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Celebrity Big Brother Cast List Reveal!

We’ve been waiting since it was announced during the finale of Big Brother 19 as to who the cast for the new Celebrity Edition of Big Brother was going to be. We were teased that we could find out during the Grammys, and we were not disappointed!

We thought that we were going to have to wait until the end of the Grammys for the cast reveal, but instead they placed a commercial before the Grammys even started that flashed all the cast members on the screen in under a second. It wasn’t long before the internet took it frame by frame to find out who they all are and we’re here to give you the list.


Celebrity Big Brother Premiere Date and Information!

We’ve been waiting for a few months now to hear news about the new Celebrity Edition of Big Brother coming to the United States for the first time and now we’ve finally got it!

Celebrity Big Brother is set to premiere February 7th, 2018 and will be wrapped up just 19 days later with the finale being on February 25th. This means that Celebrity Big Brother will be going up against the Winter Olympics, which is what we originally thought that CBS was going to end up doing with the new series.

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Big Brother 19: Finale Night Recap

It’s been a long season, but we’ve finally made it to finale night. The winner of Big Brother 19 will be crowned, along with the reveal of who won America’s Favorite Houseguest!

Christmas, Josh, and Paul have been working together for well over a month now, but that is all coming to a head tonight as Josh and Paul face off in the final Head of Household competition of the summer. The winner of that competition got to decide who they were going to take with them to the final two.

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Big Brother 19: Day 91 Recap

It’s been a long summer, but we have finally made it. This is the last daily recap for Big Brother 19. Sadly, there wasn’t any game talk at all between two separate houseguests, but we did get some news as to who Josh is taking to the final two. It’s been an amazing summer and want to thank everyone so much for visiting the site daily for our recaps! We will be back for Big Brother: Celebrity Edition!

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Big Brother 19: Final Two Plans

We’re hardly more than 24 hours away from the Big Brother 19 finale, which means that one of the three houseguests left will soon be $500,000 richer!

Christmas, Josh, and Paul have lasted over 90 days in the house now all for the moment coming Wednesday night. Since Paul and Josh won round one and round two of the Head of Household competitions this week, they’ll be the ones competing during the live finale while Christmas is forced to sit out. The winner will get to choose who they take to the final two with him.

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