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Big Brother 16: Day 59 Recap!


It was without a doubt a crazy day in the Big Brother 16 house today. Probably one of the most hectic of the season. From missing boots to missing stuffed giraffes, Team America really stirred the pot today. Along with the Team America task, Zach’s fate has just about been sealed.


11:57 AM BBT – Big Brother comes over the speaker: “Attention houseguests. Did you know that there are 121 marble slots on a Chinese checkerboard?”

12:01 PM BBT – Big Brother comes over the speaker: “Remember houseguests, to swim one mile, you only have to swim 440 laps in the Big Brother pool.”

12:55 PM BBT – Big Brother comes over the speaker: “Houseguests, remember to enjoy yourself today. These are the good ol’ days.”

1:20 PM BBT – Big Brother comes over the speaker: “Houseguests, did you know that it takes approximately 19 and 1/4 laps around the backyard to equal one mile?”

1:33 PM BBT – Derrick and Donny talk about their Team America mission. Donny has taken Cody’s hat. Derrick has taken Zach’s Gator shirt and Christine’s teddy bear.

1:40 PM BBT – Cody and Derrick are alone in the storage room. Derrick says that they’re not in the best position anymore when it comes to numbers because they are sending Zach home and they don’t know where Christine’s allegiance lies. Cody says if they send Frankie out the door, Christine will be 100% with them. Cody tells Derrick that for their game to be most benefited, Frankie needs to go.

2:15 PM BBT – Frankie and Cody discuss how they should tell Zach he is leaving. Cody says there should be a group just in case Zach tried something stupid while being alone with him.

2:19 PM BBT – Frankie tells Cody and Derrick that logically, Frankie only has 3 people for him to put up. “One of them (Victoria) has absolutely no negative impact on my game, the other (Derrick) I have absolutely no beef with in this house to date, and the other one (Zach) is someone who has literally tried to murder me multiple times in this house.”

2:35 PM BBT – Frankie tells Cody that he is going to use the veto on Caleb because he got the closest to winning it.

2:47 PM BBT – Derrick tells Frankie that it is best for Frankie to take someone with him to tell Zach that he is going home because it might not be safe doing it alone.

2:52 PM BBT – Frankie tells Derrick that the plan next week will be to put up Donny & Victoria and send one of them home.

3:57 PM BBT – Frankie tells Derrick that they should pin the entire Team America mission on Zach. They can say Zach’s the one who is stealing and hiding people’s items.

4:33 PM BBT – Donny hides Cody’s hat.

5:17 PM BBT – The madness begins. Cody realizes his hat is missing and he is on a mission to find it.

5:40 PM BBT – Zach tells Frankie that he thinks there is a saboteur and their mission is to hide Cody’s hat.

5:45 PM BBT – Cody starts blaming Christine for his missing hat.

5:58 PM BBT – House meeting is called. People are starting to realize that it’s not just Cody’s hate that has gone missing.

6:00 PM BBT – Caleb realizes his boots are missing and he begins yelling.

6:05 PM BBT – Zach realizes his Gator shirt is missing. Caleb, Cody, and Zach start screaming at Victoria because they think she is the saboteur.

6:06 PM BBT – Second house meeting is called. Derrick brings up the idea of a “BB Neighborhood watch”. Caleb and Zach take the first shifts.

6:12 PM BBT – Zach tells everyone that a Saboteur is the one hiding things and they’re getting paid $20,000 to do it.

6:18 PM BBT – Caleb screams in Victoria’s face about the missing items. He thinks Victoria is the person who stole it.

6:25 PM BBT – Caleb says that Victoria is the saboteur because she was a casting mistake and once production realized their mistake, they decided to make her the saboteur in hopes of her not being such a waste.

6:32 PM BBT – Frankie has convinced everyone that Zach is the saboteur.

7:10 PM BBT – Houseguests continue harass Zach about him being the saboteur no matter how much he refutes. Frankie says he is only denying because if he admitted it, he wouldn’t get paid.

8:06 PM BBT – Cody finds the hidden items.

8:08 PM BBT – Zach promises everyone that is wasn’t him that hid the items. Frankie starts screaming at Zach: “All you’ve been fucking saying this entire game is that you have been doing shit because you are bored! Nobody in this house is going to believe anything that you say anymore!”

8:45 PM BBT – Zach asks Frankie if he’s putting up Victoria still. After a long pause, Frankie says he is, Zach asks him to swear, and Frankie refuses.

8:55 PM BBT – Zach tells Donny that he will likely be going home this week.

9:33 PM BBT – Zach asks Caleb if he is going home. Caleb says he doesn’t know but says he will vote him out if he’s on the block next to Cody.

10:10 PM BBT – Frankie brings Zach up to the HOH room him and Caleb. Frankie tells Zach why he will be going this week. Zach says he understands that it’s the best game move for Frankie’s game and won’t hold it against him.

12:20 PM BBT –  Caleb no longer wants to do the neighborhood watch patrol because he thinks it’s pointless. Derrick later talks him out of it.

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