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Big Brother 16: Day 94 Recap!


We’re only 3 days away from the Big Brother 16 finale and it couldn’t come any sooner. Victoria still hasn’t given up and accepted that Derrick isn’t taking her, despite promising she’d stop. Victoria has resorted to literally begging both Derrick and Cody in front of each other in hopes that one of the two will take her to the end. Cody straight up told her that it isn’t going to happen.

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Big Brother 16: Day 93 Recap!


Days in the Big Brother house are becoming long and strenuous as there is nothing for the houseguests to do. Cody, Derrick, and Victoria spend most of their time either lounging around or playing pool. However Victoria still spends a good portion of her day trying to figure out where Derrick’s had is at, which led to him eventually revealing his hand to her. Get the highlights of everything that happen today below.

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Big Brother 16: Final HOH Round 2 Results!

We’re finally on the second part of the 3-part HOH and this might be the most important HOH of the season because whoever loses will be at the mercy of whoever wins the final HOH, as the winner of that chooses who they take to the final 2.

Julie Chen has Big Brother 16 Spoilers – Source: CBS

Julie Chen has Big Brother Spoilers – Source: CBS

There was talk from Victoria about throwing it because Derrick would have a better chancing at beating Cody in Round 3 than she did and that way Derrick could win it and take her to the end. Derrick also prepped Cody if he happened to lose to Victoria, implying he might throw it. However the results aren’t too shocking.

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Big Brother 16: Day 92 Recap!


There is only 5 days left of Big Brother 16, which means the game talk has just about come to a close. All that is left is gossip, board games, and various final 2 promises. However today was the second round of the 3-part final HOH competition and is the second to last competition of the summer, the last being on finale night. Those results and various other talk from today will be below.

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Big Brother 16: Day 91 Recap!


We’ve reached the last week of Big Brother 16 and this means that there is just about no game-talk left to be discussed. Most of what we see is “I promise to take you (to the final 2)” and “I promise to take you too”. However, the most interesting discussion revolves around who Derrick would take to the end with him if he were to pull out the last two HOH wins. Would he take Cody, his fellow Hitman, or would he take Victoria, the person he knows without a shadow of a doubt that he’d win against?

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