he wants Donny gone, Frankie says he wants Nicole gone, and both Caleb and Derrick say they are willing to do whatever the group wants. Caleb says they should just go ahead and get Donny out. Derrick says it’s settled. Caleb tells Donny and Frankie that if Donny is in the final 2 with any of them, Donny will win. Frankie says that if Nicole makes it to the Final 2 after coming back into the game, there is no way any of them could beat her. Caleb and Frankie agree that Nicole can win more HOHs than Donny but Cody says that POVs are more important. Derrick leaves the room saying that he needs an hour to think about it all.

8:12 PM BBT – Derrick asks Nicole who she’d put up if she won HOH. Nicole tells him that she’d talk to him and Cody about who she should put up. Nicole leaves the bathroom and Frankie enters. Derrick tells him what Nicole just said. Derrick and Frankie agree that the only way that they will remain cohesive is if they send Donny home and not Nicole.

8:33 PM BBT – Cody tells Christine that Frankie is worried that Nicole would come after him. Christine says she hopes Nicole does. Cody tells Christine that Caleb, Derrick, and Victoria won’t be switching their votes on getting Donny out.

8:40 PM BBT – Derrick asks Caleb if they should just send home Donny and roll the dice. Caleb says it’s tough because both of them will just try and split their alliance up. Derrick tells Caleb that with Nicole they have a better chance of not going up. Caleb tells Derrick that they should keep Nicole and Derrick tells him that he’s on board.

8:50 PM BBT – Frankie tells Caleb and Derrick that he’s convinced they should keep Nicole and that he no longer needs to be persuaded.

8:58 PM BBT – After watching all the scrambling go down, Nicole comes to talk with Derrick. Derrick tells her that she’s good and has nothing to worry about. Nicole tells Derrick that she’s stressed out and weak after watching and listening to all the flip-flopping. Nicole tells Derrick that she’s annoyed with Frankie because she can’t talk with anyone without him interrupting her. Cody tells Nicole that Frankie is scared shitless of her and that she needs to give him good reason to be next week. Nicole tells Cody and Derrick that Frankie is running this game and always gets what he wants.

Derrick tells Nicole that she has nothing to worry about. Derrick brings up the week she went home; He told her straight up that he wasn’t voting for her. Derrick then promises Nicole his vote and reassures her that she won’t be going anywhere this week.

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