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Big Brother 17: Week 6 Nomination Ceremony Results

It’s going to be an absolutely insane week in the Big Brother house. This week will be unlike any so far this season because not only is this the first solo HOH of the summer, but the people who James planned to put up are two people who have been running the game.

Big Brother 17 Nominations revealed - Source: CBS

Big Brother 17 Nominations revealed – Source: CBS

With Battle of the Block being over, the solo Head of Household no longer has to put up two pawns that he wants to either throw or a lose a competition for him. Instead, the solo HOH can put up two power players and potentially have them both sitting on the block on Thursday, and that’s what James plans to do.

James, Jackie, and Meg were out for vengeance after the Six Sense alliance sent out Jason yesterday. Originally James planned to put up two pawns, win the POV, use it, then backdoor Shelli, but after hours of long though, James came up with a new idea, and it was the idea he stuck with.


Big Brother 17 Week 6 Nominations –

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Big Brother 17: James Plans To Make Huge Move At Nominations

We knew that with James becoming the new Head of Household we’d be seeing a big move this week to avenge Jason’s eviction, what we didn’t know is how big of a move he’d be willing to make.

James Huling from Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

James Huling from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

James said from the start that he wasn’t going to waste this HOH on a small target, that he’s going to make it count by making a huge move. James told Vanessa that he was going to make a huge move that might include her friends, of which Vanessa said she’d respect if it’s something that helps his game. What Vanessa doesn’t know is James’ new plan to put two of her closest allies on the block at once to insure one of them stays on the block.

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Big Brother 17: Week 6 Head of Household Results

Julia announced that the Battle of the Block is over and we’re returning to a single Head of Household, and so to kick that off, the first solo HOH competition will be endurance! The infamous Wall has returned and the houseguests are hanging on for dear life!


Big Brother 17 Week 6 Head of Household competition – Source: CBS

This is only the second endurance competition of the season, though this is the first that is shown on the Live Feeds and the first where there will only be one winner instead of the previous two. Tonight’s HOH is most important because Meg, James, and Jackie are ready to avenge Jason and have said they aren’t afraid to go after the big targets anymore.

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Big Brother 17: Week 5 Eviction Results

We’ve made it through the fifth week of the season, which means it’s time for another houseguest to be evicted from the Big Brother house. Most fans weren’t too pleased with who this week’s target ended up being, and likely won’t be pleased about who was evicted tonight.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

The people nominated for eviction tonight are Jason and Becky. The original plan was to backdoor Austin this week, but after a seed of paranoia was planted in Vanessa’s head, the plan switched and it resulted in a complete blindside at the POV meeting by Vanessa putting up Jason instead of Austin, the person everyone else thought she was going to put up.

Both Jason and Meg did campaign the last two nights, offering their complete and total loyalty to Clay and Shelli if they were to vote to keep him. Though Clay and Shelli had different plans as to what they’d do with the information the learned from Meg and Jason. They figured it’d be best to tell Becky everything that they’re accusing her of, including Jackie possibly voting against her.


Big Brother 17 Week 5 Votes –

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