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Big Brother 16: Day 62 Recap!


It’s been a rough day in the Big Brother 16 house for those Donny fans watching. Our bearded friend has suddenly became the public enemy #1 after a single talk with Christine. After Christine told everyone what was said, Derrick was livid. Any sense of allegiance that was left from Team America is now gone.

12:15 PM BBT – Donny and Christine are at the kitchen table playing with Jenga blocks. Donny brings up people who they think they can and can’t trust in the house. Donny says he’s all alone and has been alone most of the game. Donny says he’s looking forward to the main group to start turning on each other. Christine isn’t say much, she is just going along with whatever Donny says. Donny reminds Christine, without saying his name, that Derrick still hasn’t gone on the block and has been protected from all sides the entire game. Donny says that he hopes Frankie gets Final 2 so that someone who doesn’t have a famous sister has a chance at winning Fan favorite. Derrick brings up the fact that Victoria is going to get brought along until she is no longer needed before being discarded by whoever is in power. Donny tries to remind Christine that she will be one of the first to go once they have to start picking people from their own alliance off. Donny tells Christine that if Zach were to stay, he wouldn’t come after her and would only be targeting Frankie.   Christine promises on the Bible that she won’t tell anyone about their conversation.

2:30 PM BBT – Christine comes to tell Cody everything that Donny just told her. She wakes him up by getting into his bed and giving him a bug hug. Cody tells Christine that Donny telling her she is at the bottom of the pecking order is a flat out lie. Cody says that Donny is “pulling a Nicole” by making up lies when trying to campaign and doesn’t expect any of them to compare notes. Cody realizes that Zach told Donny about the competition being thrown at starts cursing about it. Cody then calls Donny a “fucker” and “asshole” and says “Fuck you, Donny” before continuing. Cody says that Zach and Donny have been working together from the start and that’s why Donny is trying to campaign for Zach now.

3:05 PM BBT – Cody wakes up Derrick so that Derrick can join in on his and Christine’s conversation. Cody informs Derrick that Donny told Christine that the two of them had a final 3 with Victoria. Derrick says that it doesn’t even matter what Donny says anymore and that there is nothing anyone could do to change who his new target is (Donny). Cody also tells Derrick that Donny said the people he is coming after is Christine, Derrick, or Frankie because they’ve gone unscathed. Derrick says he really wants to call out Donny and the only reason he doesn’t is because Cody is on the block and they might need his vote.

3:30 PM BBT – Caleb, Christine, Cody, Derrick, and Frankie all go up into the HOH room. Cody informs them that he believes Donny is campaigning to get him out.  Frankie says that Zach keeps protecting Donny and Donny keeps protecting Zach so they have to have some sort of deal. Frankie says he might ask Zach what their deal is since he is going home and has nothing to lose. Frankie says it’s funny that Donny thinks he’s going to win America’s favorite when he actually has no chance. Frankie says nobody will vote for Zach for America’s favorite either because it’s called “America’s favorite” not “America’s fuck up”.

3:37 PM BBT – Donny breaks up their meeting in the HOH room. They all scatter.

4:40 PM BBT – Donny, Christine, and Frankie leave the HOH room. Derrick says that if Donny wins HOH, he is going to try to make fun of them by picking the nominees by using candy just like he did. Derrick: “I swear on my daughter. I will slap the M&Ms right out of his hands. I will rip that bag into a million pieces. “Now pick 4 of them off the ground, bitch.” Cody says he’s sick and tired of all of Donny’s scheming and that Donny needs to be the next person to leave.

7:30 PM BBT – Cody and Victoria are up in the HOH room alone. Victoria tells Cody that Derrick is starting to ignore her. She says Derrick can’t even look her in the eyes or acknowledge she even exists.

7:55 PM BBT – Christine, Derrick, and Frankie are in the fire room alone. They all think it’s funny that Donny thinks he has a shot at winning America’s favorite. They also bring up that this season is being rigged for Donny and they’re having a harder time than he is. Christine says that everyone in production has on a “Fear the Beard” shirt. She has been getting yelled at multiple times by production tonight so they finally told her: “Christine, what about ‘no’ do you not understand?” Christine adds that if Donny is as liked as he thinks he is, America is going to hate her. Oops.

8:10 PM BBT – Donny and Zach are talking alone in the living room. Donny and Zach are talking about how nobody wants to hangout with either of them. Donny says that once he woke up, everyone cleared out. Zach agrees and says he saw that too. Donny & Zach both are talking about how they miss their family and want to get the first flight out. Derrick: “Lord yes! You think I want to hangout with these people any longer? Get me out of here!” Zach tells Donny that nobody even knows he (Donny) exists until nominations come around and suddenly the remember who he is. Donny and Zach says it’s hopeless once people start throwing competitions to get them out. Donny says he couldn’t even throw a competition to get Christine out and she is his arch enemy.

8:20 PM BBT – Donny and Zach had no idea but Caleb had been listening to their entire conversation. After hearing everything they said, Caleb went to tell Cody and Frankie about it. Cody says he cannot stand both Donny & Zach. Cody says he’s tired of Donny acting like he’s been saving himself. Cody adds that they only reason Donny hasn’t gone is because they didn’t want him to, not because he’s won multiple vetos and multiple Battle of the Blocks. Cody: “I’m winning tomorrow. I’m so over this guy’s (Donny’s) shit. I can’t wait to win and call him out.”

8:35 PM BBT – Caleb goes downstairs to tell Derrick and Christine everything he heard Zach and Donny say. Caleb tells them that Donny said the reason he got on the show wasn’t for his beard or accent, it was for his personality. Derrick responds with: “Ha. Yeah? Than why is he getting made fun of for his social game? He’s horrible.” Christine and Derrick say the reason they’ve isolated Donny is because Donny always talks shit about them.

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